HDFC Bank Mini Statement

In India, almost everyone has a bank account, whether with a private or a nationalised institution. However, if we're talking about private banks, many people hold accounts with HDFC Bank. Customers want to monitor their transactions to make predictions about their upcoming costs. A bank statement can be used for this purpose; however, if you only want to check the most recent 5 - 10 transactions, you should get your hands on the HDFC Mini Statement. 

We cover several method to assist you with the HDFC Bank mini statement. You can create your small statement using any of the above strategies.

Options to Check HDFC Mini Statement:


  • App - HDFC Bank MobileBanking
  • Net Banking


  • By Sending SMS on 5676712
  • By Giving Missed Call on 1800-270-3355
  • By Visiting Nearest HDFC Bank ATM or Branch

How to get an HDFC Mini Statement?

Their customers can access the HDFC Bank mini statement very disciplined and hassle-freely. The numerous ways to get the mini statement are: 

Methods to Get HDFC Mini Statement:

  1. Visit the Bank Branch:

    • Directly visit the HDFC Bank branch for assistance.
  2. Use Debit or ATM Card at HDFC ATMs:

    • Insert your card at any HDFC ATM to print a mini statement.
  3. Give a Missed Call:

    • Dial 1800-270-3355 from the registered number to receive a mini statement via SMS.
  4. Send a Text Message:

    • SMS to 5676712 with the word "TXN" to get the mini statement.
  5. Through Mobile Application:

    • Utilize the HDFC Bank app for convenient access.
  6. Through Internet Banking:

    • Log in to HDFC Net Banking, select "SMS banking," and receive an OTP for registration.
  7. Visit HDFC Bank ATM:

    • Insert/swipe your card, select "update registered mobile number," and follow the instructions.
  8. Visit HDFC Bank Branch:

    • Complete a form to update your mobile number for mini statements.

How to Register Your Mobile Number for an HDFC Bank Mini Statement?

HDFC Bank understands the importance of linking your mobile number to a bank account. There are various methods for a user to register their mobile number for HDFC Bank mini statement.

HDFC Bank Mini Statement Registration

HDFC Bank understands the importance of linking your mobile number to a bank account. There are various methods for a user to register their mobile number for HDFC Bank mini statement.

SMS Method:

  • Send an SMS to 5676712 with the request.
  • Receive HDFC mini bank statement on your registered mobile number.

Net Banking

The procedure is:

  • You must launch the net banking log in page and enter your user ID and iPIN.
  • You must enter all the information by choosing the "SMS banking" option on the screen.
  • An OTP will be sent to your registered number.
  • Your number will be registered within a few minutes, and you will receive your HDFC mini bank statement. 


The procedure is:

  • Visit the HDFC ATM in your area.
  • Insert or swipe your card into the ATM.
  • You can choose the language to suit your preferences.
  • Then select "primary menu" and press the "more" button that appears on the screen.
  • Next, select "update registered mobile number."
  • After entering your new mobile number, click "confirm."
  • Re-enter the new mobile number and choose "confirm".
  • Your request will then be approved after you provide your 4-digit pin.

Bank Branch

The procedure is:

  • Visit the closest HDFC Bank branch.
  • An application to register your number will be given to you.
  • Complete the form with the new number and all the necessary information.
  • Once you submit the form, your request will be handled.

HDFC Bank Mini Statement Number:

  • Check mini statement via missed call: 1800-270-3355.
  • Text 5676712 with "TXN" for mini statement.
  • Contact 1800-270-3377 for details on your last three purchases.

Get HDFC Mini Statement Through Missed Call

Get access to HDFC mini statements by dropping a missed call. The steps for which are mentioned below: 

  • The missed call from the bank's registered number must be sent to a toll-free number.
  • The HDFC mini statement missed call no is 1800-270-3355.
  • You will therefore get the small statement via SMS on that specific number.

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement By Using SMS

For people who don’t own a smartphone, SMS service has been made available by HDFC Bank. To receive your HDFC mini statement by SMS, follow these steps: 

  • The HDFC Bank also provides an SMS service.
  • Account holders can use SMS banking by sending the keyword "txn" from their registered mobile number to the number 5676712. 
  • An SMS with the mini statement will be sent to you within minutes. 

Get HDFC Mini Statement By Using Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is the most convenient way to get your HDFC Bank mini statement. To get HDFC online mini statement, you must follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Install the HDFC Bank app. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  • The software requires a User ID and password to log in.
  • Upon logging in, Select the ‘Statement’ option. 
  • The transactions that have taken place recently will be displayed on the screen. 

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement By Using Internet Banking

The bank mini statement can be checked more conveniently via internet banking. You can get all account-related information through online banking without going to the bank. This beneficial service is also made available to all customers by HDFC bank. The following procedure needs to be followed to get HDFC online mini statement through internet banking.

  • You must sign in to HDFC Bank's online banking system.
  • Log in with your customer ID and iPIN. 
  • Put your account number in the "accounts" option.
  • Click the 'view' button next to the account number.
  • You will be given full disclosure of the most recent transactions.
  • Selecting the "download" option on the screen may also download the HDFC mini statement.

Get HDFC Mini Statement by Visiting ATM

The following steps will guide you in attaining your HDFC bank mini statement via an ATM. 

  • Visit your neighbourhood HDFC ATM.
  • The ATM card needs to be inserted.
  • After that, follow the process by inputting the pin.
  • Select the option that says "Banking" on the screen.
  • Once more, select "small statement." The customer will therefore get information about recent transactions.

Get HDFC Bank Mini Statement By Visiting the Bank Branch

HDFC Bank mini statement can be received at the HDFC Bank branch. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Visit the nearest HDFC bank branch
  • Carry your passbook and ask a representative to update it
  • The transactions from your last update will be printed on the passbook pages


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Advantages of HDFC Bank Mini Statement Service

The advantages of the HDFC Bank mini statement are: 

  • The account holder can quickly obtain transaction-related information about the bank account.
  • They can check on the phone, so they don't have to go through the inconvenience of going to the bank.
  • Even on bank holidays, they can use their phone to retrieve their statement information.
  • The statement can be promptly and simply obtained over the phone by customers anywhere.

Life is becoming more accessible thanks to digitisation. Like before, you don't have to wait for the bank to reopen or stand in line to check the statement. The simplest and quickest way to check the statement is to receive a mini statement. HDFC Bank offers a micro statement service in addition to all the features.

FAQ's About HDFC Bank Mini Statement

How can I check my HDFC Bank mini statement?

You can check your HDFC mini statement by calling 1800-270-3355 or texting “TXN” to 5676712. Call 1800-270-3377 to learn more about your most recent three transactions. If you have an internet connection, you can use your customer ID and password to log into the HDFC Net Banking Portal or download the HDFC mobile banking app from the App Store or Google Playstore.

How can I get my HDFC Bank mini statement on mobile without internet banking?

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can contact 1800-270-3355 or 1800-270-3377 to leave a missed call or by texting the word “TXN” to 5676712 from your registered mobile number. The information about your most recent three transactions will be sent to you by SMS immediately. You may also get your mini statement from HDFC bank through a local ATM.

Is it necessary to visit the HDFC bank branch to enquire account balance?

No, it is not necessary to visit the HDFC bank branch to enquire about the account balance.

What is the actual use of the mini statement?

The mini statement provides you with information about your most recent transactions.

How can I check my HDFC Bank’s last five transactions?

There are several ways to check HDFC Bank’s last five transactions. You can log in to your HDFC account, send a text message to 5676712, leave a missed call on 1800-270-3355 or 1800-270-3377 or by visiting the nearest bank branch/ATM.

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