How to Link your LIC Policy with PAN Card

How to Link your LIC Policy with PAN Card
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Life Insurance Company is one of the renowned brands in the insurance industry. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, this insurance company is wholly managed by the Government of India. Adhering to the latest guidelines issued by the Securities and Exchange Board of India, LIC has made it mandatory for customers to facilitate the LIC PAN Card link process to save them from any future hassle. LIC has asked its customers to perform the LIC PAN Card link at the earliest against Draft Red Herring.

The piece provides a detailed account of the PAN Card link with  LIC policy and its advantages.

How to Link PAN Card with LIC Policy

If an individual doubts how to link PAN Card with a LIC policy. They can implement the below-mentioned steps to conclude the process conveniently:

NOTE:- Before logging into your account, you must have documents such as the PAN Card and LIC Policy papers. You are then required to enter the registered mobile number on which you’ll receive the OTP. After successfully mentioning the OTP, the form submission will conclude, and a message will be featured on the screen verifying the completion of the process. After successful completion, you should perform the following steps to conclude the process:

Steps for Linking LIC Policy with Pan Card

STEP 1: Login on the official website of LIC India.

STEP 2: After a successful login, click Home Tab and select Online PAN Registration.

STEP 3: Now enter your date of birth as mentioned in the PAN Card.

STEP 4: You must also mention your Gender and Email ID in the respective fields.

STEP 5: Now, enter your PAN number and full name per the PAN Card.

STEP 6: After successfully mentioning the details above, enter the mobile number and Policy Number and click on Add Policy.

STEP 7: Now, click on the tickbox of the disclaimer mentioned below the page.

STEP 8: Enter the Captcha and select the get OTP button.

After performing the steps mentioned above, your PAN Card will be successfully linked with LIC Policy, and you will receive a confirmation message on your registered mobile number.

LIC Policy PAN Link: How to Check Online

The applicant can implement the following steps to check whether they have successfully linked their PAN with their LIC Policy.

STEP 1: Firstly, log in to the official website of LIC India and navigate towards the UID Seeding WebApp option and select the Get Policy PAN Status.

STEP 2: You’ll be redirected to a page where you have to mention your Policy Number, date of birth, and PAN number.

STEP 3: Write the captcha mentioned on the page and click on the Submit button.

The pop-up message will verify the successful registration if your PAN Card is linked with LIC Policy.

Advantage of Pan Card LIC Link

  • The main advantage of completing the LIC PAN Card Link is to provide the LIC policyholders an assurance that ensures good returns on investment schemes and complete security on insurance coverage.

  • Another cherry on the cake is that it becomes easy for you to file an ITR when the LIC link PAN Card is successfully completed. 
  • Successfully facilitating the interlinking process makes investing in a LIC IPO easier.


From the above information, we can conclude that SEBI has now made it mandatory for all policyholders to link their LIC policy with their PAN Card through various offline and online avenues established. This mandate will make the filing of ITRs easy for the individuals along with the investment in the LIC IPO. 

So, do link your PAN Card with your LIC Policy and get yourself saved from any last-minute hassle. 

FAQ's About Pan Card LIC link

Can I link the LIC policy with PAN?

Yes, you can link your PAN Card with the LIC Policy by visiting the official website of LIC India through OTP-Based registration. 

Is the LIC PAN Link date Extended?

The date of the LIC PAN link was extended till March 2022, which was earlier fixed on or before February 28, 2022.

How can I update my PAN for LIC IPO?

You can update your PAN Card for LIC IPO by either visiting the LIC office branch or logging into the official website of LIC India, where you are required to enter the PAN number, LIC policy number, mobile number, date of birth, captcha and then submit and your PAN will be updated with LIC.

How long does it take to link PAN with LIC?

It takes minimal time as the process is simple and requires very few documents.

Is PAN required for LIC IPO?

Yes, as per the guidelines of SEBI, it is now mandatory to have a PAN Card if you want to invest in the LIC IPO, and their interlinking has been mandated as per the latest updates.