List of Best Stocks Under 100

Investing in stocks is an excellent way to generate wealth. Even though stock market investments are gaining momentum, most people still think it’s expensive. We are here to bust that very myth. Stock investments can be affordable and accessible. We bring a carefully curated list of India’s best stocks under 100 Rs. to give the necessary push to the budding investor in you.

A good stock is not only easily affordable at present value but also ensures lucrative returns in the future. The stocks discussed in this article display great potential for high future returns and consistent performance. This list will especially benefit you if you’re starting your investment journey. Invest in these best shares under 100 Rs. and let your money work for you.

Top 5 Stocks Under 100

Here is a list of India’s Top 5 best stocks under 100 Rs. according to the rising share price.

Company Share Price (₹) Market Capitalisation (in crore)
Ujjivan Small Finance Bank 56.00 10,948.29
Edelweiss Financial Services 62.65 5,910.12
Indian Railway Finance Corporation 76.90 1,00,496
Punjab National Bank 77.90 85,775.81
Housing and Urban Development Corporation 80.70 16,155.33

1.  Ujjivan Small Finance Bank

The Ujjivan Small Finance Bank is among India’s leading small finance banks. The bank caters to the unserved and often ignored sectors of the society. Ujjivan Bank’s shares were listed on the stock exchange in 2019. Past performance hints at a semi-strong share whose price might increase with time. The company has showcased decent growth, and the last four quarters have also highlighted increments in total income.

2.  Edelweiss Financial Services

The Edelweiss Group offers investment banking services through Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd. Its total income growth and return on equity have been some positives, while total income and net profit have declined as per the recent trends. The company is registered with the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) as a Merchant Banker (Category I), and its shares were listed in 2007.

3.  Indian Railway Finance Corporation

The IRFC is majorly owned by the Government of India and administered by the Ministry of Railways. The public sector undertaking was listed on the NSE/BSE in 2021. The share’s latest trends observe a P/E ratio below the Indian markets and frequent fluctuations in the price.

4.   Punjab National Bank

The Punjab National Bank (PNB) is among India’s oldest and most popular public sector banks. Today, the bank has over 180 million customers who enjoy access to retail and corporate banking facilities. The recent P/E ratio, past performance and future forecasts make it one of the best shares under 100.

5.  Housing and Urban Development Corporation

The company provides financial assistance to its customers regarding housing and commercial construction. The company’s shares were listed in 2017. While the prices have been volatile for the past few months, the recent growth in earnings ranks it among the best stocks under 100 Rs.

Conclusion: Stocks For Everyone

As observed, investments in share markets only sometimes require big amounts. One can start with an investment amount as low as Rs. 100. Anyone wishing to invest in stocks under 100 Rs. can do so by logging into their demat accounts. Invest in these shares today to ensure your money doesn’t have to work as hard as you do!

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