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Bandhan Bank Balance Check Number 2023

Bandhan Bank Balance Check Number 2023

Customers must be aware of the activities taking place in their bank account; Bandhan Bank allows its customers to check their account balance and conveniently carry out various account-related activities. There are certain methods like Bandhan bank account balance check numbers, bank application, UPI, passbook, etc., through which a customer can get the required information.

This guide discusses the Bandhan bank balance check number and various other methods to be a knowledgeable bank account holder.

Bandhan Bank Toll-Free Number

Customers can resolve their queries or carry out various activities related to their account with the Bandhan bank balance check toll free numbers made available by the bank. These numbers are mentioned below.

Customer Care Helpline

Helpline Number: 033-4409-9090, 033-6633-3333 and 033-4090-3333

Toll Free Number: 1800-258-8181

Other Numbers

Debit Card Green PIN - 033-6609-6709 and 033-4090-2222

Micro Banking - 033-6826-5200 

Head office - 033-6609-0909

Different Methods of Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry in 2023

Bandhan Bank understands the grave necessity of being aware of one’s bank account balance. To save their customers from the hassle of visiting a bank branch for the smallest of tasks, they have invented various methods to carry out basic account-related activities from the comfort of one’s home. These methods are explained below.

Through ATM

Automated Teller Machine (ATM) can be accessed if a customer has an ATM card and PIN. The following steps must be followed to get the desired information.

  • Visit the nearest Bandhan Bank ATM.
  • Insert your debit card and enter your PIN
  • Choose the desired option among the ones displayed on the screen
  • The machine will display your result

Through Net Banking

Net banking is one facility that allows a customer to carry out transactions, check their balance, display account statements and file a complaint, among others, from the comfort of their home. To check the balance of Bandhan Bank’s account, the following steps must be followed.

  • Visit the website of the Bandhan Bank
  • Log in using your ID and password
  • The homepage will display your account balance and various other information.

It must be remembered that a customer must be registered for the internet banking service; otherwise, they will not be able to avail of this service.

Bandhan Bank Missed Call Banking

For those who find themselves at a loss of internet and can not step, Bandhan bank has provided the facility of checking the balance through missed calls. The Bandhan bank missed call balance check number is 9223008666. You will receive an SMS on the registered mobile number displaying your account balance.

Through Passbook

The bank updates and prints all the transactions made in an account. To check the account balance, a customer must get their passbooks updated. The last printed page consists of your account balance and the transaction details.

Though Mobile Banking App

The mobile banking app of Bandhan Bank is available to android and IOS users on their respective app stores under the name - mBandhan. It is one of the most efficient ways to carry out every banking need. To check the balance, the following steps must be followed.

  • Instal the mBandhan app from the app store
  • Log in using your credentials
  • On the home screen, go for the ‘Check Balance’ option
  • The screen will display your account number and balance

Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry through USSD

The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) channel is a service offered by Bandhan bank to its customers where they can simply dial *99# and carry out requests like sending or receiving money, checking account balance, setting or changing UPI PIN, getting mini statement, check and pending UPI transactions and manage other account-related activities.

Bandhan Bank SMS Banking

The SMS banking facility of Bandhan bank allows a customer to register or de-register their mobile number, check their account balance, get a mini statement, request chequebook, stop a cheque, set an account as prime, and activate or deactivate UPI ID. To inquire about the account balance, type the text ‘BAL <Account number>’ and send it to Bandhan bank balance check phone number, that is, 9223011000.

Bandhan Bank Balance Check through UPI

Bandhan Bank’s account balance can be checked through Unified Payments Interface or UPI. The following steps must be followed.

  • Launch the application supporting UPI on your phone
  • Log in using your credentials
  • Select the account you wish to know the balance of
  • Once the account number is selected, click on the ‘check balance’ option
  • Enter the PIN for verification and proceed
  • The balance will be displayed on the screen, once, you have successfully added the barcode.


How is Bandhan Bank Balance Check Useful?

Bandhan Bank balance check is useful as it allows you to check your account balance and get statements. This helps in further planning the utilisation of resources.

How can I get my account statement online from Bandhan Bank?

You must log in to your net banking account with Bandhan Bank and check your account statement on the homepage.

How can I check my Bandhan Bank account balance on my mobile phone?

You can give a missed call at 9223008666 or SMS ‘BAL<Account Number>’ and send it to 9223011000 to check your account balance.

What is Bandhan Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-free number?

Bandhan Bank toll free number for enquiry purposes is 1800-258-8181.

How to know my Bandhan Bank account balance through internet banking?

To know your Bandhan Bank account balance through internet banking, begin by logging in to your net banking account using your ID and password and then choose the ‘check balance’ option on the homepage.

How can I check my Bandhan Bank's last 5 transactions using my mobile phone?

To check Bandhan Bank’s last 5 transactions using your mobile phone, just contact customer service at 1800-258-8181.

How to get a mini statement in Bandhan Bank?

To get the mini statement in Bandhan Bank, you can either log in to your net banking account, give a missed call, check your passbook, send an SMS or use the mobile banking app.