Today Silver Rate in Hyderabad

Predominately used for industrial purposes, this precious metal is sought after in retail. The silver price in Hyderabad is entirely dependent on local demand and supply. External components like the US dollar rate and global economic climate also affect the silver rates.


Today MCX silver price in rupees per 1 kg.
Today silver rate in india is 75,500 rupees per Kg

  • 10 Gram Silver rate Today
  • 755(10 gram)
  • 1 Kg Silver rate Today
  • 75,500(1 Kg)

Silver Rate Today in India (in Rs/1 gm)

Silver RateSilver Rate in BangaloreSilver Rate in ChennaiSilver Rate in DelhiSilver Rate in HyderabadSilver Rate in Mumbai
1 Gm7275747574
10 Gm721755740755740
100 Gm7,2097,5507,4007,5507,400
1 Kg72,10075,50074,00075,50074,000

Silver Rate in India for Last 10 Days

Date10 gram100 gram1 Kg
Feb 27, 20247557,55075,500
Feb 26, 20247647,64076,400
Feb 25, 20247647,64076,400
Feb 24, 20247647,64076,400
Feb 23, 20247607,60076,000
Feb 22, 20247657,65076,500
Feb 21, 20247727,72077,200
Feb 20, 20247707,70077,000
Feb 19, 20247757,75077,500

Today Silver Rate of Metro Cities in India

City 1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram1 Kg

Today Silver Rate of Other Cities in India

City 1 Gram 10 Gram 100 Gram1 Kg

Today Silver Rate in Hyderabad - An Overview

Numerous traders in Hyderabad buy and sell silver. These traders offer the best silver rates in Hyderabad. Given the significance of this metal, mainly because it is a more cost-efficient commodity than gold, investors must keep it in mind for future investments.

It is essential to be aware that the silver rates in Hyderabad may vary depending on the trader and their current rates. Some traders in Hyderabad can offer competitive silver rates, so it is advisable to check with multiple sources before making an investment decision.

How Can You Make Silver as an Investment in Hyderabad?

Silver can be a promising investment avenue as it safeguards against inflation and fluctuating stock market prices. Moreover, the use of silver in industries also influences its price. Silver is more affordable to buy when compared to gold, making it a popular choice for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

Investors can consider buying physical silver as coins, bars, or jewellery. They can also invest in silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) or mutual funds that invest in silver mining companies or companies that deal with silver. Before investing, it is advisable to do thorough research and seek professional advice.

Things to Know Before Buying Silver Jewelry in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is known for its rich cultural heritage and is home to many skilled artisans and craftsmen who create intricate silver jewellery designs. Here are a few things to keep in mind before buying silver jewellery in Hyderabad:

  • Authenticity: It is essential to ensure that the silver jewellery you buy is authentic. Check for the BIS hallmark sign on the jewellery, which certifies its purity and authenticity. 
  • Quality: Check for the quality of the silver used in the jewellery. Pure silver is soft and malleable, often mixed with other metals like copper to make it more durable. The quality of the silver jewellery is also reflected in the craftsmanship and design.
  • Price: Keep an eye on the current silver rates in Hyderabad, as they can affect the jewellery price.
  • The reputation of the seller: Buy silver jewellery from reputed sellers to ensure the quality and authenticity of the product. You can also ask for local recommendations or check online reviews before purchasing.
  • Design and Style: Hyderabad is known for its intricate silver jewellery designs. Take your time to explore the different styles and designs available before making a purchase. You can visit jewellery shops like Krishna Jewellers or check out street markets like Koti and Begum Bazaar. 

What Factors Affect Silver Prices in Hyderabad?

Silver prices in Hyderabad are influenced by several factors, including:

  • Supply and demand: The basic economic principle of supply and demand is a key factor in determining silver prices. When demand for silver exceeds supply, prices tend to rise, and vice versa.
  • Market speculation: Speculation can also drive silver prices up or down, as investors may buy or sell silver based on their expectations for future prices.
  • Global economic trends: The global economic climate can impact the demand for silver, which can influence its price. For instance, investors may turn to silver as a haven asset during economic uncertainty, driving its price.
  • Industrial demand: Silver is used in various industrial applications, including electronics and solar panel manufacturing. The demand for silver in these industries can impact its price.
  • Inflation: Inflation can also impact the price of silver, as investors may buy silver as a hedge against inflation.

Impact of GST on Silver Rate in Hyderabad

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has impacted silver rates in Hyderabad, with a GST rate of approximately 3% charged on silver jewellery. This rate is in line with the 3% rate of GST on gold and silver, which is one percentage point higher than what was in the old tax regime.

The impact of GST on silver rates in Hyderabad is reflected in the final price of silver products. Post-GST, the industry charges a 3% tax on silver prices, a minor increase on the current rate of 2% (1% Excise duty +1% VAT) being applicable on silver. This 1% rise is passed on to the customer.

Various methods, like weight tests, magnet tests, hallmark identification, etc., can be used to evaluate the purity of physical silver. It is important to note that the impact of GST on silver rates in Hyderabad may vary from time to time, depending on the prevailing market conditions and GST regulations.

How Can Interest Rates Affect Silver Prices in Hyderabad?

There is a strong correlation between interest rates and silver prices, which applies to Hyderabad. When interest rates rise, investors tend to move their money into higher-yielding investments such as bonds, which can reduce the demand for silver and cause its price to fall. Conversely, silver can become more attractive when interest rates fall as a store of value and alternative investment, increasing demand and price.

In Hyderabad, the price of silver can be influenced by various factors, including global market trends, demand from local industries, and the strength of the Indian rupee. However, interest rates can also play a significant role in determining silver prices in the city.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is Silver considered an Industrial Requirement?

Silver is considered an industrial requirement due to its unique physical and chemical properties, which make it an excellent conductor of electricity and heat. It is used in various applications, including electronics, solar panels, and medical devices.

How often do silver rates change in Hyderabad?

Silver rates in Hyderabad change daily, influenced by global market trends and demand-supply dynamics.

How can I check the ongoing Silver rates in Hyderabad?

You can check the ongoing silver rates in Hyderabad through various online platforms, such as commodity trading websites, financial news portals, or mobile apps.

How do I get the best silver rate in Hyderabad?

To get the best silver rate in Hyderabad, comparing prices across multiple dealers and negotiating discounts or incentives is recommended. Consider buying in bulk or during festive seasons.

What is the preferred form of silver for investment in Hyderabad?

The preferred form of silver for investment in Hyderabad is usually physical silver, such as coins or bars. It offers greater flexibility, liquidity, and transparency than other options like ETFs or futures.

How to purchase silver coins in Hyderabad?

You can purchase silver coins in Hyderabad from authorised dealers or reputed jewellers who offer certified and hallmarked products. It is advisable to verify the purity and weight of the coins before buying and keep the bills and receipts for future reference.

Will I have to pay GST while buying silver in Hyderabad?

You must pay GST while buying silver in Hyderabad, as it is a taxable commodity under the Goods and Services Tax regime. The current GST rate on silver is 3%.

Why should I check the daily silver rates in Hyderabad?

Checking the daily silver rates in Hyderabad can help you make informed decisions regarding buying, selling, or holding silver based on prevailing market conditions, price trends, and demand-supply dynamics. It can also help you plan your investments and budget accordingly. 

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