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PAN AIN Registration - The Code to Fill Form 24G

PAN AIN Registration - The Code to Fill Form 24G

Form 24G is an important document required to be filed by the Account Offices (AOs) when they have made the payment to the Central Government without generating a challan first. However, filling out this form requires an Account Office Identification Number (AIN). This seven-digit code is mandatory for the PAO / CDDO / DTO or an equivalent office or AO. If an officer finds themselves without the AIN number registration, they can do so online and offline.

Having gotten a brief introduction to the PAN AIN number, read this guide to get a better understanding of what is AIN number and how the PAN AIN number registration is done.

What is PAN AIN Registration?

AIN full form - Account Office Identification Number is a seven-digit numerical code allotted to each Account Office or AO. It must be noted that no two offices can have the same AIN number. This NSDL AIN number is issued by the Directorate of the Income Tax System, Delhi, and it is mandatory for each AO to own one. If an AO finds themselves unregistered, they will encounter issues while submitting Form 24G to the Income Tax Department. Once they have completed all the steps of AIN number registration, the offices can access their account using their User ID and password.

How to Register for PAN AIN?

The Account Office (AO) is a government organisation comprising the District Treasury Office, Pay and Accounts Office, District, and Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office. It is mandatory for an AO to possess a PAN AIN number to fill out Form 24G successfully. One can do the AIN number registration either online or offline in case they do not have one.

To register for the NSDL AIN number online, one must visit the official portal of the TIN NSDL. To do the same offline, you can download the AIN full form from the same website and visit the nearest Income Tax Department office. Upon successful allotment of the PAN AIN number, the CDDO/PAO/DTO will inform you through an email or letter mentioned on the form.

Steps for Online PAN AIN Registration

The Income Tax Department of India has made it highly convenient for people to file taxes and carry out various tax-related activities. Where there is offline mode always available, the department has utilised technology and has extended the services like PAN AIN number registration, AIN number search, and AIN status check. The below-mentioned steps must be followed to navigate through these.

  • Visit the official portal of the TIN NSDL
  • On the top of the homepage, locate the ‘Services’ menu
  • Select the ‘Online AIN Registration’ option from the drop-down menu
  • The new page will display the overview of the PAN AIN number. Opt for the ‘Steps to Register’ option available on the left side of the page
  • The very first step highlights a link. Click the ‘click here’ option for the AIN number registration form.
  • Fill out the required fields of the form, like the details of the PAO/DTO/CDDO (AO), contact details, account details, and accepted FOrm 24G.
  • Once you agree with the information entered by you, proceed by clicking on the ‘Submit’ option.
  • The new screen will require you to confirm the details. If you are sure about the data entered by you, click on the ‘Continue; button.
  • The TIN NSDL website will verify the information provided by you. Upon successful verification, you will be allotted a 12-digit number which can be used to do the AIN status check.

Information for AIN Registration Form

Account offices are required to fill out a form when applying for AIN. This form is available on the TIN NSDL website, as mentioned in the previous section. It comes in handy to be aware of the information they will be required to enter to avoid any last-minute hassles. The form asks for the following pieces of information.

Details About Account Office

  • TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number)
  • AIN number
  • AO category
  • Name of Account Office
  • Name of the Ministry
  • Name of the sub-ministry
  • State
  • PAO code
  • Name of department
  • Registration number of PAO

Contact Information of AO

  • Building name
  • Door or flat number
  • Name of road/street
  • Post office
  • Area or locality
  • City/Town/District
  • Pin code
  • State
  • Telephone number
  • Name and designation of responsible individual
  • Email ID

Details about Accepted Form 24G

  • Provisional receipt number
  • Provisional receipt date
  • The total amount of TCS or TDS deposited to the government
  • Count of DDO

Details of AIN account

  • User ID
  • Password
  • Security question and its answer

Offline Registration of PAN AIN

The Income Tax Department has physical facilities to help people continue their work in the absence of the Internet. The steps to be followed when applying for AIN offline are given below.

  • Pay a visit to the Income Tax Department.
  • Ask a representative to provide you with an application form. You can also download the AIN full form from the official website of the IT department.
  • Fill out the correct details in the form, self-attest it, and submit them to the jurisdictional CIT.
  • Once the form is verified, the CIT will pass your application to the NSDL.
  • Once the application is received and verified by the NSDL, it will provide you with an AIN number.
  • Upon successful allotment of the NSDL AIN number, the PAO/CDDO/DTO will contact you through email or letter.

Final Word

To file Form 24G, each AO has an Account Identification Number with the authorised TDS office. However, in accordance with the Indian Income Tax Department Notification from 2010, in order to submit the TDS statement in Form 24G, one must provide information about the Pay and Accounts Office (PAO), Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO), and District Treasury Office (DTO) each month. This increases the need for the NSDL AIN number for Form 24G.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is an AIN form?

An AIN form is required to be filled out to register oneself for the Account Information Number. The number helps in filling the Form 24G.

What is the full form of AIN in tax?

The full form of AIN in tax is Account Information Number.

What is the meaning of the AIN number?

AIN is a seven-digit code unique to every account office. It is required to fill out Form 24G. Follow our guide to know more.

How can I register TIN in NSDL?

To register the TIN in NSDL, one must visit its official website.