Silver Price in India

It is safe to say that India is the leading consumer of silver around the world. The silver price in India can withstand inflation and is mostly influenced by gold rates. With the increased affordability of silver, it is the most appreciated form of investment in India. The silver rate in India also dances to the tune of demand and supply. It is important to note that silver prices in India change due to fluctuations in the global market. The Indian government's policies and taxes can also affect the price of silver. Hence, it is important to monitor the silver rates in India regularly to make sure you get an ideal value on silver


Today MCX silver price in rupees per 1 kg.
Today silver rate in india is 74,000 rupees per Kg

  • 10 Gram Silver rate Today
  • 740(10 gram)
  • 1 Kg Silver rate Today
  • 74,000(1 Kg)

Silver Rate Today in India (in Rs/1 gm)

Silver RateSilver Rate in BangaloreSilver Rate in ChennaiSilver Rate in DelhiSilver Rate in HyderabadSilver Rate in Mumbai
1 Gm7275747574
10 Gm721755740755740
100 Gm7,2097,5507,4007,5507,400
1 Kg72,10075,50074,00075,50074,000

Today Silver Rate in Different Cities of India

Silver Rate in India for Last 10 Days

Date10 gram100 gram1 Kg
Feb 27, 20247407,40074,000
Feb 26, 20247457,45074,500
Feb 25, 20247497,49074,900
Feb 24, 20247497,49074,900
Feb 23, 20247457,45074,500
Feb 22, 20247507,50075,000
Feb 21, 20247577,57075,700
Feb 20, 20247557,55075,500
Feb 19, 20247607,60076,000

Today Silver Rate of Metro Cities in India

City 1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram1 Kg

Today Silver Rate of Other Cities in India

City 1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram1 Kg

Silver Rate in India

Silver is one of the most prized possessions in India. It is not merely a piece of jewellery but is often perceived as a good investment option as well, given the silver rate today in India. With the rising popularity of the commodity not just in India but around the world, silver makes up 10% of the imports. The cost of silver is influenced daily by the fluctuations in the international market, the Indian rupee against the dollar and other macroeconomic factors.

This guide discusses the current price of silver by listing the silver chart and helps the reader understand why silver is cheaper than gold and platinum.

Why Should We Invest in Silver in India?

Gold and silver are two metals Indians heavily invest in. However, silver becomes an attractive investment option as it is more affordable than gold and promises increased liquidity. It must be noted that the consumption of silver is highest in the industrial sector, closely followed by the jewellery industry. Apart from the low silver price in India, the following points will convince you that silver can be entrusted with your money.

  • The industrial sector requires silver to produce commodities, thus raising its demand. This will further increase the live silver price.
  • Demand for silver has been rising profusely, but the supply remains limited. This disruption in the demand-supply chain will lead to a hike in silver price in India. Any investments made as per the silver rate today will return huge gains.
  • India is a country where silver and gold jewellery symbolises wealth. During the festive seasons, people purchase silver coins, bars and other jewellery, thus hiking the live silver price.
  • The current silver rate in India is cheaper than gold and can be purchased in larger quantities.
  • The metal is immune to the economic backlash, making it a good investment option.
  • The e-silver facility prevents storage issues and ensures safety.
  • As compared to gold, silver has higher liquidity. In times of need, silver can be instantly exchanged for money.

The silver rate today in India is quite affordable.

How to Invest in Silver?

Thanks to a low silver gram rate, it is possible to invest in silver aggressively. You can enjoy the accessible silver rate today and its accompanied benefits in the following manner.


Bullion can be defined as a bulk purchase of a metal. People can invest in silver bullion in the form of silver bars and coins. The purity level is 99.5% approximately. It is traded in the commodities market. People thinking of investing in silver coins and bars are advised to contact their local suppliers and enquire about the silver coin price today, as there might be additional charges that may incur.

Silver Jewellery

The major reason silver is popular as jewellery is that metal is less expensive than gold. It is evident when we weigh 10 gram silver price in India and the 10 gram gold rate.

The price you spend will determine whether or not your silver jewellery is a wise investment. It is important to keep in mind that using a silver bar to manufacture jewellery will inevitably result in a decrease in the silver's worth.

Jewellery never goes out of style and is constantly in style. You can wear it for years without having to take it to a jeweller for repairs or cleaning because it is simple to maintain. Even if it costs less than gold, it still has many of the same advantages, such as being a wise investment.

Silver Coins

Silver coins are a different type of physical silver investment. As they are simple to buy and can be conveniently stored at home, this is a favoured investment choice for many middle-class families.

Coins made of silver make excellent mini-investments. Since the cost of labour involved in creating the coins and printing text and images on them is added to the final price, they are more expensive than silver bars.

The availability of silver coins at banks and reputable jewellers in your area makes this feature particularly alluring. You can buy them as soon as the silver coin price is affordable and sell them when the live silver price rises.

