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HDFC Bank IFSC Code Overview

The HDFC IFSC code is a distinct alphanumeric code of 11 digits that can carry out transactions associated with electronic funds such as IMPS, NEFT, and RTGS. Each bank branch's Indian Financial System, often known as IFSC, is unique. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) offers a key, i.e. IFSC Code, to simplify funds transfer and elimination errors. For instance, HDFC0000093 is the IFSC code for the NIT branch, whereas HDFC0001733 is the code for the Sector 35 branch. However, both branches are landlocked in Faridabad, and the IFSC codes for the NIT and Sector 35 branches are different, even though they belong to HDFC.

To understand how the IFSC code is classified, let's look at the IFSC code of the Sector 7 branch in Faridabad, which is HDFC0002072. In the unique 11- character code, the initial four alphabets denote the bank name, i.e. 'HDFC'. In general, banks put aside the 5th digit of the key, '0', for future perspective. The last six digits of the key denote the bank branch. So, in HDFC0002072, the previous six digits, i.e. '002072', represent that the IFSc code is associated with the Sector 7 branch. 

Before initiating any bank transaction, ensure that you have the correct IFSC code to unlock interrupt-free fund transfer.

MICR Code of HDFC Bank

The MICR code, which is the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code, is a 9-digit alphanumeric code. It caters to the determination of the bank branch and its location; This 9-digit key is commonly printed on the bottom half of the cheque. MICR code helps in quick clearance of the cheque without errors. Aside from that, IFSC and MICR codes both are printed on cheques issued by the bank. Additionally, you can get these codes from bank statements as they are printed on the top corner. The first page of the passbook provided by the bank also contains the branch IFSC and MICR code. You can also find this information on various third-party websites and the bank's official website. 

HDFC Credit Card IFSC Code

The Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) allows you to pay your credit card bills through internet banking, i.e. NEFT, with a debit or credit card. However, relying on an authentic and well-known platform is essential to make these payments. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is responsible for providing an open forum to make online card payments. As a credit cardholder, you can use NEFT, one of the most well-known and accessible methods for transferring payments across India.

NEFT-based gateways allow you to make secure credit card payments through the IFSC code. Although by being familiar with the HDFC IFSC code, you get the chance to make payments without having a current or savings account correlated with the same IFSC code.

Benefits of HDFC Bank IFSC Code

When you look for the IFSC code online, along with the code, you get certain vital information such as the bank branch, its location, and contact details. Furthermore, It offers you an array of benefits such as: 

  • Quick and seamless internet banking operations
  • Error and interrupt free transactions
  • Money transfer
  • Instant fund transfer via NEFT and RTGS
  • Paperless transaction of funds
  • Quick validation and reconciliation

HDFC Bank IFSC Codes for Popular Cities

Here's the list of HDFC Bank IFSC codes of popular cities:

HDFC New Delhi IFSC Code

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0000003
  • MICR Code: 110240001
  • Bank Branch: New Delhi Surya Kiran KG Marg

HDFC Gurgaon IFSC Code

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0002852
  • MICR Code: 110240313
  • Bank Branch: Cyber City II

HDFC Kolkata IFSC Code

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0001231
  • MICR Code: 700240044
  • Bank Branch: Jadavpur

HDFC Mumbai IFSC Code

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0CBMC09
  • MICR Code: 400069003
  • Bank Branch: Bombay Mercantile Co Op Bank Ltd

HDFC Chennai IFSC Code

  • IFSC Code: HDFC0001073
  • MICR Code: 600240051
  • Bank Branch: Vepery - Chennai


Where can I find my HDFC Bank IFSC code?

You can easily find your HDFC Bank IFSC code by visiting the bank’s official website. Additionally, you can look for it on the chequebook at the bottom, on the front page of your passbook, or your bank statement.

Is the IFSC code the same for all HDFC Bank branches?

No, the HDFC bank IFSC code varies from one branch to another. For instance, the IFSC code for the Sector 7 branch is HDFC0002072, whereas the IFSC code for Sector 35 branch is HDFC0001733. Both are located in Faridabad itself.

What are the IMPS charges by HDFC bank?

The IMPS charges by the HDFC bank depend upon the transferrable amount. To transfer amounts up to 1 lakh through IMPS, you will have to pay INR 5 plus applicable GST whereas, for the amount ranging between 1 to 2 lakh, INR 15 will be paid.

What is the bank code of HDFC Bank?

The bank code for HDFC bank is ‘HDFC’ followed by a six-digit branch code.

How can I know the branch name of the HDFC Bank?

You can determine the branch name of the HDFC bank through the IFSC code.

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