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SBI SMS financial and mobile services can be availed easily by the holders of SBI accounts. They may now quickly obtain the needed account information and use a variety of financial services at their convenience. Account users can conduct transactions anytime, anywhere, by using the SBI SMS Banking service to check their account balance, manage their bank accounts, pay bills, and more. All of these services have been compiled by SBI under the term SBI Quick for SMS and missed call banking.

SBI SMS Banking Services 

The following is a list of the services and the relevant phrases that must be entered in order to use State Bank of India SMS Banking:

Balance Enquiry: Whenever you want to know how much money is in your account, all you need to do is send an SMS to the special SBI SMS Banking number. The bank will then reply with a message showing your account balance.

Mini Statement: If you’re curious about the recent transactions on your account, just send a simple SMS. In response, you’ll receive a message that gives you the scoop on your most recent transactions.

Account Statement: Need a more detailed overview of your account’s activities for a specific time frame? No problem! Just use SMS Banking to request an account statement. The bank will send you an SMS containing all the details.

Fund Transfer: Transferring money between your own SBI accounts has never been easier. Just send an SMS to start the transfer, and the bank will take care of the rest.

Mobile Recharge and Bill Payment: Running low on mobile credit or got some bills to pay? With SMS Banking, you can recharge your mobile or settle utility bills by sending a specific SMS command.

ATM Card Services: In case you lose your ATM card or it gets stolen, don’t worry. A simple SMS to the bank can help you block the card. You can even request a new ATM card via SMS.

Cheque Book Request: Running out of cheques? No need to visit the bank in person. Just send an SMS requesting a new cheque book, and they’ll arrange to send it to your registered address.

Request for a Loan Account Statement: If you’ve got a loan account with SBI and want to keep tabs on it, you can easily ask for a statement via SMS Banking.

Change of Mobile Number: Changed your mobile number recently? Let the bank know through SMS. It’s important to make sure you’re receiving alerts and notifications on the right number.

Deregister from SMS Banking: If SMS Banking is no longer your thing, you can stop the service by sending an SMS to the bank. Simple as that.

SBI SMS Banking Ussd Code

Service SMS / Missed Call
Balance Enquiry “BAL” to 09223766666
Mini Statement “MSTMT” to 09223866666
Cheque Book Request “CHQREQ” to 09223588888
E-statement “ESTMT <space>Account Number<space> < 4-digit code to  encrypt the PDF>” to 09223588888
Education Loan  Interest Certificate “ELI<space>Account Number<space><4 digit code of  account holder’s  choice to encrypt the PDF> to 09223588888
Home Loan  Interest Certificate “HLI <space>Account Number<space><4 digit code  of account holder’s choice  to encrypt the PDF>” to 09223588888
Block SBI ATM Card “BLOCK <space>  <last four digits of the card number>” to 567676
Control ATM Card Usage “SWON / SWOFFATM / POS / ECOM / INTL / DOM <space>  <last four digits of the card>”  to 09223966666
Green PIN Facility “PIN <space> <last four digits of the debit card>  <space> <last four digits of  account number linked to the debit card>” to 567676
SBI Home Loan “HOME” to 09223588888
SBI Car Loan “CAR” to 09223588888
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How to Register for SBI SMS Banking?

For SBI SMS Banking, the people holding an account in SBI must complete an initial registration process. sending SMS

‘REG<space>Account Number’



The message indicated above must be sent from the registered mobile number linked with the particular SBI account, according to the account holder. A message confirming the successful SMS Banking registration will be sent to the account holder.

The account holder may begin using the services after registering for State Bank SMS Banking. If unsuccessful, the account holder can examine the SMS format and SMS Banking registration number. The account holder must additionally confirm that the mobile number associated with that account number is registered with the bank. If not, the account holder must go to an SBI branch.

How to Deregister from SBI SMS Banking?

A SBI account holder can easily unsubscribe from the SBI Quick service or SBI SMS Banking. The account holder must SMS –




SBI SMS Banking Charges 

The following fees are associated with the SMS Banking service:

SBI SMS Banking Number SMS Charges
6-digit number (567676) Premium charges applicable
10-digit number SMS charges applicable as per the customer’s mobile bill plan

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FAQ About SBI SMS Banking

How to use SMS banking in SBI?

One just needs to register for the SMS services with the SBI bank and then can use the bank’s SMS banking services flawlessly.

How can I check my SBI SMS balance?

If you are registered with the SBI SMS banking, you just have to send an SMS with –  “BAL” to 09223766666 from your registered contact number for an instant SBI SMS bank balance enquiry service.

How can I activate SBI Quick SMS?

If you are an SBI account holder, you can activate the SBI Quick SMS by simply sending an SMS – ‘REG<space>Account Number’ to 09223488888.

What is this number 09223488888?

This is the SBI’s SMS banking service number which one can use for all the SMS banking-related services.

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