Aadhaar UCL Registration : How to Check Status and Download Software

Aadhaar UCL Registration : How to Check Status and Download Software

Wondering what Aadhaar UCL Registration is? Aadhaar UCL is an Aadhaar demographic update software pertaining to CSC. In UCL Registration, all the major work is carried through by the holder’s fingerprints, thus eliminating the requirement of the OTP. The Aadhaar data via this means can be updated using the Aadhaar UCL software without needing an OTP or your registered mobile number. To know more about Aadhaar UCL Registration, keep on reading!   

CSC Aadhaar UCL Registration

Aadhaar demographic updating software from CSC is also known as UCL. For Aadhar UCL Registration, an OTP is not required because all work is done with fingerprints alone. Without an OTP or a registered mobile number, Aadhaar data can be changed using the UCL Aadhaar.

Simply put, since many people do not have their registered mobile number in Aadhaar,  they do not get the OTP and thus aren’t able to update their Aadhaar card with information such as name change updates, change in address, mobile number, etc. However, now with the assistance of the UCL software, one can update their Aadhaar card without the OTP, using the cardholder’s fingerprint. 

Aadhaar UCL Highlights

Software Name Aadhaar UCL
UCL Full Form Update Client Lite
Used For Demographic Details Update for Aadhaar card Holders
Developed by UIDAI
Benefit of Service People can update Aadhaar Demographic Through Nearest CSC Center
Official website eseva.csccloud.in
Toll Free Number 1800-121-3468
Email helpdesk@csc.gov.in

How to Register for Aadhaar UCL Online?

All you need to do for this is register for Aadhaar UCL. The steps mentioned below explain the process of online registration: 

  1. Visit the official Aadhaar UCL registration page
  2. On the home page, select the ‘Digital Seva Connect’ tab. 

  3. In the corresponding columns, enter your CSC ID and password. 

  4. The Aadhaar UCL Registration page will now appear once you have logged into the Jan Seva Portal.
  5. Select the “Proceed” tab.
  6. An Aadhaar UCL registration form will be open, and you’ll need to fill it out with information like your VLE name, VLE CSC ID, VLE Bank BC Code, and more.
  7. To complete the application process, click the submit button.

Note: Be sure to check the boxes on the UCL Aadhaar registration form carefully, and ONLY select yes. The form will be returned if the other options are selected. Therefore, it is advised to proceed slowly to ensure a smooth operation.

Eligibility of CSC Aadhar Center for Aadhaar UCL Registration

To get the Aadhaar UCL Registration for CSC Aadhar center, you have to fulfill some of the necessary requirements given below:

  • VLE Bank BC Code & Name of Bank Issuing VLE BC Code
  • Aadhaar NSEIT Operator/Supervisor Certificate
  • Operator/Supervisor Police Verification (Not More Than 3 Months Old)
  • Operator/Supervisor eAadhaar
  • CSC Centre Having the Space of Waiting Area of at least Sitting of 5 Citizens
  • CCTV Camera
  • Availability Of RAMP And Wheelchair for Divyang Costumer
  • Broadband And Internet Connection Availability
  • Token System/Machine
  • Toilet Facility Availability at The Centre

Aadhaar UCL Software Requirements 

To work with the UCL Aadhaar Software, you will need the following requirements:  

  • Laptop With Genuine Windows 7/8/10 32/64-Bit Sp1 & USB Hub
  • Colour Multifunction Printer
  • Single Fingerprint Scan Device
  • Single IRIS Scan Device
  • Core I3 Processor
  • 3GB RAM
  • Minimum 2Ghz
  • Digital Camera (Logitec C310 Or 525)
  • Document Scanner

CSC Aadhaar UCL Registration Form 

Suppose you wish to complete Aadhaar work through CSC and register for Aadhaar UCL. In that case, you must download the CSC UCL Consent Form, print it, fill out the application, and submit it to CSC Aadhaar UCL Software Registration Eligibility. 

