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PNB HRMS Parivar Portal

Human resource management systems or HRMS are the most important tools for staff members and the general public. Take PNB Parivar HRMS, for instance, which has been made available by Punjab National Bank to access various self-service options. Punjab National Bank is one of the biggest banks in the country and has a vast network of branches and distribution systems. It is precisely why the bank has implemented this system to serve the overwhelming number. In this blog, we will go over a few details of the PNB HRMS portal, such as services that can be accessed, how to register, and how to reset your login password.

What is PNB HRMS?

The PNB Parivar-HRMS was introduced in 2006 as the main prerequisite for payroll processing and other salary functions for bank employees. In addition to providing niche facilities through centralised salary processing and employee record management, it also provides a variety of services. Some of the main functions of this package are Attendance, HR management, Performance Appraisal, Training Management, Employee Selection, and Promotion Process. The payroll software effectively automates the payroll process by gathering data about the employee and generating the pay reports.

Services Offered by PNB Parivar

The PNB Parivar system offers an array of services to the employees of Punjab National Bank. It acts as a centralised system for employee data keeping, payroll processing, and record maintenance. Given below are some of the other services offered by this system:

  • Performance review and appraisal
  • Attendance management 
  • HR Management Information System
  • Training Management
  • Employee shortlisting and promotion process
  • Employee self-service portal
  • Absence and leave management

What are the Benefits of PNB HRMS?

The HRMS system allows the employee to access several services. Given below are some of the benefits of this initiative launched by Punjab National Bank:

  • Salary Slip: The portal enables the user to check and track the salary slip every month. The user can also download a PDF version of the document or take a printout of the same
  • Pension Slip: If you are a retired Punjab National Bank employee, you can access various post-retirement-related services on the portal. You can also check, download, or print your pension slip
  • Loan and Advance Status: The user can check the availability of a loan or the status of your advance on this portal. The employee can also use this portal to apply for any loan. If the user is a borrower already, they can use this portal to check their pending EMIs and other loan details. 
  • Bank Holiday List: The HRMS portal contains a list of bank holidays accessed by the employees. This way employees can plan their leaves according to the available holidays.

How to Register for PNB HRMS?

Any present or ex-employee of Punjab national bank can register to the PNB HRMS system using the login credentials provided to them. The credentials are provided to the employee during the time of joining. If you do not have the login credentials, you are required to contact the branch manager. The user will be required to submit details like job information, registered mobile number, email ID, and any other supporting documents that may be required. The management will verify the documents and details and provide you with new login credentials to register for PNB HRMS.

PNB HRMS 2.0 Login

Since the PNB HRMS portal is a new implementation in the banking structure, the general public is still unsure how to access the portal. Given below is the step-by-step process to login into the PNB HRMS portal:

Step 1: Visit the official portal for PNB HRMS 2.0 and click on the hyperlink on the homepage to be redirected to the login portal.

Step 2: On the main page of the PNB Parivar Portal, you will see several options on the main menu. Click on the ‘HRMS’ option on the right side of the page. Click on the link to proceed further.

Step 3: This will redirect you to a new webpage where you can view the login page and no other option.

Step 4: Enter the User ID and login password provided by Punjab National Bank. Verify the security captcha and click on the ‘Sign in’ button. That’s all you need to do to access all the services offered by the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal.

Step 5: If you have forgotten your password, you can always reset it. Submit your email ID and the mobile number registered with the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal.

How to Reset PNB Parivar Password?

Given below are step-by-step instructions to reset your login password for the PNB HRMS portal:

Step 1: Visit the official portal for Punjab National Bank HRMS.

Step 2: you will be able to view several options on the homepage like circular, notice, HRMS, and other login tabs.

Step 3: Click the “Click here for HRMS login” option.

Step 4: This will redirect you to a login page. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ button.

Step 5: This will redirect you to a page where you enter your email address and the mobile number registered with the PNB HRMS 2.0 portal.

Step 6: The system will send an auto-generated link to your official email address, which you can use to create a new password.

Step 7: Enter the password twice to confirm it and proceed.

Step 8: You can now use the password to log in to the Punjab National Bank Parivar HRMS portal.

PNB HRMS Website Contact Details

Given below are the contact details of the PNB HRMS website, which you can use if you have any doubts or queries:

Address Punjab National Bank Head Office- Human Resources Management Division PNB Corporate Office, Plot No.4, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075
Contact Number 011-28075196/97


The PNB HRMS portal acts as a one-stop portal for employees to access numerous details and carry out various self-service tasks without physically visiting a branch. Hopefully, this article helps you understand how to log in and use the services and features of this portal to your advantage.


How to download PNB HRMS 2.0 App?

You can download the PNB HRMS 2.0 App on your Android or IoS device by going to the respective app store and searching for ‘PNB Parivar’ Select the app from the list and click on ‘Install’. Once the download has finished, you can open the application and access all the services.

How to reset my PNB HRMS password?

To reset the PNB HRMS website, you need to navigate to the login page for the system. Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Enter your email address and registered phone number, and a link to generate a new password will be sent to your official email address.

How to check salary slips on the PNB HRMS portal?

You can check your PNB pay slip by logging into your PNB HRMS account. Click on the “Employee Self Service.” option and then click on the “Salary & TDS related details” from the resulting drop-down menu. On the next page, click on the “PNB Salary Slip” option. Enter your employee ID, and you will be able to view the salary slips.