SBI ATM PIN Generation Guide 2023

SBI ATM PIN Generation Guide 2023

In the past, SBI would mail consumers their debit card or credit card PIN using PIN mailers, which cover the PIN number with scratch-off panels. Green PINs have successfully replaced the conventional PIN generating processes, giving clients a quick and simple option for SBI ATM PIN Generation. 

It is important to note that the Green PIN you often receive via SMS is not the actual PIN. You must use the same one after receiving it to create the actual PIN.

SBI provides a number of ways to create the Green PIN, which is used to create the actual PIN.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN?

SBI used to mail out the PIN for the debit card and cover it up with scratch-off panels. Debit and credit cards were sent to the clients and account holders in this manner. SBI debit card pin generation is now possible online and independently for users thanks to Green PINS, which have replaced the outdated old methods.

It is also important to remember that, rather than the actual PIN, the Green PIN is typically transmitted via SMS. You must use this pin once you’ve got it in order to create the actual PIN. You can generate the Green PIN using a variety of techniques provided by SBI, which must then be used to generate the SBI PIN.

The methods for Generating SBI ATM card pins and changing SBI ATM pins are listed below:

1) Through the ATM Vestibule of SBI By visiting an ATM vestibule.
2) By SMS  You can generate a green pin over the phone using your registered phone number.
3) By Customer Care Service  You can also contact customer service at 080-26599990 for help creating a PIN.
4) By Internet Banking Services  To generate your PIN, you can utilise the portal and internet banking.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN through SBI ATM?

Visit any of the nearby SBI ATMs after receiving your SBI ATM/debit card. To create an SBI Green PIN by ATM, adhere to the steps listed below.

  • Insert the debit card in an ATM
  • Select the ‘PIN Generation’ option.
  • Fill in the11-digit account number, then select ‘Confirm’.
  • Fill in the registered mobile number, and select ‘Confirm’.
  • If all the information is accurate, the green PIN will be issued to your registered cellphone number.
  • Once you have received the green PIN, select ‘Confirm’ to see another message. 

Your phone will then send you a message with a one-time PIN (OTP), which is just the Green PIN.

  • Now, the SBI card must be taken out and inserted again so as to generate the new debit card PIN utilising the Green PIN.
  • Put the SBI card in the machine.
  • Select ‘Banking’
  • Select either English, Hindi, or a regional language.
  • Fill in the OTP that was sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Now, select ‘PIN Change.’
  • Create a new four-digit PIN and fill it again.
  • Now, the PIN has been changed successfully, if the procedure was successful.

Your SBI ATM card can now be used for all card transactions, including cash withdrawals, purchases at retail terminals, and online transactions, using the updated PIN, which then serves as the card’s true PIN.

SBI ATM PIN Generation through SMS?

The registered cellphone number can also be used to send a short message to produce the Green PIN.

PIN SMS ABCD EFGH (ABCD represent final four digits of debit card number and EFGH represent last four digits of the bank account number connected to the debit card) (ABCD represent last four digits of debit card number and EFGH represent last four digits of the bank account number linked to the debit card) to 567676

You will get an OTP to the same number after the SMS is sent. By visiting any SBI ATM and following the instructions above, you can generate a debit card PIN using the OTP, which is good for 2 days.

How to Generate SBI ATM PIN by Calling Customer Care?

To receive your card PIN on your registered cellphone numbers instead, call the SBI credit card customer service helpline.

  • Contact the SBI’s toll-free customer service at 080-26599990, 1800 11 22 11, or 1800 425 3800.
  • Select the ‘ATM and Prepaid Card Services’ option after following all the directions.
  • Choose ‘1’ to create a green PIN.
  • Fill in the debit card number mentioned on your card. 
  • Now, fill in the account number, then verify.
  • When you have verified all the information, you will receive an SMS with a one-time PIN (OTP) that is good for two days. During that period, you can use any SBI ATM to create your debit card PIN.

How Can Users Generate SBI ATM PIN through SBI Net Banking?

You can carry out the same action using your SBI internet banking account with option.

Current SBI internet banking customers can generate their debit card or ATM card’s PIN online by following the steps below.

  • With your account credentials, sign in to SBI Online.
  • Select ‘e-Services> ATM Card Services’ from the main menu,
  • Now, select ‘ATM PIN Generation’.
  • Select either ‘Using Profile Password’ or ‘Using One Time Password.’
  • Select the ‘Using Profile Password’ option, then select the bank account, and then select ‘Submit.’
  • Now, select SBI debit card and tap on ‘Confirm,’
  • The screen will show you ‘ATM PIN Generation’ page, where you can create any two numbers to use as your new PIN.
  • After filling in the numbers, select ‘Submit.’
  • Now, you will receive a 2-digit SMS on the registered mobile number.
  • Fill in the 2 digits you previously selected as well as the 2 digits you received via SMS on the following screen, then select ‘Submit.’
  • If one has followed all the steps accurately then you will get a prompt on the ATM machine that the PIN has been changed.

