SSUP - Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal

SSUP - Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal
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Any individual needs to enrol themselves for an aadhaar card. But the entire process of attaining the card may be taxing. To make the task easier, UIDAI has established the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal (SSUP), a portal that allows a person to update their aadhaar details online. By visiting the Aadhaar SSUP portal, you can change all required information such as name, date of birth, contact number, email address and home address. However, a person can get only the basics updated online. As far as the other information like biometrics is concerned, a person needs to visit their nearest enrolment centre.

SSUP Portal Overview

Organization UIDAI
Service Aadhar Card Update

Check Update Status

Who Can Update Any Aadhar Card Holder
Time to Update & Download Any Time
Requirement Registered Mobile Number
Official Website https://ssup[dot]uidai[dot]gov[dot]in/ssup/

Key Feature of Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal

  • Aadhaar card can be updated online using SSUP Portal
  • You can update Demographic details such as your name, address, date of birth, and gender online
  • Mobile OTP Based Verifications.

Finding an identity for yourself is not just an existential question but also a requirement by law. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) mandated the Aadhaar Card as an essential piece of documentation. The Aadhaar card is a unique 12-digit numeric code establishing the identity of an Indian citizen or a Non-Resident India (NRI)l who has spent over 182 days out of 365 in the country.

A person’s aadhaar card contains their name, date of birth, passport size, photograph, gender, and aadhaar number on the front of the card. On the back, the card mentions the father’s or husband’s name with the house address and aadhaar number.

In this article, we bring forward the various ways one can make changes to their aadhaar. Let’s move forward to the hassle-free lands of updating the Aadhaar card through the SSUP portal, UIDAI or by visiting the enrolment centre.

Update Aadhaar Card By Visiting The Enrolment Center

A person can update their aadhaar card by going to their nearest enrolment centre. At an enrolment centre or Aadhaar Seva Kendra, a person’s biometric details, email address, and phone number are required on an application form.  

An individual can update their aadhaar card at the enrolment centre through these simple steps:

  • Enter the correct information in the aadhaar correction form
  • Add the required self-attested documents 
  • Submit the form with the fee charged by the centre

How Update Aadhaar Card Details Online?

Your Aadhaar card details can also be updated online, making the process easier and time-saving. The UIDAI self-service portal can be accessed to change the information by abiding the following steps:

Aadhar Self Service Update Portal

  • Log in to the official website of the Aadhaar SSUP portal by generating an OTP once you enter your Aadhaar and contact details
  • Locate the ‘Update Aadhaar Online’ option on the dashboard.
  • Select the tab through which you will be allowed to make minor changes
  • Carefully pick an option from the drop-down menu consisting of the updates you desire to make
  • Upload the required documents 
  • Make a payment of INR 50 through debit/credit card or UPI. A text shall be received by you informing you of the tracking update status and Service Request Number (SRN)
  • The UIDAI will review the application, and the status will be texted to you.

Update Aadhaar Card Details Without Documents Through SSUP Portal

A person often finds themselves without documents. Suppose a person has recently changed their residential address and doesn’t have documents proving the same. In that case, they can update the same on an aadhaar card by requesting an “Address Validation Letter”. One needs to adhere to the following process:

  • Log in to the official website
  • Enter ‘Verifier Aadhaar Number’ when asked for proof of address
  • A Service Request Number will be sent to your registered contact number. Log in with this information
  • Once re-logged in, you will receive an SMS with a consent link
  • Upon granting the consent, a secret code will be received along with an Aadhaar validation letter
  • Enter the secret code when an address update is required
  • An Update Request Number will be sent to you to help you keep track of the request.

What Details Change In Aadhaar Card?

People can change their basic details in their aadhaar card online or offline. The following information can be changed through either of these methods: 

Through Aadhar SSUP Portal.

This UIDAI self-service portal allows a person to change their details online. The information that can be changed through this method are: 

  • Name (no major changes)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Language 
  • Address

Through Enrolment Centre

The physical walk-in allows the following edits when it comes to Aadhaar:

  • Biometrics data
  • Mobile number
  • Email ID 

Update/Change Mobile Number, Dob, Name, Address

Using the following steps on SSUP Portal,  you can easily update/change the mobile number, date of birth, name and address:

  • Log in to the official website of the Aadhaar SSUP portal
  • Find the demographic tab under ‘Online Aadhaar Services’ on the dashboard
  • Opt for the change you want to make from the drop-down menu. This information can be your date of birth, name, or address. 
  • Make the change and upload the supporting documents
  • Advance to the payment section and process it through a credit or debit card. A fee of INR 50 will be charged.

