ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds

The ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Fund schemes aim to stimulate the corpus of its investors via fund allocation in equity and equity-related securities. This financial institution offers a variety of schemes, investing in a myriad of medium to large-cap companies to ensure lucrative returns for its investors.

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Investment Objective

The investment of the equity-related schemes of the ICICI Prudential Equity mutual fund is to generate substantial returns for its investors through the equity market. The investor can choose from the various schemes based on the risk involved in the investment. 

Risks Involved in ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds 

Investors inclined to park their investment in ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual fund must meticulously research the returns and performance of the scheme beforehand. As the investment made is not immune to market fluctuations and it is of utmost importance that the investor must be able to absorb the risk in case the market is showcasing volatility. 

Return Potential of ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds 

The ICICI Prudential Equity mutual fund remains one of the popular investment avenues to earn lucrative returns from equities. As the investments are made in the equity market, it compliments the investor's investment objectives with a long-term investment horizon. 

Who Should Invest in ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds?

Investing in the equity market compliments the investors inclined to maintain an attractive risk-to-reward ratio. The investor stands to earn substantial returns as equity-related mutual fund schemes remain the most popular investment avenue to stimulate returns. However, one must meticulously research and evaluate the scheme's performance before investing.  

Things To Consider Before Investing in ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds 

The investor is required to examine the following factors before investing in the ICICI Prudential Equity mutual fund. 

  • Select the scheme whose risk-to-return ratio compliments the investment goals.  
  • Investment in equity mutual funds is suitable for investors with a long-term investment horizon. 

Tax on ICICI Prudential Equity Mutual Funds

The taxes levied on ICICI Prudential Equity mutual fund vary based on the tenure of the investments. If the investor redeems the capital gain on an asset that is less than a year, it would be regarded as a short-term capital gain, and 15% would be levied for the same. If the tenure on the investment exceeds a yearly limit, 10% taxes would be levied on the long-term capital gain.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About ICICI Equity Mutual Funds

How is ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund doing?

The ICICI prudential Mutual offers lucrative investment schemes to cater to the customer base in the country. This renowned financial institution offers lucrative returns to its investors through a wide array of schemes.

Is ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund Safe?

The ICICI prudential mutual fund returns are not immune to market fluctuations and volatility. The investor must meticulously examine the returns and NAV before investing in the fund.

Is it reasonable to invest in equity funds?

The equity mutual fund allows investors to invest in the equity market and earn lucrative returns.

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