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Hepson Franklin
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Amit Prakash Singh
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Bank of India has come a long way since its launch in 1906. The bank values employees just like its clients. Therefore, it provides them with an effective management system named; the Bank of India Human Resource Management System or BOI HRMS. The portal caters to the employees and provides them with the required information. The BOI HRMS portal can perform the following tasks – checking pensions details, downloading salary slips online, salary details, provident fund, holiday calendar, etc. An employee can improve their performance through the BOI staff portal HRMS login.

Let us explore the various aspects of the BOI HRMS portal and how to log in.

BOI HRMS Services

The purpose of the HRMS BOI staff portal is to assist employees and pensioners achieve personal and professional goals by accessing the following services. 

  • Workforce administration
  • People tools
  • Worklist
  • Self-service
  • Bank’s custom setup
  • Enterprise learning management
  • Global payroll & absence management
  • Reporting tools

BOI HRMS Features

The BOI staff HRMS portal is a personnel management system with extensive features to ease the life of the staff. The features of BOI HRMS are as follows:

  • HRMS BOI login allows employees to apply for leaves and their approval hassle-free. It eliminates the need to send mail.
  • An employee needs to log in to the BOI HRMS portal to check the balance of leaves.
  • It allows an employee to check the list of holidays in the bank so they can plan their vacations accordingly.
  • The reimbursement feature allows the employees to reimburse expenses like food or travel.
  • It gives full access to an employee’s account balance information.
  • You can check and view salary information from the joining year itself.

How to Register for BOI HRMS?

The Bank of India has made it convenient for employees to register themselves on the HRMS BOI staff portal. To avail of the services provided by the portal, the employee is required to mention the following details in a mail and send it to the email ID – Feedback[dot]boialumni@bankofindia[dot]co[dot]in

  • First name, middle name (if any) and last name
  • Birth date
  • Date of Joining
  • Retirement date
  • Designation
  • PF Number
  • Email address
  • Information about the previous posting

Once the employee is successfully registered, they will receive a confirmation mail and their User ID and password.


The BOI staff portal HRMS login is available to all the bank employees who have registered themselves on the portal. The bank personnel can follow the below-mentioned steps to log in to their BOI HRMS account.

  • Visit the official website of the BOI staff HRMS
  • A dialogue box asking log in details will be displayed on the homepage of the portal
  • Enter your correct User ID and password and click on ‘Login’.
  • Congratulations! Your BOI staff portal HRMS login is successful.

How to Download Bank of India HRMS Salary Slip?

Viewing salary information and downloading the salary slips are among the many services offered by the BOI HRMS portal. An employee can avoid a visit to the bank’s accounts team and download their salary slips from the BOI HRMS portal by adhering to the following steps:

  • Visit the official BOI staff HRMS portal and log in using your ID and password
  • Locate the ‘Main Menu’ link on the dashboard and click on the ‘Self-service’ option
  • Select the ‘View my payslip’ option
  • You will be redirected to a new page where you will select the month and the year of the salary slip you want to download. Once selected, click on the ‘Search’ option
  • The BOI HRMS portal will view the pay slip and offer various formats to download the slip
  • The portal will display your payslip in the desired format. Proceed by selecting the ‘Yes’ option
  • Select the ‘Run report’ button to generate the salary slip
  • The portal will provide you with a link to save the pay slip. Click on it
  • Your desired pay slip will be downloaded

How to Reset the BOI HRMS Staff Password?

The need to reset a password may arise if you wish to change or cannot remember the existing password. Following the below-mentioned steps, an employee can recover the BOI HRMS forgotten password.

  • Visit and log in to the official website of the BOI HRMS
  • Locate the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the homepage
  • The new page displayed will ask you to enter your employee ID and answer a question. Click on ‘Submit’ once satisfied with your answer.
  • Upon successful verification of the data entered by you, the portal will allow you to enter a new password and ask you to confirm the password entered. Proceed by clicking on the ‘Submit’ option
  • The HRMS BOI staff portal will reset your password successfully.  

What Benefits Does BOI HRMS Provide?

The BOI HRMS portal provides numerous benefits to bank employees and pensioners. It makes personnel management convenient, and personnel enjoy the following benefits:

  • The primary benefit of utilising the BOI HRMS staff portal new is Employee Self-Service or ESS. You can choose from several alternatives under this function, including requesting leaves of absence, downloading pay stubs, and maintaining regular attendance.
  • You may learn more about the global payroll that the Bank of India issued. You may keep yourself informed in this manner. Not only that, but when you log into your account, the dashboard offers information, policy updates, and other crucial items. You can remain abreast of the most recent news and policy changes in this way.
  • If you are a retired worker or employee, you can check your pension status online without getting up from your couch. Senior individuals or employees who are unable to visit the actual location will find this function quite beneficial.


We believe you would be well-educated about the one-stop solution for all employee-related queries, the BOI HRMS portal . Save your time by carrying out the required activities in a few clicks. We hope we have guided you enough to avoid a trip to the bank’s accountant.

FAQ's About BOI HRMS Portal

Can I download last year's pay slip from BOI HRMS?

Yes, you can download last year’s pay slip from BOI HRMS. The portal saves one year of the pay slips. If you need a slip further down the time, you will have to visit the branch’s accountant.

Does a new employee in BOI have to create their ID?

A new employee will be provided with an ID at the time of joining to access the BOI HRMS portal. You may refer to the section ‘How to Register for BOI HRMS’ for more information.

What is the difference between HRIS and HRMS?

The sophisticated tools, HRIS and HRMS systems are a key distinction. While HRIS is more fundamental, delivering features like payroll and attendance, HRMS expands those features by providing features like reporting and performance management.

BOI HRMS forgot the password what to do?

You must click on ‘Forgot Password’ on the BOI HRMS homepage and answer a security question to change your password. For more information read the ‘How to reset the BOI HRMS password’ section.