HDFC RD (Recurring Deposit) Calculator

Are you trying to find a way to invest money that would allow you to save regularly and make interest? If yes, an HDFC RD account might be the solution for you. You can save money by making small, recurring payments and earning interest. The HDFC RD account is a convenient and reliable solution to your financial needs and investments.

However, figuring out the details of the RD, its benefits, and most importantly, the monthly RD calculation, could be a grouse for some people. This is where the HDFC RD calculator comes in handy. The HDFC RD calculator provides you with a definite answer to your queries related to maturity amount or interest rates. Read below to know more about the HDFC Recurring Deposit and the HDFC RD calculator.

What is HDFC Recurring Deposit Calculator?

An online tool called the HDFC RD calculator aids in evaluating the interest that can be generated by making recurrent deposits. The maturity amount for recurring deposits is the total of all investments plus the interest generated over the investment period.

The HDFC RD account has the following features:

  • The RD interest is compounded every three months. 
  • The HDFC Bank provides several tenure options, ranging from 6 months to 10 years. The minimal tenure for non-resident Indians is 6 months and in multiples of 3 months thereafter. 
  • Investments in RDs must start with a minimum of INR 1,000 and continue in multiples of INR 100. 
  • The monthly maximum investment in RD is INR 1,99,99,900.
  • The lock-in period is a month

Calculate RD Maturity Amount

The maturity amount for recurring deposits is the sum of the principal and interest accrued over the investment period. Quarterly compounding is used for interest. You don't have to worry about the difficult computations since you can use the HDFC RD calculator to determine your RD maturity amount. You can submit your information and have your maturity amount automatically generated using this straightforward method.

How to Use Online HDFC RD Calculator?

The HDFC RD calculator is available online without any charges. The calculator is also very easy to use. To use the online HDFC RD calculator, you need to fill in some basic information first, including the monthly investment amount and the HDFC Bank recurring deposit interest rates. Use the calculator to determine the wealth generated by your investment. The calculator applies the future value algorithm to arrive at the investment value. The HDFC RD calculator can be better understood by using the example below.


You want to make a five-year investment in a recurring deposit scheme at a rate of INR 25,000 per month. The HDFC RD interest rate is 5.70%. The HDFC recurring deposit calculator takes into consideration the following parameters to calculate your investment's maturity value:

  • Monthly Deposit Amount = INR 25,000
  • Interest Rate = 5.70%
  • RD Term = 5 years
  • Total Investment = 25000 x 12 x 5 = 1500000

Therefore, the calculator will display INR 2,37,854 as wealth gained and a total corpus of INR 17,37,854.

Benefits of Using an HDFC Recurring Deposit Calculator?

The benefits of using the HDFC Bank RD calculator are:

  • An individual can simply determine their return using the HDFC recurring deposit calculator by entering the parameters.
  • The calculator saves investors time by completing complicated calculations in just a few seconds.
  • The calculator produces reliable calculations with a very low likelihood of error.
  • Investors can evaluate the interest rates on different HDFC Bank RDs and select the one that best suits their needs. As a result, the calculator aids the investor in selecting the optimal strategy.
  • By examining the outputs produced by this calculator, investors can plan their investment objectives. Since the calculator predicts the value of an RD investment in the future, users will be aware of the potential future return on their investment. Consequently, this enables them to plan their financial investments.
  • The calculator is accessible by one and all and can be used countless times.

How is the Interest and Maturity Amount on an RD calculated? 

You can calculate the interest and maturity amount with the HDFC Bank RD calculator. This section explains the formula for calculating the maturity amount and interest.


The formula to calculate the maturity amount is:

Maturity amount = Total deposits + Interest 

It must be noted that the total deposit amount is equal to the monthly deposits multiplied by the number of months in which payments were made.

The formula to calculate interest is:

Interest = P * n * (n+1) * r / 2400.

In the above interest rate calculation formula, ‘P’ stands for the monthly deposit, ‘n’ stands for the number of months, and ‘r’ is the annual interest rate.


Consider depositing INR 500 per month for ten years in an HDFC RD account. The HDFC recurring deposit interest rate is 5.60%.

The HDFC RD interest rates calculator can help you get your interest amount and the maturity amount over the tenure you’re investing for. Another option is to calculate the same manually by following the below-given formula:

Using the formula, we get:

Number of months = 12*10 = 120 months

Total Deposit = 120*500 = 60,000

Interest = 500 * 120 (120+1) * 5.60% / 24 = 16,940

Maturity = 16940 + 60000 = 76,940

The maturity amount is INR 76,940 and the interest amount is INR 16,940 for a deposit of INR 500.

Current HDFC Bank RD Interest Rates 2022

The HDFC recurring deposit interest rates for the year 2022 have been listed below:

Tenure Interest Rate for General Citizens (p.a.) Interest rate for Senior Citizens (p.a.) Interest rate for NRI customers (p.a.)
6 Months 3.50% 4.00% NA
9 Months 4.40% 4.90% NA
12 Months 5.00% 5.50% 5.00%
15 Months 5.00% 5.50% 5.00%
24 Months 5.00% 5.50% 5.00%
27 Months 5.20% 5.70% 5.20%
36 Months 5.20% 5.70% 5.20%
39 Months 5.45% 5.95% 5.45%
48 Months 5.45% 5.95% 5.45%
60 Months 5.45% 5.95% 5.45%
90 Months 5.60% 6.35% 5.60%
120 Months 5.60% 6.35% 5.60%

Note: The interest rates have been updated as of July 29, 2022.

Things to Consider While Calculating HDFC Recurring Deposit

It isn't every day that you decide to open a recurring deposit account. Various factors must be considered while calculating HDFC recurring deposits. Some of the key aspects to consider while opting for a recurring deposit are: 

Monthly Deposit Amount

Generally speaking, a larger deposit will result in a higher interest rate. The higher the deposit amount, the better the interest would be. You can adjust the calculator's deposit amount to suit your personal financial requirements.

Interest Rate

The monthly deposit would increase in proportion to the interest rate. Long-term, higher interest rates often add up. So, before you begin your regular deposit, use the calculator to analyse your interest rate possibilities and decide which one is best for you.


Shorter periods result in lower interest payments upon maturity, while longer periods have higher interest rates.

Eligibility Criteria for an HDFC RD Account

The HDFC RD account can be opened by individuals who meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • An individual residing in India.
  • A member of the Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), private and public listed companies or societies.
  • Minor above ten years of age carrying valid ID proofs.
  • Minor below ten years of age with a legal guardian or parents’ consent.

Get Started with Investing Today

Dreams must not be kept waiting. They must be grabbed with both hands, and that’s where HDFC Bank brings you the best and most convenient services to help you achieve your financial dreams. Start investing in an HDFC RD account today with an experienced professional like a Chartered Accountant. They will comfortably carry you through the rough waters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the RD interest rate in HDFC Bank?

The interest rate of RD in HDFC Bank ranges between 3.75% and 5.75%.

How is RD return calculated?

One can calculate the RD return using the formula: A = P(1+r/n) ^ nt. Here, ‘A’ represents the amount procured, ‘P’ is the principal amount, ‘r’ is the interest rate ‘t’ is the tenure, and ‘n’ is the number of times the interest has been compounded.

Can I open RD online in HDFC?

You can open RD online in HDFC Bank by logging in to your HDFC account and opting for the ‘Accounts’ tab, moving on to the ‘Transact’ option and clicking on ‘Open Recurring Deposit’.

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