To update the mobile number, one needs to: 

  • Visit the enrolment centre or Aadhaar Seva Kendra
  • Fill out the form carefully, mentioning the changes
  • Pay the fee after attaching the self-attested copy of the documents

Documents Required For Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar Card carries an individual’s vital information and is issued by the UIDAI on behalf of the Government of India. The documents required for enrolment and/or update of aadhaar card are somewhat similar. 

Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card for Adults (5+ Years)

The documents required for enrolment/update of an Aadhaar card for individuals above the age of 5 are as follows:

List of Identity Proofs Required to Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card

Any of the following documents may be submitted:

  • Passport
  • PAN card
  • Ration or PDS Photo card
  • Voter Identification card
  • Driving license 
  • Photo identification cards issued by the Government of India/ Service photo ID cards issued by a PSU or a Recognised Educational Institution
  • Job card of MGNREGA
  • License of Arms
  • Photo Bank ATM card
  • Photo Credit card
  • Photo card of the Pensioner
  • Freedom Fighter Photo Card 
  • Kisan Photo Passbook 
  • Photo card of CGHS/ECHS
  • Certificate of Marriage 
  • A document that contains the Proof of Marriage issued by the marriage Registrar (which is has been submitted after marriage)
  • Legally approved name change certificate
  • The Residing Address card of the applicant containing both the name and the photo that the Department of Posts issued initially
  • An Identity Certificate containing a picture of the applicant issued by either a Gazetted Officer or a Tehsildar on a proper letterhead.
  • A medical certificate for your handicap or a disability Identification card, issued by either  the UT Government, the State Government, or any such Administration
  • Bhamashah Card/Jan-Aadhaar card issued by Govt. of Rajasthan
  • Certificate from Superintendent/Warden/Matron/Head of Institution from recognised shelter homes or orphanages, etc.
  • Identity Certificate containing a photograph issued by MP/MLA/MLC/Municipal Councilor or Village Panchayat Head/ equivalent authority (for rural areas)
  • Gazette notification for a name change
  • RSBY Card
  • SSLC book having applicant’s photograph
  • ST/SC/OBC certificate with photo
  • School Leaving Certificate / School Transfer Certificate containing both name and photograph
  • Passbook of the bank Pass which contains the name and the photograph
  • School Records issued by the Head of School having both the applicant’s name and photograph
  • Identity Certificate containing both name and photo, issued by Recognised Educational Institution and signed by the Head of Institute
  • Certificate of identity, issued by EPFO and containing applicant’s name, date of birth, and photograph

List of Address Proof: Required to Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card

Any of the following documents can be submitted:

  • Passport
  • Passbook or Bank Statement
  • Passbook or Account statement of the Post Office
  • Ration Card
  • Voter Identification card
  • Driving license
  • Government-issued photo identification card
  • PSU issued a Service photo ID card containing the address
  • Previous three months’ electricity bill
  • Previous three months’ water bill 
  • Previous three months’ landline bill 
  • Property Tax receipt of the last three months
  • Previous three months’ Credit Card statement
  • Insurance policy
  • Photo and a letter with address, signed by the bank on a letterhead
  • Signed letter issued by the registered office with address and photo on the letterhead. 
  • Photograph and Signed letter with address, issued by a reputed educational enterprise on letterhead
  • Job card of NREGA
  • Arms license
  • Pensioner card
  • Freedom Fighter Card
  • Kisan passbook
  • CGHS/ECHS Card 
  • Address certificate along with a photo on their letterhead, issued by either an MP, MLA, Gazetted Officer or a Tehsildar 
  • Address Certificate issued by Panchayat head or authority equivalent to that for rural areas
  • Assessment order of Income Tax
  • Registration certificate of vehicle
  • Registered agreement of sale, rent, or lease, of applicant’s residential address
  • Photo and Address Card by the Department of Posts
  • Caste and Domicile certificate with photo issued by the State Government
  • Previous three months bill of Gas Connection
  • Handicap Medical Certificate or a disability Identification card issued by either State Government, UT Government, or any other Administration
  • Spouse’s passport
  • For minors, a parents’ passport
  • Accommodation Allotment Letter issued by the Central/State Govt. 
  • Certificate of Marriage issued by Government containing Address
  • Bhamashah Card/Jan-Aadhaar card issued by the Government of Rajasthan
  • Certificate from Superintendent/ Warden/ Matron/ Head of Institution from recognised orphanages or shelter homes, etc.
  • Address Certificate with photograph issued by Municipal Councilor
  • Identity Card issued by Educational Institution
  • SSLC book with a picture
  • School Identity card
  • School Transfer Certificate (TC) / School Leaving Certificate (SLC) having both name and address
  • School Record containing name, address and photograph issued by the school
  • Identity Certificate containing name, address and photograph issued by the school
  • Identity Certificate containing name, DOB and photograph issued by EPFO

