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The Central Bank of India RBI has specified three ways for Indian citizens to transfer funds. These three methods are NEFT, RTGS and IMPS. But to monitor these transactions, RBI has introduced a code, known as IFSC (Indian Financial System Code). IFSC is allotted to all the bank branches in India, including ICICI Bank and its branches. 

The ICICI IFSC code comprises 11 digits. These 11 digits include both numbers and alphabets. The first 4 digits are the name of the bank. For ICICI it is 'ICICI.' The next digit is always a zero. It is positioned here for future use. The last 6 digits are the numbers. These numbers represent the precise bank branch. For example, the ICICI Bank credit card IFSC code for Mumbai is ICIC0000103.

MICR Code of ICICI Bank

The MICR code of ICICI Bank is not just numbers, it is a part of technology that uses character recognition for processing and clearance of cheques in the banking sector. MICR code has 9 digits that helps in identifying the bank and the bank branch where the account of any individual is held. Also, it has all the information required to process the payments from a cheque. 

ICICI Credit Card IFSC Code

A credit card IFSC allows any person to use the National Electronics Funds Transfer (NEFT) to pay for the bills of their credit card/s. However, the online payments of credit card IFSC use an acclaimed platform. This platform is provided by the Reserve Bank of India. As a credit card user, an individual can use NEFT as one of the most famous and easy to use methods for transferring funds across India. 

Moreover, it allows NEFT payments for credit cards. This happens because a  credit card’s IFSC code is different from the IFSC code of the bank that supports the online fund transfers. Also, a credit card IFSC code allows users to make payments or transfer funds even to banks where they do not hold their savings or current accounts.

ICICI IFSC Code Format

The ICICI IFSC code format is divided into a total of 11 characters. The first 4 characters are the bank name. The last 6 characters help in identifying the branch of the ICICI bank. However, the zero in the middle is there only for the purpose of being used in the future.

How to Find ICICI bank IFSC Code on a Bank Cheque?

You can find the ICICI bank IFSC code by following the below methods. 

  • The IFSC code of every ICICI Bank branch is printed on the cheque leaf. The cheque book is issued by the main branch of ICICI Bank.
  • You can also know the ICICI Bank IFSC code from the bank’s official website.
  • ICICI Bank IFSC code is also available online on third-party financial websites.


Is the ICICI Bank IFSC code the same for all ICICI Banks?

Every ICICI Bank branch has its own unique code. No two branches can have the same codes, not even the same bank.

What are the IMPS charges by ICICI bank?

The IMPS charges vary depending on the amount of money transacted. For transaction upto Rs. 1 lakh, Rs. 5 + Applicable GST is charged. Transactions between Rs. 1 lakh and up to Rs. 2 lakh incur Rs. 15 + Applicable GST. No IMPS charges are levied on transactions beyond Rs. 2 lakh.

How do you find the IFSC code for ICICI?

To find the IFSC code of ICICI Bank, you can either check the printed leaf of the chequebook issued to you by the bank or visit the ICICI mobile app. Go to the account details in the app and check the IFSC code. The easiest way is to visit the ICICI website.

What is the Swift Code of ICICI Bank?

ICICINBBNRI is the  Swift/BIC Code for ICICI Bank for retail remittances.

How can I know the branch name of ICICI Bank?

To know the branch name you can either check the mobile app or click on account details. ICICI Bank IFSC code has a total of 11 characters. 4 initial characters are bank names and the last 6 characters identify the bank branch, however, the zero in the middle is for future use.

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