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Supporting Documents for Aadhar Card

Supporting Documents for Aadhar Card

Recall the time you had to carry several documents to accomplish the designated task. In 2009, the introduction of the Aadhaar Card eliminated such situations downright. Whether you are heading to file income tax, purchase a home, apply for a passport, or deal with some other government-associated task, everything revolves around an Aadhaar card. Every Indian citizen must have an Aadhaar card as it is one of the vital documents required for all major purposes. When you fail to submit an Aadhaar card, you restrict yourself from accessing several activities and initiatives launched by the government. 

Documentation is the key; to get an Aadhaar card, you must submit aadhar supporting documents. Whether you are applying for an Aadhaar card for the first time or need to update your aadhaar card, you must get acquainted with the aadhar card supporting documents.

Here is the list of supporting documents for aadhar that you must prepare beforehand to get your unique identity easily.

What are Aadhar Supporting Documents?

Aadhar supporting documents are the documents that the applicant must submit to the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre or on the official UIDAI portal to get an Aadhaar Card.

When the applicant uses offline mode to apply for an Aadhaar Card, they will have to attach self-attested copies of the aadhar card supporting documents with the application form. At the same time, if the applicant relies on the online mode, they will have to upload the scanned copy of the supporting documents for aadhar.

In general, the list of supporting documents for aadhar includes identity proof, residence proof, relationships proof and documents to prove the applicant's date of birth.

Nevertheless, if you are looking forward to applying for a new aadhaar card or updating an existing one, prepare the following aadhar supporting documents ahead of time.

Aadhar Supporting Documents for Proof of Identity

To get an Aadhaar card, you must provide UIDAI, a document that proves your identity. If you are an Indian citizen with authentic identity proof, you can get your 12- digit unique identification seamlessly. 

You can provide any of the following documents as proof of identity:

  • Basic Documents: Passport, PAN card, Voter ID Card, Ration Card, Driving licence 
  • Government-issued photo ID proof, PSU-issued service ID cards with photo. 
  • Employee card of MG-NREGS
  • Student ID issued by an Educational Institution
  • Bank passbook with photo and authentic stamp
  • Photo ID card of the Pensioner or the Freedom Fighter
  • Photo ID proof provided by CGHS/ECHS
  • Marriage Certificate issued by the Marriage Registrar
  • Legally approved certificate for a name change
  • Address card issued by the Department of Posts containing the name and the photo
  • Identity Certificate issued by a Gazetted Officer or Tehsildar
  • Handicapped certificate/ disability ID card issued by the Indian State Government, or the UT Government
  • Jan-Aadhaar card (for individuals living in Rajasthan)
  • The Head of the Institution provides authentic certification if the applicant belongs to a shelter home or orphanage.
  • Identity certificate issued by Village Panchayat, Mukhiya, MP, MLA, MLC, or Municipal Councillor. It applies to individuals belonging to rural areas.
  • RSBY Card
  • Government-issued ST/SC/OBC certificate 
  • School Leaving Certificate or Transfer Certificate inclusive of applicant's photograph
  • Scholl record extract issued by the School Head
  • EPFO-issued identity certificate that contains the name, DOB and photograph

Aadhaar Card Supporting Documents for Proof of Date of Birth

Another crucial piece of paperwork in the list of aadhar sharing documents is proof of date of birth. The applicant must provide documents of their birth date. You can submit any of the below-mentioned documents as proof of date of birth for Aadhaar card registration or aadhaar card update:

  • Birth Certificate issued by the hospital
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC Book)
  • Valid Passport
  • PAN Card
  • Certificate of DOB issued by a Gazetted Officer 
  • Identity Card duly signed and provided by Government authority, inclusive of name and photo
  • Student ID Card issued by an Educational Institution containing name, DOB and photo
  • A mark sheet issued by the Board/University
  • Government-issued ID Card 
  • PSU issued photo ID card inclusive of DoB
  • Pension Payment Orders provided by the Central Government or the State Government
  • EPFO issued an identity certificate inclusive of name, date of birth and photo

Documents Permissible for Proof of Relationship

When you apply for an Aadhaar card, you need to ascertain your relationship with the family. Usually, it includes Daughter of, Son of, and Care of. Documentation associated with relationship proofs is somewhat crucial in the aadhar card supporting documents list, as it links an individual with the family.

