10 Common Problems With Aadhaar Card And Their Fixes

10 Common Problems With Aadhaar Card And Their Fixes

Aadhaar is designed to simplify access to government services and benefits, eliminate intermediaries, and plug leaks in government programs. UIDAI is dedicated to providing end users with the best Aadhaar services. Still, there are a few problems with aadhaar that make it less efficient than it could be.

A "grievance redressal system" has been set up by the UIDAI to address the common problems with Aadhaar Card faced by Indian residents, such as incorrect information updates, difficulty enrolling, etc.

Top 10 Common Problems with Aadhaar Card

The Aadhaar system has been positioned to improve welfare program efficiency by reducing corruption and enhancing inclusion since its inception. Aadhaar's technologies have significant issues, but it is difficult to discern their magnitude because the government is not forthcoming with their data.

1. Biometric Authentication

One of the most common problems with Aadhaar Card is the biometric authentication. When it comes to security, biometric technology is one of the more modern solutions. Fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, and facial recognition software are only a few that come to mind. Biometric authentication is a more secure alternative to traditional methods like passwords and PINs. 

In spite of the fact that biometric authentication allows for immediate and paperless identity verification, the accuracy of the authentication isn't 100%. In the event of high levels of inaccuracy, an individual might end up searching the Aadhaar database.

2. Accountability

The Aadhaar card is an essential tool for promoting accountability in the delivery of government services. The linking of the Aadhaar card to the individual's biometric data ensures that only the rightful owner of the card can access the benefits associated with it. This helps to prevent problems with Aadhaar Card and corruption and ensures that government services are delivered efficiently and effectively.

There is, however, no clear documentation of the errors encountered during authentication. Errors can be significantly reduced by tracking and documenting them properly. In addition, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of OTP generation, server issues, biometric authentication, and demographic authentication.

3. Protection of Data and Information

An Aadhaar card contains many sensitive details such as biometrics, personal information, etc. It is therefore imperative that this data and information is adequately protected from unauthorized access and misuse. 

Many problems with Aadhaar Card have been reported of personal information being compromised and leaked. Aadhaar-linked bank accounts were even susceptible to hacking. Encrypting data and information in Aadhaar cards, and storing it in secure databases, are some measures that can be taken to secure Aadhaar cards.

 4. Errors: Misprints, Spelling Mistakes, And Typos

It is common to see basic problems with Aadhaar Card like spelling mistakes, and typographical errors on identity cards. As a result, cardholders and executives are plagued with a lot of hassle and confusion.

In order to correct certain errors, individuals will need to take adequate time away from their routine, and apply to make the changes online or at the nearest Aadhaar centre.

5. Delivery Issues

Incomplete addresses and address errors are one of the common errors in the case of Aadhar cards. There is no guarantee that an individual will receive their Aadhaar card after application.

A lot of times, it has been observed that even after providing the address, there is no proper communication regarding when or where to receive the Aadhaar Card. Moreover, the delivery and distribution itself are pretty questionable. The reasons for this could be a refused form, delayed delivery escalating to bad delivery service or even item loss, unavailability of delivery service, etc.

The simple solution to this problem with Aadhaar cards is downloading an e-aadhaar card from the official website of UIDAI so that it can be printed later on from any stationery shops offering the service Aadhaar card printing services with proper lamination.

6. Linking PAN with Aadhaar

PAN (Permanent Account Number) accounts must be linked with Aadhaar in order to file and pay tax returns in India. A number of cases of name mismatch have been reported. There is a major difference between a PAN card and an Aadhaar card because of the different name formats. 

The demographic information on an individual's PAN and Aadhaar must match. In the case of a minor name mismatch, the link will fail as a prompt will be displayed to modify the name in the database. To resolve the issue, one must go through the paperwork, and make any necessary changes.

7. Lack of Security

Concerns about the lack of security surrounding the Aadhaar data have been raised.It was reported that the personal data of over 1 billion Aadhaar holders, including names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses, had been leaked from government servers. This has led to worries about the potential for identity theft and other misuses of the data.

The government has maintained that the data is safe and that there is no need to panic. However, the concerns remain, and it is crucial to be aware of the risks involved in sharing your Aadhaar data.

8. Gender/Photo Mismatch

There have been problems with Aadhaar Card of people receiving Aadhaar cards with mismatched gender/ photos. This can cause many problems for the person, as they will not be able to use their Aadhaar card for various purposes.

The solution to this problem with an Aadhaar card, as suggested by UIDAI, is to update the biometrics every 5 or 10 years.

9. Age-Photo Mismatch

This occurs when the photograph on the Aadhaar card does not match the cardholder's age. For example, if a person is 20 years old, but the photograph on their Aadhaar card is of a child, this would be considered an age-photo mismatch.

This issue can cause problems for the cardholder, leading to the card being rejected as proof of identity. Sometimes, it can also lead to the cardholder being misidentified as someone else.

The best way to avoid this issue is to ensure that the photograph on your Aadhaar card accurately represents your current appearance if you have changed significantly since the picture.

10. Address Error

Incomplete addresses are difficult to spot by an agency or authority. Service delivery or identity authentication may not be impacted by an incorrect address. An incorrect address will receive the Aadhaar card but with no impact.

In case your Aadhaar card contains an address error, you can correct it at an Aadhaar center. To get the correction done, you will need to provide your biometric information and proof of identity.

FAQ's About Common Glitches with Aaadhaar Card

What are the technical reasons for rejection of an Aadhaar card?

Problems with Aadhaar Card in Aadhaar card includes biometric errors, leakage of personal information, misprints, and address errors.

How can I solve my Aadhar card problem?

You can solve any Aadhaar Card problems by visiting the nearest Aadhaar Sewa Kendra.

What is Aadhaar suspended?

An Aadhaar card can be suspended if there is more than one Aadhaar issued under the same name or due to discrepancies in biometric information.

What if my fingerprints are rejected in the Aadhar card?

If biometric authentication fails repeatedly over a period of time, residents may approach an Aadhaar updation center and get their biometrics updated with UIDAI.

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