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Samco Mutual Fund

SAMCO Mutual Fund was incorporated in 2015 by Jimeet Modi. With a quarterly AUM worth INR 647.21 crores, SAMCO offers three mutual fund schemes that suit the needs of every investor.

Key Information about Samco Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund NameSamco Mutual Fund
OfficeRegistered Office 1003, A Wing, Naman Midtown, 10th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Prabhadevi Mumbai - 400013
Email Idmfassist@samcomf.com
Phone No.+91 6357222000
Set up dateDec 06, 2019
Mutual Fund TypePvt. Sector - Indian
AMC incorporation DateJul 30, 2021

Fund Managers


Ms. Nirali BhansaliFund Manager - Equity

Ms. Nirali Bhansali started out as a senior analyst at Samco Securities Ltd. and has been the Head of Equity Research. She has over 7 years of work experience with more than 5 years spanning capital markets and investment research and has been instrumental in preparing diversified long-term baskets of stocks for the Stock Basket product by deep-diving into the business models and number crunching nitty-gritties of varied Indian companies.

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A mutual fund is a corporation that raises funds from multiple investors and invests the accumulated amount in stocks, bonds, short-term loans and correlated assets. The portfolio of a mutual fund is made up of all of the funds holdings

Samco Flexi Cap Fund - Growth - Direct Plan

Samco Asset Management Pvt. Ltd.


Min Investment Amt



0 %

5Y Returns

Samco Flexi Cap Fund - Regular Plan - Growth

Samco Asset Management Pvt. Ltd.


Min Investment Amt



0 %

5Y Returns

SAMCO Mutual Fund Overview

Established in 2015 by Jimeet Modi, SAMCO Mutual Fund is one of India's leading mutual fund companies. With a diversified range of mutual fund products, SAMCO offers schemes for every investor. For instance, if an investor is looking to invest for the long term, they can choose from schemes like Samco Equity Fund or Samco Growth Fund.

However, if an investor is looking to save on taxes, he can choose from schemes like Samco Tax Saver Fund. With a team of experienced professionals, they have a good track record of performance and have been able to generate good returns for investors.

SAMCO Mutual Fund Schemes

Samco Mutual Fund offers three mutual fund schemes, each with unique benefits. For example, the Samco Tax Saver Fund is a great option for investors looking to save on taxes. The Samco Growth Fund is perfect for those looking to grow their investments over the long term. Whatever your investment goals may be, Samco Mutual Fund has the scheme to suit your needs.

Samco Flexi Cap Fund - Direct-Growth

With Samco Flexi Cap Fund, you can invest in 25 hedge-tested, high-performance companies for an optimal price worldwide. Over the long run, the scheme provides superior risk-adjusted returns for investors by maintaining an efficient portfolio turnover & cost. A diverse range of Indian & foreign equity instruments across market capitalisations is actively monitored to maximise capital appreciation. 

Samco Overnight Fund - Direct-Growth

A Samco Overnight Fund invests primarily in Overnight Securities, including Tri-party Repurchase Agreements (TREPS), secured by government securities. Featuring a one-day maturity and moderate returns, the scheme aims to provide very low risk with moderate returns. Investing in the Scheme is intended to provide reasonable returns with high liquidity and minimal risks. 

Samco ELSS Tax Saver Fund - Direct-Growth

ELSS Tax Saver Fund from Samco is an open-ended equity-linked savings scheme with a statutory lock-in of three years and a tax benefit. Investing in high-growth, mid-sized and small companies can conceivably earn a return on your investment while saving on taxes. The scheme aims to generate capital gains over the long term by investing predominantly in equity and equity-related instruments.

How to Invest in SAMCO Mutual Fund?

SAMCO is a great option if you're looking to invest in a mutual fund. They offer various mutual funds to choose from, so you can find one that fits your investment goals. To invest in a SAMCO mutual fund, visit its official website and explore the schemes they offer. Next, click on ‘Invest Now’, furnish the required details, open an account, and deposit money. 

Documents Required to Invest in SAMCO Mutual Fund

If you're looking to invest in SAMCO Mutual Fund, there are a few documents you'll need to have in order. First, you'll need a copy of your PAN card, as this is required for all investments in India. Next, you'll need to submit the KYC documents listed below. Finally, you'll need to fill out an application form and submit it to SAMCO. Once your application is approved, you can invest and start reaping the benefits. 

KYC Documents: Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driving License, Passport, Bank Account Statement, or Utility Bills.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Samco Mutual Funds safe?

There is no simple answer to this question, as there is no such thing as a safe investment. Mutual funds, like any other investment, come with risks. However, SAMCO has a good track record and is a reputable fund company.

Who owns the Samco Mutual Fund?

Jimeet Modi founded SAMCO Mutual Fund.

What is Samco Mutual Fund?

SAMCO Mutual Fund is an Asset Management Company (AMC) that offers various mutual funds for investors.