3 Lakh Personal Loan

Personal loans, now a versatile financial solution, address diverse needs, from debt consolidation to unexpected bills. One popular loan amount is INR 3 lakhs, which provides a large financial cushion to cover major expenses while maintaining a manageable repayment schedule to avoid excessive financial burden on the borrower.

Moreover, calculating the EMI for a personal loan of INR 3 lakhs takes into account both the interest rate and the loan term. 3 Lakh Personal Loan EMI can be easily computed using online tools, aiding efficient financial planning. Furthermore, this proactive approach promotes responsible borrowing, empowering individuals for a secure financial future. For individuals seeking a personal loan of INR 3 Lakhs, this guide offers a comprehensive overview of the loan amount, providing valuable information and insights.

Why Need a 3 Lakh Personal Loan?

Anyone may seek a personal loan of INR 3 lakhs for a variety of essential financial needs. One typical motivation is house restoration. Homeowners may require finances to improve the operation or aesthetics of their homes, such as making necessary repairs, remodelling, or adding new features. Furthermore, a personal loan of INR 3 lakhs can serve as a critical lifeline to meet medical bills, ensuring prompt access to healthcare without depleting one’s funds.

Other than these needs, one may need a 3 Lakh Personal Loan for the following reasons. 

  • Wedding Expenses: Cover wedding-related costs, including venue, catering, and other essential expenses.
  • Travel and Vacation: Fund a dream vacation or travel experience that requires additional financial support.
  • Vehicle Purchase: Use the loan to finance the purchase of a vehicle, whether it’s a car or a motorcycle.
  • Technology Upgrades: Invest in the latest gadgets or upgrade your technological devices for personal or professional use.

3 Lakh Loan Fees and Charges

Opting for a loan will almost always result in additional payments and fees, so it is best to be aware of these charges ahead of time. Borrowers may be charged processing fees, pre-payment charges, or foreclosure charges. The table below shows the costs for a 3 lakh loan from several banks. 

Bank Name Processing Fee  Prepayment Charges 
HDFC Bank Up to Rs 4999 2% – 4%
Axis Bank Up to 2% 2% – 5%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Up to 3% 2% – 5%
IDFC First Bank Up to 3% 2% – 5%
ICICI Bank Up to 3% 2% – 5%
SBI 0.40% 3%

Comparison of Interest Rates Offered by Various Banks for Personal Loans of 3 Lakh

By taking the time to compare the interest rates that other lenders are offering, borrowers can greatly increase their benefits. This proactive strategy enables them to identify the best appropriate bank that matches their financial capability. The table below shows various banks and the interest rates they give on a 3 lakh personal loan.

Bank Name Interest Rate
HDFC Bank 10.50% – 24%
Axis Bank 10.49% – 22%
Kotak Mahindra Bank 10.99% – 36%
IDFC First Bank 10.75% – 36%
ICICI Bank 10.65% – 16%
SBI 9.60% – 13.60%

Eligibility Criteria for 3 Lakh Personal Loan

Meeting the following eligibility criteria is essential for individuals seeking a ₹3 lakh personal loan, and potential applicants are advised to confirm specific requirements with individual lenders for accurate and up-to-date information.

  • Nationality Requirement: The loan applicant must be of Indian nationality.
  • Age Criteria: The applicant should be within an age range of 21 to 67 years.
  • Employment Status: Applicants can be either salaried individuals, employed in the public sector or private companies, or self-employed.
  • Minimum Monthly Income: The applicant must have a minimum monthly income of ₹15,000.
  • Credit Score Requirement: A credit score of 600 or higher is beneficial for loan approval.

3 Lakh Personal Loan – Repayment Period

When considering a personal loan of INR 3 lakhs, borrowers are provided with the flexibility to choose from various payment tenures based on their financial preferences and capabilities. Lenders typically offer a range of repayment options to accommodate diverse needs. Borrowers must understand the implications of different tenures before making a decision. Here are key factors to consider:

Loan Tenure Repayment Period EMI Interest Cost Suitability
Short-Term Brief duration Higher EMIs Lower overall interest payments Individuals aiming for quick repayment
Medium-Term Moderate duration Balanced EMIs Moderate overall interest costs Borrowers seeking a balanced approach to repayment
Long-Term Extended duration Lower EMIs Higher total interest payments Those prioritizing lower monthly payments

How to get a 3 Lakh personal loan?

