All-Inclusive Guide to Get Axis Bank Mini Statement

Axis Bank is continually developing new IT-enabled technology to make it simpler for consumers to access their bank account information. In particular, services like the Axis Bank Mini Statement prove beneficial in instantly keeping track of one's bank activity. Users can check details about recent transactions made to their accounts by utilising the Axis Bank Mini Statement tool. They can obtain a Mini Statement through numerous offline and online methods..

What are Options to Check Axis Bank Mini Statement

Online Offline
App - Axis Mobile By Sending SMS on 8691000002
Net Banking By Giving Missed Call on 18004196969
By Visiting Nearest Axis Bank ATM or Branch

How to Get an Axis Bank Mini Statement?

Banks provide their bank account customers with numerous ways to use the mini statement service. You may simply obtain your Axis Bank mini statement using the missed calls, SMS banking, mobile banking, and internet banking capabilities on your smartphone. Additionally, you can get the mini statement of Axis Bank by going to an ATM or a bank branch location.

How to Register Mobile Number for Axis Bank Mini Statement?

With merely a missed call, Axis Bank's customers can receive their mini statements promptly. An account owner must make sure that the bank has their mobile number on file. Axis Bank Mini Statement registration typically takes place when an account is opened. But here's what an Axis Bank account holder can do if their mobile number needs to be updated or isn't registered with the bank:

  • Fill out a customer request form at the closest bank branch to register or update your number.
  • Register the mobile number at the nearby Axis Bank ATM. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps when you reach the ATM machine:

  • Enter the ATM PIN by inserting the Axis Bank ATM/debit card.
  • Enter the 'registrations' section.
  • Choose 'Update Mobile Number' from the menu.
  • The account holder will be asked to 'update' the mobile number. The account holder must choose that choice.
  • To finish the mini statement Axis Bank registration process, enter the mobile number or re-enter the number that has to be updated.

Axis Bank of India Mini Statement Number

An Axis Bank mini statement number has been set up by the bank to provide its customers with banking facilities at their fingertips. You can dial the Axis Bank mini statement toll-free number - 18004196969 for English or 18004196868 for Hindi—from your registered mobile number to see your mini statement. You can also access the mini statement by texting 'MINI <space> Account Number' to the numbers 9717000002 or 5676782.

Axis Bank Mini Statement Number for Missed Call

Getting a hold of your mini statement has never been easier. Axis Bank provides a facility just to drop a missed call at the toll-free number. You should follow these steps to get your Axis Bank mini statement:

  • If your missed call is 18004196969, you can access your English bank mini statement.
  • You can get your bank's mini statement in Hindi by making a missed call to 1800 419 6868.
  • The call will automatically disconnect after two rings,
  • Your desired information will be sent to you through SMS.

Get Axis Bank Mini Statement By Using SMS

You can access your Axis Bank mini statement through the bank’s SMS facility. The steps to be followed are given below:

  • The Axis Bank mini statement SMS number is 8691000002 or 56161600. You will have to type in the keywords in question.
  • Type <MINI XYZ> to get the last 3 transactions made. Here, XYZ is the bank account number, the balance of which you wish to check
  • The required details will be sent to you by SMS.
  • The last three transactions will be displayed in the text message.

Get Axis Bank Mini Statement By Using Mobile Banking

The mini statement of Axis Bank can be displayed using mobile banking if you have enrolled for the same. The mobile banking facility provides you with banking at your fingertips. Follow the below-mentioned steps to use Axis Bank mobile banking to view your mini statement:

  • Using the Play Store or App Store, you can install Axis Mobile on your phone.
  • Enter your MPIN and user ID (customer ID) to access your account.
  • Options include your dashboard account data, transferring funds, paying bills, and starting an investment.
  • A page with 'banking services' options, such as balance details, transactions, brief statements, etc., will open.
  • Select 'small statement' from the menu.
  • Your mini-statement from Axis Bank will arrive.

Get Axis Bank Mini Statement By Using Internet Banking

Internet Banking allows you to carry out banking-related activities online. This service lets you get your mini statement from Axis Bank from any remote location and eliminates the hassle and wait time. To procure your mini statement using the internet banking facility, you will have to follow these steps:

    • Visit the official website of the Axis Bank
    • Use your credentials to log in.
    • When the page loads, choices such as account details, utility bill payment, fund transfer, mini statement, starting a mutual fund SIP, etc., will be available.
    • You may view your balance and transaction history in the account details.
    • Your mini-statement from Axis Bank will arrive.

Get Axis Bank Mini Statement by Visiting ATM

Your Axis Bank mini statement can be displayed on the ATM machine if you adhere to the following steps:

  • Go to an ATM.
  • Put your card in the reader.
  • Choose a language.
  • Type in your pin.
  • The 'banking service' options page will load.
  • Select 'small statement' from the menu.
  • On a slip of paper, your Axis Bank mini statement will be produced.

Get Axis Bank Mini Statement By Visiting the Bank Branch

For those with traditional choices, they can visit to get their mini statement from Axis Bank. The following are the steps:

  • Inquire at the bank branch
  • Request that the most recent information be printed in your passbook.
  • The printed passbook contains all the information you need.

Advantages of Axis Bank Mini Statement Service

A mini statement service is a beneficial tool that provides transactional knowledge to a person easily. Following are the advantages of the Axis Bank mini statement service:

  • Even if the customer is not online, they can still access the mini statement.
  • Additionally, it is cost-free and has mobile access to bank account information.
  • To obtain information on the most recent transactions, the account holder does not need to frequently visit the bank branch or stand in long lines.
  • Even for bank customers who live in rural sections of the nation, it is a simple and quick way to acquire information.

FAQ's About Axis Bank Mini Statement

How can I check my Axis Bank mini statement?

You can check your mini statement service using the SMS service, giving a missed call, logging in to net banking or downloading the mobile application.

How can I get my Axis Bank mini statement on mobile without internet banking?

You can give a missed call or drop a text message to get an Axis Bank mini statement on mobile without internet banking.

Is it necessary to visit the Axis bank branch to enquire about the account balance?

No, it is not necessary to visit the Axis Bank branch to enquire about the account balance.

What is the actual use of the mini statement?

Mini statement provides you with knowledge of the last three transactions made by your account.

How can I check my Axis last 5 transactions?

You can check your last 5 transactions by logging into your account on the official website of Axis Bank.

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