Digital Silver on National Spot Exchange

They are a relatively new player on the market and have developed a novel method of silver investment. Digital silver, often known as e-silver, is a National Spot Exchange innovation that enables investors to invest in smaller sums of money and hold their purchase in a Demat form.

They can be purchased using the national spot exchange trading facility, which is accessible to NSEL members and franchises.

Any potential clients must first open depositary accounts with these members in order to begin the investment process. You can also invest in silver in the form of real metal through NSEL.

Commodity Futures

On the commodities market, you can trade commodities futures. Asking your broker to invest in exchanges like MCX and NCDEX requires a unique request. You can buy silver futures on these markets as well. The weight of this investment firm is a drawback. A part of the total contract value must be paid upfront, and the price is slightly greater than the price of physical silver.

Milestone Bullion Series 1

The latest offering from Milestone Capital is a unique portfolio investment. It resembles investing in mutual funds a lot. Investors in Milestone Bullion Series 1 have the option to invest in a variety of metals, including silver, gold deposit schemes, and gold-linked structures. The minimum investment needed to participate in this structured product is INR 5 lakhs.


Use silver cutlery every day if you can because it is not only beautiful to look at on every table but also useful. A priceless family legacy that may bring happiness and value for many generations with proper maintenance is silver cutlery. Entire sets, especially for groups of 12 or more, are become harder to find and are frequently only available in very poor condition. We handle a substance-preserving restoration and provide investment products that are useful for daily use as well as decoration. Silver is a precious metal that is widely used because of its antimicrobial characteristics.

Interesting Facts About Silver You Should Know

Silver is the empress of investments which holds a lot of interesting facts. The following facts will make you hail the empress. Some of these facts may cause a change in the current silver rate.

  • It is one of the world's most reflective metals.
  • Gold is slightly softer than silver. 
  • The phrase "born with a silver spoon" refers to wealthy families who would feed their young children with silver spoons because of the metal's natural antibacterial characteristics.
  • Silver is often not recycled, unlike gold. This also increases the silver price in India.
  • Unquestionably, silver is connected to money. In at least 14 different languages, the words "silver" and "money" are interchangeable. This probably explains the low silver price in India.
  • Silver is among the most malleable metals.
  • Mexico is the world's top producer of silver.
  • It is one of the first five metals discovered by humanity, thus holding a special place in the history of the elements.
  • The word "silver" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "seolfor."
  • Silver has the highest heat conductivity of any metal.
  • It is possible to press one grain of silver (65 mg) into a sheet that is 150 times thinner than the typical sheet of paper.
  • Copper or lead is used to extract the majority of the silver.

Factors Affecting Silver Price in India

There are a number of factors that influence the 1 gm silver price today in India. No, we do not talk about the chemical factors but the micro and macro-economical factors. You must look out for any change in the factors explained below as these might help you get prior knowledge if there is a shift coming in the silver price in India.

Industrial Demand

Contrary to its yellow counterpart, industrial needs account for the majority of the global demand for silver. The use of silver cannot be substituted with any other metal in nuclear reactors, solar panels, RIFD chips for tracing international goods and deliveries, or everyday devices like cell phones, touch displays, and televisions. The medical sector also drives the demand for silver. These elements continue to fuel the metal's demand and affect the silver rate today in India.

Investment Demand

Demand for gold as an investment heavily influences its price. Silver is not comparable, but many investors view it as a long-term investment because of rising demand and diminishing resources. Due to this, investors are stocking this precious metal as an appealing investment avenue.

Cost of Import 

India imports a significant amount of silver as it lacks significant native silver reserves. This implies that import rates influence the price of silver in the nation. Since all transactions are conducted in US dollars, a stronger dollar increases the price of silver in India.


The price of mining silver influences silver’s price. When the cost is high, the supply decreases. The price rises as the net amount of silver available decreases.

Oil Prices

Because silver mining is a labour-intensive operation, oil price fluctuations directly impact silver's rate. For imported silver to be successful, a solid logistical system supported by a steady oil supply is essential. Any change in the price of oil causes a change in the price of silver.

Why Is Silver in India Cheaper?

The scarcity of the metal itself is one of the most important factors contributing to the silver rate today in India being less expensive than gold. Most of the price difference between gold and silver is due to the mismatch between supply and demand. The decreased global demand is one of the main factors causing silver to be less expensive. It is crucial to understand that, like all other metals, the price of silver depends on the country's supply and demand. The cost of silver would increase with increased demand and vice versa.

What Are the Uses of Silver?

Owing to the unique attributes and affordable cost of silver, it can be used in the following manner. These uses also contribute to determining the silver rate today in India.

