Environmental Services Mutual Fund

Investing in Environmental Services sector mutual funds can be a wise choice for those looking to align their portfolios with sustainable and eco-friendly companies. These funds focus on companies that provide environmental solutions, such as waste management, renewable energy, and water treatment. By investing in Environmental Services funds, investors not only have the potential for financial returns but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet. With a growing demand for environmental solutions, these funds present an opportunity for both impact and profit.

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    Best Environmental Services Mutual Funds 2024


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    Mutual Fund Schemes
    5Y Returns
    AUM(in Cr.)
    263.58Apr 12, 2024
    206.04Apr 12, 2024
    245.57Apr 12, 2024
    195.28Apr 12, 2024
    170.43Apr 12, 2024
    28.55Apr 12, 2024
    101.70Apr 12, 2024
    57.87Apr 12, 2024

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