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Financial Calculators

Urban Money comprehends your financial needs and offers home loans up to 95% of property valuation. Being your true mortgage loan specialist, we open the best routes to affordable home loan interest rates, speedy approvals, and minimal home loan eligibility criteria. Make the next move to your castle with our home loans with quick approval, fast-moving disbursements, flexible loan repayment periods, and low housing loan interest rates starting at 7%.

Investment Calculators

Determine your monthly payments with finance calculators pre-loaded with the required formula. Lighting fast computations you can bank on for better financial decisions.

Urban Money understands the significance of your time and has come up with an array of financial calculators. Our versatile range of cutting-edge calculators is precisely designed to finesse the monthly budget. With access to AI-based stimulated calculation, unlock legitimacy to what the bank or finance provider is offering.

Nevertheless, what you are planning for i.e. home loan, personal loan, or a business loan, we assist you with every financial calculator in India.

We factor in specific variables including interest, principal amount, fees and tenure to help you to conclude whether investing in the financial product will be fruitful for you or not. Plan everything from taking out new debt to prepayment to foreclosure within a second.

Home Loan

House loans are applicable for the purchase of brand-new houses, flats and plots. Furthermore, one can acquire a home loan for renovation purposes in addition to the extension and repair of the existing house.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

A Home Loan EMI Calculator permits you to compute payable monthly instalments with a steadfast approach. It enhances loan management, validates lender information and manages mortgage repayment with utmost ease.

Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Put forward your decision on the balance transfer through brief evaluations computed by the Home Loan Balance Transfer Calculator. This high-tech tool will aid in easy balance transfer calculation. Easily compute the associated cost and accordingly plan your cash flows.

Home Loan Prepayment Calculator

A Home Loan Prepayment calculator is an online tool designed to service housing loans. Figure out the interest you are going to save with prepayment by just providing the principal amount, tenure, interest rate and the number of paid instalments as inputs.

Home Loan Eligibility Calculator

Determine your housing loan eligibility through Home Loan Eligibility Calculator. This advanced technology-based online calculator allows you to gauge the eligible loan amount. Make an informed choice by easily setting the values through sliders including monthly income, other payable EMIs, loan tenure and interest rate.

Personal Loan

A personal loan comes in handy when you're planning a vacation, upgrading your home or investing in weddings. The end use of the borrowed funds is not restricted, you are free to use the amount to fulfil your financial obligations.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

A Personal Loan EMI Calculator is an automatic tool through which you can perceive equated monthly instalments in short EMI payable towards the debt amount. It allows borrowers to compute appropriate values easily by providing the loan amount, applicable interest rate and repayment tenure.

Personal Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Our cutting-edge Personal Loan Balance Transfer Calculator allows you to figure out the total savings you will unlock with the balance transfer. This handy simulation permits you to gauge the productiveness of the personal loan balance transfer and savings in interest terms.

Personal Loan Prepayment Calculator

Urban Money’s Personal Loan Prepayment Calculator helps the borrowers to ascertain the amount and plan cash flows to service personal loans. This AI-backed calculator makes partial payback planning a breeze by using a simple set of numbers, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency.

Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator

The Personal Loan Eligibility Calculator is designed to make the eligibility process easier. It helps to determine the loan amount that you can avail based upon monthly income and repayment capability. Fill out the basic information fields and you will get a detailed summary of your eligibility within seconds. Additionally, you get the opportunity to compare various lenders on a single platform.

Business Loan

Every business needs enough capital to back its core operations to stay in the industry. Undeniably the most common way to fund your venture, startup or company is through a business loan. Business loans provided by banks and NBFCs usually differ in numerous factors. In such scenarios, business loan calculators can be the foremost choice.

Business Loan EMI Calculator

This AI-backed Business Loan EMI Calculator assists in breaking down an array of factors to provide the gold standard solution to cope with the diverse needs of the applicant within no time.

Business Loan Balance Transfer Calculator

Urban Money's AI-based Business Loan Balance Transfer Calculator, helps in figuring out how much you'll have to pay monthly on your transferred loan.

Business Loan Prepayment Calculator

With the Business Loan Prepayment Calculator,you get to know essential aspects, including the revised monthly instalment, the total percentage saved on monthly EMIs, the repayment tenure reduction, the due amount and total savings.

Business Loan Eligibility Calculator

With Urban Money’s Business Loan Eligibility Calculator, you can instantly estimate the possibilities of your loan approval and the amount that you can lend. You can also examine multiple scenarios for various down payments, amortisation durations alongside variable and fixed interest rates.

Eligibility Criteria

To ensure that the borrower can repay the loan amount without any delays or defaults, applicants need to meet the eligibility criteria. It is necessary for the borrower to complete the approval procedure faster. In general the eligibility criteria orients around age, income, credit score, financial history and creditworthiness of the applicant.

Investment Calculators

Before making an investment it is important to gauge how much you are going to get in return. Use Urban Money’s investment calculators to understand your ROIs instantly.

SIP Calculator

SIP calculator is a tool that enables you to compute your yields based on your systematic investment routine in an instant.

FD Calculator

A fixed deposit calculator is a great tool that enables you to compute your interest returns based on your monthly investment capacity.


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

What is the difference between a financial calculator and a normal calculator?

Unlike a normal/scientific calculator, a finance calculator is customised to resolve financial problems. The AI-backed financial calculator instantly breaks down complex computations into simpler ones at a quick speed.

What is a financial calculator used for?

The valuations of investments, cash flow quantities and loan-related charges are among the tasks that financial calculators compute in split seconds. They are generally used by accountants, financiers and business owners.