Obtaining a 3 lakh personal loan involves a systematic approach, considering eligibility criteria, documentation, and the application process. Here’s a guide on how to secure a 3 lakh personal loan:

  • Check Eligibility Criteria: Review criteria set by lenders (income, age, employment, credit score).
  • Choose the Right Lender: Research and compare interest rates, fees, and terms. Select a lender aligning with financial goals, and offering favourable terms.
  • Contact Urban Money: You have the option to start your 3 Lakh Personal loan application on Urban Money’s official website. Alternatively, you can reach out to our loan specialist at 1800 208 3344, who will assist you in obtaining the required funds. Our team of experts strives to provide you with a quick solution and help you make the entire process smoother. 

Documents Required for 3 Lakh Personal Loan

The documents necessary for a 3 lakh personal loan can slightly vary among lenders but typically include proof of identity such as an Aadhar card, passport, voter ID, or driver’s license. Address verification requires documents like an Aadhar card, recent utility bills, rental agreement, or passport. Other than that, the following documents might be required. 

  • Proof of Income
  • Employment Proof
  • Photographs
  • Credit Score Report.
  • Loan Application Form
  • Additional Documents for Self-Employed Individuals


A 3 lakh INR personal loan is a versatile and popular financial solution, catering to various needs such as medical bills, vacations, or entrepreneurial pursuits. Key features include 

  • Flexible usage
  • Customisable tenures
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick approval
  • Minimal documentation
  • No collateral requirement
  • Online application.

Key Points Lenders Consider While Offering Personal Loans of 3 Lakh

Lenders carefully evaluate various factors when considering applications for personal loans of 3 lakhs or any other amount. They are: 

  • Credit Score: A borrower’s credit score is a fundamental aspect that lenders assess. A higher credit score, typically 600 or above, indicates a good credit history and enhances the likelihood of loan approval.
  • Income Stability: A steady income assures lenders of the borrower’s ability to repay the loan.
  • Employment Status: Salaried individuals working in reputable organisations and self-employed individuals with a consistent business history are generally viewed favourably.

Age and Eligibility: Lenders often have age criteria for loan applicants. Younger borrowers may be seen as having a longer earning potential.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a 3 Lakh Personal Loan?

A 3 lakh personal loan is an unsecured financial product that allows borrowers to access funds for various purposes, with the specific loan amount being INR 3 lakhs.

Do I need collateral to secure a 3 Lakh Personal Loan?

No, personal loans in this range are typically unsecured, requiring no collateral for approval.

How quickly can I get the 3 Lakh loan amount after approval?

The disbursement time varies among lenders, but once approved, funds for a 3 lakh personal loan are usually disbursed promptly, often within a few working days.

How does the interest rate work for a 3 Lakh Personal Loan?

Interest rates for a 3 lakh personal loan are determined by the lender and can be fixed or floating, impacting the total repayment amount over the chosen tenure.

Can I prepay or foreclose the 3 Lakh Personal Loan?

Yes, many lenders allow prepayment or foreclosure of a 3 lakh personal loan, sometimes with nominal charges. This provides flexibility for borrowers to repay the loan earlier.

How much credit score do I need for a 3 Lakh loan?

A credit score of 600 or more is generally preferred for loan approval, but some lenders may consider alternative credit scoring for individuals with limited credit history.

Can I get a loan of 3 Lakh?

Yes, individuals meeting the lender’s eligibility criteria can apply for and potentially receive a 3 lakh personal loan.

How can I get a 3 Lakh loan immediately?

While approval times vary, borrowers can expedite the process by ensuring all required documentation is accurate and complete when applying online or in-person.

Can I get a personal loan if my salary is 3 Lakh?

Yes, if the borrower meets other eligibility criteria, a 3 lakh personal loan is accessible irrespective of the exact salary amount.

Will I get a 3 Lakh Personal Loan if I don't have a bank account?

Having a bank account is typically a prerequisite for a personal loan, as it facilitates the disbursement and repayment processes.

Will my EMI be auto-debited from my bank account?

Yes, most lenders offer the convenience of auto-debiting EMIs from the borrower’s bank account, ensuring timely repayments

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