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IFSC code, or the Indian Financial System Code, is an exclusive 11-digit code that provides a bank and all its branches with their own different identities. This code consists of numbers and letters and is allocated by the Reserve Bank of India. The IFSC code makes the transaction process easier and eliminates errors as each branch of a bank has a different code allotted to them. To make electronic payments like RTGS, NEFT and IMPS, one needs the correct IFSC code. It is advised to check the IFSC code before proceeding with payments.

UCO Bank IFSC Code Structure

IFSC code is an 11-character alphanumeric code that can be divided as follows:

  • The first four letters reflect the bank name
  • The fifth character is a ‘0.’ 
  • The last six digits reflect the branch

The IFSC code of UCO bank will be something like UCBA0XXXXXX. For example, UCBA0001044 is the IFSC code of the Civil Lines branch of UCO Bank in Gurgaon.

UCO Bank Branch Code

Each branch of a bank is assigned an exclusive code by the Reserve Bank of India. This code gives a branch its own identity. The branch code is the last six digits of the IFSC code. Taking the above example, the branch code of UCO Bank in Civil Lines, Gurgaon, is ‘001044’.  

MICR Code of UCO Bank

MICR code stands for the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Code, which is given to banks and their branches participating in the Electronic Clearing System. It is a 9-digit code printed at the bottom of every cheque, next to the cheque number. The MICR code is mandatory for the processing of cheques. 

The first three digits of the MICR code reflect the bank’s location, the following three digits reflect the bank code, and the last three digits reflect the bank branch. For example, the MICR code- 110028045 has ‘110’ as the end of the pincode of Gurgaon, ‘028’ as the UCO Bank code and ‘045’ as the Civil Lines branch code.

UCO Bank Code

Each bank receives a code that gives it a distinct identity and is applicable nationally. The bank code for all the branches of that bank remains the same. It can be found as the middle three digits of the MICR code. The bank code for UCO bank is ‘028’.

SWIFT Code UCO Bank 

The Society Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications  Code, the SWIFT code, or the SWIFT number, is a Business Identifier Codes (BIC) format. This code becomes mandatory when doing international transactions. The SWIFT code has 8 or 11 alphanumeric characters and can be broken down into: 

  • The first four alphabets represent the bank 
  • The subsequent two alphabets are the country code 
  • The following two represent the location code and can either be an alphabet or numbers 
  • The last three characters represent the branch code can either be a number or an alphabet

The SWIFT code of UCO Bank- UCBAINBB108 has ‘UCBA’ as the UCO Bank; ‘IN’ as the country, India; ‘BB’ is its head office’s location and ‘108’ is the branch.


Where can I find my UCO Bank IFSC code?

The IFSC code of UCO Bank can be found on the top of the cheque, on the bank’s official website, on the first page of the passbook, and the official bank statements.

Is the IFSC code the same for all UCO Bank branches?

No, the IFSC code is not the same for all branches of UCO Bank.

What are the IMPS charges by UCO Bank?

The IMPS transaction charges by UCO Bank for the amount up to INR 10,000 is INR 3; for amounts between INR 10,000 – 1 Lakh is INR 6; for transactions between 1 Lakh and 2 Lakh is INR 17.

What is the bank code of UCO Bank?

The bank code is reflected in the middle three digits of the MICR code. The bank code of UCO Bank is 028.

How can I know the branch name of UCO Bank?

You can know your branch name through the IFSC code. It is also found on the first page of your passbook, cheque book and the bank’s official website.

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