You can provide any of the following documents as proof of relationship for aadhaar card enrolment:

  • Public Distribution System (PDS Card) or Ration Card
  • NREGA job card issued by the Ministry of Rural Development
  • Medical cards furnished by the State Government, ECHS, CGHS and ESIC
  • Canteen card provided by the Defence Ministry 
  • Pension card
  • Valid passport
  • Government-issued family entitlement document
  • Birth Certificate issued by the Birth Registrar Municipal Corporation, or local body
  • Address card furnished by the Department of Posts
  • Jan-Aadhaar card provided by the Rajasthan Government
  • Id certificate provided by a Gazetted Officer, MP, MLA, MLC or Municipal Councillor

List of Supporting Documents for Aadhaar: Address Proof

Address-proof documents are among the highly essential aadhar supporting documents. Applicants should ensure that the documents associated with the address proof are valid and contain the address they want present on their Aadhaar card and in the UIDAI database. The authority will send your Aadhaar card via post to the same address, so ensure every information is accurate, including the area pin code. 

The UIDAI accepts the following documents as proof of address for Aadhaar registration:

  • Valid Passport of the applicant, Spouse or Parents (if the applicant is a Minor) 
  • Bank passbook comprising of authentic bank stamp and official's signature
  • Ration Card, Voter ID Card 
  • Driving Licence or Arms Licence 
  • Service photo ID Card furnished by the PSU, State or Central Governments
  • Pensioner Card or Freedom Fighter Card provided by the Government
  • Valid Kissan Passbook 
  • Medical Cards, including CGHS, ECHS, ESIC, and Medi-Claim, are provided by the State or the Central Government or PSUs 
  • Disability Certificate, Handicapped Certificate provided by the Central Govt./ State Govt./ UT/ Administrations. 
  • Domicile, Residence Certificate, or Jan Aadhaar provided by the State Government
  • Authentic School ID Card issued by the Educational Institution
  • Transgender Identity Card issued following the Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Act, 2019 
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate SSLC, School Transfer Certificate (TC), SSc Certificate provided by the Head of School
  • Utility bills including Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Landline Bill, Postpaid Number Bill, Broadband Bill, Gas Connection
  • Insurance Policy in the name of the applicant
  • Previous year's Property Tax Receipt 
  • Marriage Certificate furnished by the Registrar of Marriage
  • Address certificate issued by the MP, MLA, MLC, or Municipal Councillor.
  • Address proof certified by the Superintendent, Warden or Head of Institution if the applicant belongs to a shelter home or orphanage.

List of Aadhaar Update Supporting Documents

The process is simple if you are among the 125+ crore Indian citizens who already possess an Aadhaar card but are looking forward to updating the existing one. To provide seamless access to Aadhaar Card-related services, the authority has kept the aadhar update supporting documents similar to the ones required for the new aadhar card application. 

The required set of aadhar supporting documents for updating will be based on the information the applicant wants to update, i.e. demographic or biometric information.

To update or correct the existing aadhaar information, you might need to furnish the following documents:

  • Documents associated with Identity proof
  • Residence proof documents
  • Proof related to the applicant's Date of Birth
  • Document on relationships proof

If you choose to make an online Aadhaar Card update, you will not have to bear any charges. If you visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre, you must pay INR 25 as the Aadhaar update charges.

Aadhaar Supporting Documents : Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What documents are required for Aadhaar?

You will require documents associated with identity proof, address proof, relationship proof and documents pertaining to date of birth to apply for or update your Aadhaar Card.

What documents are required for Photo Change?

You don’t require any document to change the existing photo from your aadhaar card. You will have to visit the nearest Aadhaar Enrollment Centre, and the executive will take the photo through their linked web camera.

What documents are required to link Aadhaar with a mobile number?

If you count on offline mode, you will have to take a self-attested copy of your Aadhar Card to the Aadhaar centre. No other document is required to link Aadhaar with a mobile number.

What documents are required to change the address on the Aadhaar card?

You will be required to provide basic address proof documents, including a passport, ration card, voter ID card, bank passbook, utility bills and much more.

What documents are required for changing the name on the Aadhaar card after marriage?

To change the name on the Aadhaar card after marriage, you must provide a marriage certificate as an aadhar supporting document.