  • Silver sutures, silver needles, and other items are used in the field of radiology to stitch wounds and stop infections.
  • In the form of a silver paste, silver, a crucial metal, is utilised to create silver panels. Because of its exceptional electrical and thermal conductivity, silver transforms solar energy into photovoltaic energy.
  • Because of its reflecting qualities, silver is utilised in mirrors to reflect 95–99% of light.
  • From the early 14th century, clay, gum, or turpentine have been used with silver to create stained glass.
  • Silver and potassium nitrate are combined to create the widely used caustic pencil used to treat corn and warts.
  • There is a fascination with silver ornaments. Various decorative items and jewellery, like rings, anklets, necklaces etc., can be manufactured using silver.


Silver is one of the most affordable and demanded metals. Its rich history fascinates people, and the lavish jewellery designs keep a person drooling. This guide has provided enough information to understand that silver is a disguised angel when it comes to investments. The low silver price in India is generating a larger fanbase which is granting good returns. We hope you have a better understanding of the silver price today in India. Happy investing!

Latest News About Silver

[2 May 2023] - Shining Opportunities: Silver's Boom Expected to Bring Strong Earnings

The global economy is showing signs of recovery, and the demand for silver is rising due to the increased investment in green technology. This is reflected in the current silver prices, which have risen by 8.5% this year and reached INR 73,868 per kg. The demand for silver is only slightly behind gold, which has increased by 9.7% this year. The growing interest in investing in silver is due to the shortage of silver in the market.

According to experts, over 50% of the demand for silver comes from industrial usage. Silver is used in various sectors such as eco-friendly manufacturing, electric vehicles, solar panels, medical instruments, switches, and satellites. The physical demand for silver, including coins and small bars, is stable. The silver consumption across the nation crossed a record 10,000 tonnes last year. Due to the lesser supply of silver than the demand, the boom in silver prices is expected to continue.

The gold-silver ratio is an important measure that indicates how much silver is needed to purchase one ounce of gold. Currently, this ratio is high at 79, which means that the price of silver is lower than that of gold. This suggests that there is potential for silver to perform better than gold in the future. As a result, investors may want to consider investing in silver as a potential opportunity for strong returns. The ratio may change over time, so it's important to keep an eye on market trends and make informed investment decisions.

Investors who are exposed to volatility in industrial demand should consider investing 5-10% of their portfolio in precious metals, with silver being a part of it. The investment horizon in precious metals should be at least five years.

[25 April 2023] - Rapid Spike in Silver Prices: All Set to Approach 75 Thousand!

As per the IBJA website, the price of silver has surged by INR 378, reaching INR 74,768 per kg, up from its previous rate of INR 74,390. Analyst Ajay Kedia has projected that silver prices may climb up to INR 90,000 per kg this year. The rise in industrial demand and increasing gold prices are believed to be the driving factors behind the silver price hike. Additionally, the introduction of Silver ETF has opened up new investment options for silver, further contributing to its upward trend.

[13 April 2023] - Silver Breaks 977-Day Record, Surges Past Rs 75,000 Mark

Silver prices have surged to an all-time high of Rs 75,365/kg on Wednesday, with the precious metal closing at Rs 74,940/kg. This is the first time since August 7, 2020, that silver has hit the Rs 75,000 mark. Additionally, gold prices reached a record high of Rs 60,781/10 grams on April 5, 2023. This year, both gold and silver have seen a considerable increase in their prices, with silver becoming costlier by Rs 6,591/kg and gold by Rs 5,450/10 grams.

Over the last ten days of April, silver has witnessed an increase of Rs 3,240/kg and gold by Rs 898/10 grams. The prices of these precious metals are calculated based on their average rates from 14 centres across India. Experts predict that silver prices may rise to Rs 90,000/kg this year due to increased industrial demand, higher gold prices, and the arrival of silver ETFs, which provide more investment options for silver. Ajay Kedia, director of Kedia Advisory, has made this prediction.

[20 March 2023] - Silver Shines Bright: One Kilogram Crosses Rs. 68,000 Mark!

The price of silver has surged and crossed the mark of Rs 68,000 per kilogram in the bullion market. The increase amounts to Rs 1,477 from the price of March 17, when it was priced at Rs 66,773 per kilogram.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many grams is equal to 1 tola in silver?

1 tola is equal to 11.66 grams of silver.

Who sets the price of silver?

The price of silver in India is affected majorly by the demand-supply chain, among other factors.

How the silver rate is calculated?

The formula to determine the silver rate today in India is – the rate of silver per gram x weight of silver x purity of the silver.

Do I have to pay any tax when I buy silver?

Any transaction on silver attracts a 1% VAT. The government restricts cash transactions.

What is hallmarking in silver?

The process of formally documenting and establishing the precious metal composition in gold or silver objects is known as hallmarking. It serves as a certification of the metal item’s purity and is widely recognised around the world.

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