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IFSC code stands for the Indian Financial System Code. It is an 11-digit alphanumeric number allotted to all bank branches in the country. This code enables the banks to carry out various online transactions with ease. It helps to identify the source branch and destination branch during any NEFT, IMPS or RTGS transactions. 

The first four characters of Kotak Bank IFSC code are alphabets that denote the bank’s code. The fifth character is always a ‘0’, which is reserved for change in case the number of branches increases. The last six characters are usually a combination of digits to represent the branch code.

Kotak Bank IFSC Code Structure

The first four characters of the Kotak Bank IFSC code are ‘KKBK’. These letters are used to denote the bank code. All Kotak Bank IFSC codes start with the same four letters. The last 6 characters of the IFSC code are what makes it truly unique, as they are a combination of 6 digits that represent the branch code. 

For instance, the IFSC code for Kotak Bank, Gurgaon branch is KKBK0000261. Here, KKBK is the bank code that denotes the bank name, and 000261 represents the particular branch code.

How to Find Kotak Bank IFSC Code?

You can easily search the Kotak Bank IFSC code online using the branch name and full address. The official website of the bank also features a detailed list of all their branches’ IFSC codes along with other details. You can also find the IFSC code of any bank (including Kotak) on the Reserve Bank of India website.


Where can I find my Axis Bank IFSC code?

The Axis Bank IFSC code can be found on any passbook or chequebook provided by the bank to account holders. Alternatively, the user can also search for the IFSC code online on the official bank and RBI websites.

Is the IFSC code the same for all Kotak bank branches?

No, every Kotak Bank branch is allotted its own unique 11-digit alphanumeric IFSC code that acts as a unique identifier.

What are the IMPS charges for Kotak Bank?

Kotak bank charges Rs. 2.5 per transaction on amounts below Rs. 10,000. There is a Rs. 5 charge for every transaction between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 10 lakhs. For fund transfers above Rs. 2 lakhs, there is a Rs. 25 charge.

What is the bank code of Kotak Bank?

The bank code for Kotak Bank is the first four characters of the IFSC code format. This means the bank code for Kotak Bank is KKBK.

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