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The Reserve Bank of India allots an IFSC (Indian Financial System Code) code to every bank incorporated in India. IFSC code helps in validation of online banking transactions. It also helps in successfully transferring funds or receiving payments virtually. Traditional funds transfers usually take a lot of time but with the IFSC Code it is much easier. The IFSC Code helps in successfully identifying the source bank account and correctly depositing the amount in the destination account. This saves time and improves the security of online financial transactions.

Bank of America IFSC Code Structure

The IFSC code structure for the Bank of America is similar to the IFSC Codes of other banks. It is because all the IFSC codes are allotted by the Reserve Bank of India. An IFSC code is a combination of 11 characters. The first four characters denote the name of the bank. The last six digits help in identifying the branch of the bank. And the fifth character is zero, this is reserved for further addition in case the number of branches increase in the future.

For instance, the IFSC code BOFA0MM6205 is a code of Bank of America in Maharashtra, India. It can be further deciphered as:

  • ‘BOFA’ – Name of the bank: Bank of America
  • ‘0’ – Zero by default: Reserved for future use
  • ‘MM6205’ – denotes the location of the Bank of America.

How to Find the Bank of America IFSC Code?

You can find the IFSC Code of Bank of America using the following methods:

  • You can contact the customer care number of Bank of America or visit the nearest branch to know the IFSC code.
  • If you know the branch name and address, you can visit the official RBI website and search for the respective IFSC code.
  • The IFSC code can also be found on the cheque books and passbooks issued by the bank. You can find the IFSC code on the first page of the passbook and on the top-left corner of every cheque leaf.


How can I know the branch name of Bank of America?

You can contact Bank of America at their customer care number: 800.432.1000 or visit the bank’s official website. You can also know the branch name by visiting the nearest branch of Bank of America.

What are the IMPS charges by the Bank of America?

The IMPS charged by Bank of America for different amounts is as follows:

  • Up to Rs. 1,00,000: Rs. 5 for every transaction.
  • For Rs. 1,00,001 to Rs. 2,00,000: Rs. 15 for every transaction.

Is the IFSC code the same for all Bank of America?

No, the IFSC code for all Bank of America branches is different. IFSC codes are unique to every branch. You can learn more about your IFSC code by visiting the nearest branch.

How do you find the IFSC code for the Bank of America?

You can easily find the IFSC code for Bank of America on your cheque book, passbook, bank statement or by visiting the Bank of America nearest branch.

What is the bank code of Bank of America?

The first four characters of the IFSC code account for the bank code for Bank of America. In this case the bank code is ‘BOFA’.

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