Canara Bank Mini Statement

The Canara Bank Mini Statement is a bank document that contains the details of all the transactions made through the bank account via different modes. This includes transactions made through methods like UPI, IMPS, RTGS, and NEF. Given that your mobile number is linked to the bank account, you can easily obtain the mini statement through various methods. This piece will look at how you can obtain the Canara Bank Mini Statement.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Download Options

Online Offline
App – Canara ai1 By Sending SMS on 09015613613
Net Banking By Giving Missed Call on 09015734734
By Visiting Nearest SBI ATM

How to Check Canara Bank Mini Statement? 

Given below are some of the different methods through which an account holder can obtain their Canara Bank Mini Statement: 

  • Missed Call: This is the ideal option for account holders who do not have an internet connection or smartphone. The customers must give a missed call to 09015734734 from the mobile number registered to the canara bank. The details of the last few transactions will be sent via SMS to the registered number. Further, you can obtain the statement in Hindi by giving a missed call on 09015613613.
  • Mobile Banking Application: Account holders with a smartphone and active internet connection can easily access the bank account using the ‘CANMOBILE’ application. This can be downloaded from Apple or Google Playstore. The customer must log in using the User ID and MPIN provided for Canara Bank Mobile Banking. After login in, you can view your account statement summary in the ‘Enquiry’ section.
  • Canara Bank Net Banking: If you have an internet connection, you can view your account statement by logging into your net banking account using the customer ID and password. Just click on  ‘account details, and you will be able to view all your account transaction details immediately. Users can also use this to manage multiple bank accounts, transfer money, generate statements, etc.
  • Canara Bank ATM Service: This is one of the most widely used methods of obtaining an account statement. Visit the ATM nearest you and click on the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the screen. Enter your 4-digit ATM pin, and the bank statement will be provided to you.
  • Canara e-Passbook: This is an electronic passbook app made available by Canara Bank. This app can be downloaded from Apple or Google Playstore. After logging in, you can view the details of all the deposits and withdrawals made from your account.

Canara Bank Mini Statement Number

Account holders can avail of their mini statement by giving a missed call to the Canara Bank Mini Statement Number 09015734734. Given below is the step-by-step process to do so:

  • Give a missed call to 09015734734 to fetch details about the last five transactions. 
  • The call will be automatically disconnected after two rings.
  • The user will then get the mini statement containing the details of the last five transactions.

Steps to get Canara Bank Mini Statement online using Mobile Banking

Given below are the steps to obtain the Canara Bank mini statement using the mobile banking application:

Step 1: Download the ‘CANMOBILE’ mobile application from the Apple or Google Playstore. 

Step 2: Log in to the banking app using the credentials provided. 

Step 3: Click on the  “Enquiry Services” option on the application homepage.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Mini Statement Enquiry’ option on the following menu.

Step 5: Enter your MPIN and proceed to get your Canara Bank Mini Statement.

Steps to get Canara Bank Statement Through Internet Banking

Giving below are the steps to obtain the Canara Bank Mini Statement via the internet banking facility:

Step 1: Visit the official Canara Bank net banking portal.

Step 2: Login using your User ID and password.

Step 3: Click on the “Account Statement” in the “Accounts” menu.

Step 4: Select the period for which you need the statement.

Step 5: Select the format in which you require the mini statement.

Steps to get Canara Bank Statement By Visiting ATM 

Another way of checking the Canara Bank Mini statement is via the bank ATM. Given below is the step-by-step process to obtain the mini statement using the ATM:

Step 1: Visit the nearest ATM and insert your Canara Bank Debit Card.

Step 2: Choose your preferred language.

Step 3: Enter your 4-digit ATM pin.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Mini Statement’ option on the screen.

Step 5: Your Canara Bank Mini Statement will then be displayed on the screen.

Step 6: You can also take a printout of your mini statement, displaying the details of the last ten transactions.

How to Read and Interpret Canara Bank Mini Statement

Mini statements are condensed versions of bank account statements that provide a quick snapshot of recent transactions, typically covering the most recent 5-10 transactions. Here are some tips on how to read and interpret mini statements from Canara Bank:

  1. Understand the format: Canara Bank mini statements typically follow a standardized format, with columns or sections for the transaction date, description, and amount.
  2. Look for deposits and withdrawals: Canara Bank mini statements usually show deposits and withdrawals as separate transactions. Deposits will typically show up as a credit to your account, while withdrawals will show up as a debit.
  3. Check date of Transactions: The date column shows when the transaction occurred, which can be useful for tracking spending patterns or identifying unauthorized transactions.
  4. View Transaction fees: If your account has been charged any transaction fees, such as ATM fees or monthly maintenance fees, they will be listed as separate transactions on the mini statement.
  5. Check the Transaction Description: The description column provides details about the transaction, such as the name of the merchant or the type of transaction (e.g., ATM withdrawal, online purchase).
  6. Verify Unauthorized Transactions: Check the mini statement carefully to ensure that all transactions listed are legitimate. If you notice any unauthorized transactions, such as fraudulent charges or errors, contact Canara Bank immediately to report the issue.
  7. Calculate Balance: By subtracting the total amount of withdrawals and fees from the total amount of deposits, you can calculate your current account balance as shown on the mini statement.
  8. Compare with previous statements: If you have access to previous account statements, compare the information on the mini statement with those earlier statements to ensure that the information is consistent and accurate.

By following these tips, you can read and interpret Canara Bank mini statements with confidence, and stay on top of your account activity.

How to Register Mobile Number for Canara Bank Mini Statement?

Given below is the step-by-step process to register your phone number for the Canara Bank mini statement facility:

  • Customers can easily register their phone numbers by visiting a Canara Bank branch. You must provide some account and personal details to register the mobile number.
  • The bank employee will then guide you through the process and link the number to the bank account.
  • Once the registration is completed, the customer will get a confirmation SMS.
  • The account holder can also register their mobile number for Canara Bank mini statement through the CANMOBILE banking app.

Benefits of Using Canara Bank Mobile Banking Facility

Customers can always check their account statements using the Canara Bank Mobile Banking Facility. Given below are some of the other benefits of using this service:

  • The account security is enhanced with OTPs sent to the linked mobile number through SMS. The user will need to validate these to authorise any transactions from the account.
  • It is the easiest and most convenient way to access the details from the last five transactions.
  • The customer can use this service to request to halt a payment from your account, enquire about the status of a cheque, or request a new chequebook. 
  • It eliminated the need to wait in long queues for several banking operations.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I view the Canara Bank mini-statement without the internet?

If you do not have access to an internet connection, you can view the statement by giving a missed call or texting ‘MSTMT’ to 09223866666.

How can I check my last five transactions in Canara Bank?

You can check your last five transactions via mobile banking, net banking, SMS service, and missed call service.

How can I register for Canara Bank mobile banking service?

You can register your number for Canara Bank mobile banking services by sending an SMS or visiting your nearest branch.

Is the Canara Bank missed call service chargeable?

No, there are no fees for the Canara Bank missed call service. This service is available to every account holder at no extra cost.

Can I have my two bank account numbers registered with the same mobile number?

No, having the same number registered to two bank accounts is impossible. You will be required to deregister the first account if you wish to link the same phone number to another account number.

Is there any limit to checking mini statements using YONO App in a day or a month?

No, there is no specified limit to how many times you can check your mini statement on the Canara Bank YONO mobile application.

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