You must activate the card by going to ‘e-Services > ATM Card Services > New ATM Card Activation’ once you have your new PIN. Moreover, a first transaction can be made at any SBI ATM to activate the card.

SBI ATM PIN Generation Through YONO Application?

Customers of SBI can now use the YONO app to generate an SBI ATM pin. But, this is the only way to modify the ATM pin. You must use Internet banking, SMS, and ATM methods in order to generate and activate a new SBI ATM card. This is how to modify the SBI ATM pin using the YONO app:

  • If you haven’t already, launch the app and sign in using your online banking username and password.
  • From the hamburger menu, tap Service Request.
  • Choose ATM and debit card services.
  • If you registered using net banking, enter your profile password and select ATM/Debit Card Activation.
  • Enter your 16-digit ATM card number now by clicking the next button.
  • Enter the OTP that was sent to your registered mobile number now.
  • You can now use the YONO app to modify your SBI ATM pin.

Safety Tips for using SBI ATM PIN

One should always be careful while using the ATM PIN in an ATM vestibule or on any application. One can follow the safety tips given below for using SBI ATM PIN:

  • When using an ATM card at a POS or ATM, use your hand to shield the keypad.
  • Do NOT share your card details with anyone
  • Do NOT write your ATM Pin on your card
  • Never reply to texts, emails, or phone calls requesting your card information or PIN.

SBI ATM Card Green PIN

The launch of SBI Green PIN is a new step towards paperless banking and is a component of SBI’s green drive. Both its clients and staff gain from it. State Bank customers can benefit from the convenience of generating/regenerating ATM PINs at their own convenience while the bank workers who handle ATM PIN deliveries can be allocated to other bank operations.

Also, the feature lowers the bank’s carbon impact and offers significant cost savings.

Green PIN – A Paperless Debit Card PIN Generation

Banks have developed a new banking feature called ‘Green PIN’ to help customers avoid all of these scenarios. It generates a debit card PIN in a green manner, as the name would imply. Cardholders can create their own PIN for their debit cards by using the Green PIN function.


Most banks, both public and private, provide debit or credit cards along with a PIN that allows the use of the card at ATMs and point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The most widely used delivery mechanism for PINs has been PIN mailers since banks began distributing debit card or credit card PINs. The scratch-off panels on the mailers help conceal the PIN number while simultaneously helping to expose any tampering efforts.

PIN mailers are normally delivered by postal service or courier to the cardholders’ addresses. Recently, several banks began giving the PINs to the consumers directly by including them in the welcome package. Nonetheless, the cardholder must go to the bank State bank branch to submit an ATM PIN regeneration request if they want to alter the PIN for any reason.

The most prevalent banking technique, transmitting an ATM or debit card PIN by PIN mailers, comes with its own risks and expenses. ATM PINs must be physically kept safe by bank employees, postal delivery may be delayed, banks must send a new PIN if the PIN mailer is damaged or tampered with during transit, increasing postal and stationery costs for the banks, and inconvenience for customers who must visit sate bank branches for PIN regeneration.

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FAQ's About SBI ATM Pin Generation

Which is SBI 4 digit ATM PIN?

The PIN for your debit card, which gives you access to your account, is normally four digits long. Your PIN and a debit card security code (CSC) are different. This three- or four-digit number, also known as the card verification value or card verification code (CVV or CVC, respectively), is printed on your debit card.

How can I get my SBI ATM PIN?

One can get their SBI ATM PIN by visiting the ATM vestibule, by sending an SMS, by contacting the customer service, or by using the net banking services.

How can I generate my SBI ATM PIN after OTP?

If you have received the OTP for activating your SBI ATM PIN, then you can either fill in the OTP in SBI YONO application, in the ATM, or in your  netbanking account to generate the SBI ATM PIN.

Can I generate an SBI ATM PIN without visiting the bank?

Yes, you can generate the SBI ATM PIN without visiting the bank.

Is it necessary to generate ATM PIN before using the debit card?

Yes, generation of ATM PIN is utmost necessary for any transaction.

Can I change my SBI ATM PIN?

Yes, you can change your SBI ATM PIN anytime by visiting the nearest SBI ATM, through customer service, and through netbanking.

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