Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund

Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Funds can be considered an aggressive investing scheme wherein funds are allocated to different asset classes. The risk is reduced through a hybridised investment strategy in which both equity and debt instruments are considered for fund allocation.

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Investment Objective

Striking a perfect balance between risk and return, Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Funds aims to diversify your portfolio by investing in several asset classes. The primary objective of these funds is to create long-term capital appreciation through debt and equity-related instruments. Investors investing in hybrid mutual funds look for handsome returns over time to meet personal goals like easy retirement, a child’s education, or a real estate property purchase. Moreover, these schemes explore value appreciation through equity instruments and stability build-up in fluctuating markets through debt securities.

Risks Involved in Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund

Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Funds incorporates specific investment strategies and asset allocation plans heavily dependent on underlying stocks and market conditions. Moreover, just like any mutual fund, Bandhan hybrid funds carry considerable risk that one must vary before investing.

Return Potential of Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund

The return potential of Bandhan Hybrid mutual funds can be predicted by analysing past performance. However, it should be noted that past performance should not be the primary reason why one should invest in these funds. The mutual fund scheme has provided a return of 19.40% in the last year, 18.46% in the last three years, and 9.90% in the last five years. The fund can give better returns on the span of shorter in period.

Who Should Invest in Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund?

Investors considering the Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund include moderate risk takers, investors with medium-term goals, income and capital appreciation seekers, and diversification enthusiasts. A hybrid fund can serve as a good starting point for first-time investors. It provides exposure to equities and debt, offering a way to understand and experience different types of investments. Moreover, if you have a moderate investment horizon and are not looking for extremely quick returns or immediate liquidity, this fund's combination of equity and debt can suit your needs.

Things To Consider Before Investing in Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund

Before investing in the Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund, several factors must be considered carefully. Start by assessing your financial goals, risk tolerance, and investment horizon to ensure they align with the fund's objectives. Thoroughly research the fund's past performance, expense ratios, and portfolio composition to gauge its consistency and potential returns. Understand the fund manager's strategy and track record in managing hybrid funds. Examine the market conditions and economic trends that could impact the fund's performance. Finally, compare the fund with similar options to make an informed decision that aligns with your overall investment strategy.

Tax on Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund

The tax on the Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund depends on the type of returns you earn from the fund and the holding period of your investment. There are two types of returns: dividends and capital gains.

Dividends are paid out of the profits of the company, if any. Dividends received by investors are added to their taxable income and taxed at their respective income tax slab rates.

Capital gains are the profit investors realise if the selling price of the security they hold is greater than the purchase price. Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund is a type of aggressive hybrid fund that invests in a mix of equity and debt instruments, with a higher allocation to equity. Therefore, the tax rates applicable to capital gains are as follows:

  • If you sell your units within one year from the date of purchase, you will have to pay short-term capital gains tax at 15% on your gains.
  • If you sell your units after one year from the date of purchase, you will have to pay long-term capital gains tax at 10% on your gains above INR 1 Lakh per year.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund doing?

Bandhan hybrid mutual funds are currently doing decently for medium-term investors. The funds have provided better returns for shorter terms in the past

. Is Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund Safe?

Bandhan hybrid mutual funds are relatively safer than equity mutual funds as the allocations on the debt securities balance the fluctuating market conditions.

Is it good to invest in Bandhan Hybrid Mutual Fund?

Bandhan hybrid mutual funds can be an excellent investment option for investors who are looking for capital appreciation for short-term basis.

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