List of Date of Birth Proof Required to Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card

Any of the following documents may be submitted:

  • Certificate of birth
  • SSLC Book/ Certificate
  • Passport of the applicant
  • PAN Card
  • Certificate of Date of Birth on letterhead issued by Group A – Gazetted Officer
  • A certificate or ID Card having a photograph and Date of Birth duly signed and issued by a Government Authority 
  • Photo ID card containing Date of Birth, issued by an Educational Institution
  • Marksheet issued by any Government University or Board 
  • Photo Id Card or Photo Identity Proof issued by Government, ID card issued by PSU containing Date of Birth
  • Pension Payment Order (State or Central)
  • Ex-Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme Photograph Identity card or Central Government Health Service Scheme Photograph Card
  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC) or School Transfer Certificate (TC) containing name and Date of Birth
  • School Records issued by School containing name, Date of Birth and photograph
  • Identity Certificate containing name, Date of Birth and photograph issued by Educational Institution and signed by Head
  • Certificate of identity issued by EPFO containing name, Date of Birth and photograph

Relationship Proof Required to Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card

Any of the following documents may be submitted:

  • PDS Card
  • Job card of MGNREGA
  • Medical Card issued by State Government, CGHS, ECHS or ESIC
  • Army Canteen Card 
  • Pension card
  • Passport
  • Family Entitlement Document issued by Central or State Government
  • Registrar of Birth/Municipal Corporation or Birth Certificate issued by Local Government Body 
  • Government-issued Marriage Certificate
  • Address card containing both name and photo, issued by Department of Posts
  • Bhamashah Card/Jan-Aadhaar card issued by the Government of Rajasthan
  • Discharge slip or a card issued by Government hospitals for the birth of a child
  • Identity Certificate containing photo, issued by MLC/MP/MLA/Municipal Councillor/Gazetted Officer
  • Identity Certificate containing both photo and relationship with HoF, issued by the Village Panchayat Head or equivalent authority (for rural areas)
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Enrollment/Update of Aadhaar Card for Children (Below 5 Years)

The below-mentioned documents are needed in the case of children below the age of 5 years:

  • Proof of residence
  • Proof of identity
  • Birth certificate
  • Aadhaar of any one parent

SSUP Portal: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is the Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal?

Ans. Aadhaar Self Service Update Portal or Aadhaar SSUP Portal is an online tool provided by the UIDAI to make the updation process for Aadhaar more accessible and more straightforward for people. A person can update their basic Aadhaar details like name, gender, DoB, contact number, email and residential address through this portal.

Q. Can I update my Aadhar card online myself?

Ans. Yes, you can update your Aadhaar card online without any hassles. However, the change can be made to basic details like name, gender, address, email ID, phone number, and date of birth through Aadhaar SSUP.

Q. How do I log in to my SSUP portal?

Ans. You need to visit the official website of the Aadhaar SSUP and log in to your SSUP portal by entering your Aadhaar number and phone number. You will need to type the OTP sent to your registered mobile number. Upon entering your number, you will be directed toward your dashboard.

Q. How can I submit my supporting documents in case of the online Self-Service Update Portal (SSUP)?

Ans. You will be required to scan your original documents and upload the colour scanned copies to the PoA documents in the section of the valid document lists.