A quick and constant learner, Akhil can bring off any niche in demand with his expertise in simplifying complex. He believes in focusing on what's missing rather than adoring what's in his bag. When he is not busy typing away, he likes to watch his favourite football team, Arsenal! Being a lifelong Michael Jordan fan, he hopes to achieve the dream of meeting his idol one day. Currently, he is a master of finances with Urban Money.


27 Stories by Author: Akhil

  • CIBIL Dispute : Types, Process to Raise CIBIL Dispute and Its Resolution

    Sometimes, we fail to make on-time repayments and have bad credit scores because of our poor credit behaviour. But, the possibilities are we end up having a bad CIBIL score because of someone else. Sounds perplexing? Well, yes, this can be a situation too. You signed as a guarantor for your friend, and they defaulted on payments. As a result,…...
  • A Definitive Guide to Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)

    The economy of every country majorly depends on banks and hence, each country has a monetary authority that regulates how banks operate. In India, we have the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) as our principal monetary regulator operating at a national level. But the question is - how does this relate to the Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR)?One of the primary…...
  • RBI Repo Rate 2022 Hike For the Fourth Consecutive Time

    The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) increased the Repo Rate by 50 basis points, making it clock at 5.90%. In the previous five months, interest rates rose by 190 basis points, making this the fourth consecutive increase in the Repo Rate 2022.The Central Bank lifted rates on May 4, 2022, after keeping key lending rates at the same level for…...
  • Unsecured Business Loan - Eligibility, Documents & Interest Rates

    What is an Unsecured Business Loan?An unsecured Business loan is the type of loan granted to an applicant from a bank or financial institution without any pledged collateral. These business loans are availed by startups to manage business flow operations. An unsecured business loan provides financial assistance to the businesses that don’t own assets to pledge as collateral and require funds…...
  • Top Home Loans in India

    Read the given below list of banks that offer the best housing loans in India along with their interest rates and processing charges. This home loan bank list can guide you toward choosing the best bank for housing loans.BanksRate of Interest (p.a)Processing ChargesKotak Mahindra Bank7.00% to 7.60%0.50%Citibank6.75%Rs. 10,000Union Bank of India6.90%NABank of Baroda6.90% to 8.25%Contact the bank for informationCentral Bank…...
  • How Balance Transfer Affects Your Credit Score

    If you think that just owning multiple credit cards and juggling multiple payments can help you improve your credit score, then, it's time for you to know the facts right. A balance transfer is quite an effective way to meet your debt repayment goals. It allows you to make low-interest monthly payments to pay down your liabilities more swiftly. Now,…...
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