You must correctly complete the UCL Consent Form; otherwise, your form will be cancelled. Also, remember that the supervisor’s signature and the person in the photo must both be on the form. All individuals can download and print the UCL Consent Form using the link below.

Aadhaar UCL Registration Form

How To Install Aadhaar UCL Software 

Follow the instructions mentioned below to install Aadhaar UCL Software- 

  • Setup MSP UCL Software Full procedure.
  • Select Next, followed by Next Full Setup.
  • Create an admin panel account with a supervisor or operator ID (Password Should Be 12345)
  • Log into ECA, choose Database Management, and import files (ECM is required to log in and import all of the databases)
  1. The master data zip format must be imported.
  2. Additionally, registered data must be imported in zip format.
  3. Additionally, directory data will need to be imported in zip format.
  • Enter District Manager under “Customer Identification” in the ECA and provide details.
  1. Name of the Registrar -206- CSC e-Governance Services Limited
  2. EA Name: 206 – CSC e-Governance Services Limited
  3. Station ID (Contact District Manager)
  4. Customer Location – Enter PIN code.
  • To download and import Import Registrar Certificate, click.

CSC Aadhaar UCL Registration Centre

The Aadhar Seva Kendra, also known as Aadhaar Centers, are the actual locations where all physical transactions involving the Aadhaar card and its upgrades must be made. You can enter the centre to turn in your VLE registration form if you’re also interested in the Aadhaar UCL Registration process. To comprehend how the CSC UCL registration works, assistance is also available. Each Indian city has a CSC Aadhaar UCL registration facility. It is typically good to select a nearby centre to avoid difficulties if frequent processing visits are required.

What is the Aadhaar UCL Helpline Number?

For all individuals requesting Aadhaar UCL Service, CSC Delhi Office has established a Specialised Help Desk.

You can dial 011- 49754955 to make a direct call. 

Aadhaar UCL Helpline Number

How to Download Aadhaar UCL Software? 

To download the Aadhaar UCL software, click on the link provided below, and you’ll get the most recent version of CSC Aadhaar UCL software.

Download Aadhaar UCL Software

CSC Aadhaar UCL Registration Status

It is always advisable to monitor your Aadhaar UCL Registration Status application to find out whether it was approved or denied. No specific notification is given to the applicant in case of a rejection. You won’t be able to track the status even after rejection. Try to check the form at least once before submitting it. Make sure your status reads “form submitted”. Otherwise, the form may occasionally be marked as pending due to internet problems, leading the applicant to believe it has been submitted. On the same website, after the application has been submitted, you may check on registration updates. One can also physically visit the Aadhaar centres for assistance or other information.

FAQ's About Aadhar UCL Registration

What does UCL mean in Aadhaar?

Update Lite Client is what the UCL in Aadhaar Card stands for. The Aadhaar cardholder has only submitted a set of applications or a ticket to update or make the modifications that have been indicated. Installing this is done using “Setup Aadhaar UCL v3.” If your registered mobile number is not in use, it can serve as an excellent backup because it processes OTP requests more quickly.

What is Update Client Lite?

UCL (Update Client Lite) is Software developed by UIDAI. Through this Software, resident can update his/her demographic details like Name, Address, Mobile and Email id, etc

For my Aadhaar card, how do I obtain UCL?

If you cannot use your registered mobile number with your Aadhaar Card or lack OTP accessibility, you can still use Aadhaar UCL. For that option to work, you must have an ICICI bank BC, HDFC Bank BC, or both. Firstly, you’ll need the password for the CSC Common Service Center and the CSC VLE certificate; you must also have an Aadhaar NSEIT Operator/Supervisor certificate and, lastly, a police verification certificate for the Operator or Supervisor not older than three months.

After submission, should I verify the status of my CSC UCL registration?

The status should always be checked within the anticipated response time. If your registration is rejected, you can try submitting again or make your way to the nearest UCL centre.

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