Bank of India Balance Check Number

Bank of India Customers can check their Bank of India account balance by giving a missed call on the toll-free number from the registered mobile number. Given below are the toll-free Bank of India balance check numbers:

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Bank of India Balance Check Toll Free Numbers


After you have given a missed call on any of the above-mentioned numbers, you will directly receive an SMS on your registered mobile number. This message will contain all the balance details for your savings account. 

The Bank of India balance check number can be used 24/7. You can use this service whenever you want from anywhere. If you have multiple bank accounts with the Bank of India and have the same number linked to both accounts, you will need to set an account as the primary one. The customer will be required to send an SMS to  09015135135 / 09266135135 in the SET format.

Bank of India Balance Check

Bank of India offers different banking services such as personal loans, savings accounts, home loans, and various other products. The BOI provides various methods for Bank of India Balance Check to stay in touch with the finances. From account opening to fund transfer, the bank enables its customers to carry out several banking services through its mobile, SMS, and net banking facilities. In this blog, we will look at how to check your account using the Bank of India balance check number and the other methods for the Bank of India balance check.

How to Check Bank of India Account Balance Through Missed Call?

If you have registered your phone number with the Bank of India, you can use the missed call banking service to check your Bank of India account balance. All a customer is required to do is give a missed call from the registered number to 09015135135. The account balance will then be sent to the registered number via SMS.

Check Balance of Bank of India via Net Banking

Account holders who have registered for Bank of India net banking can use the service to check their account balance. Bank of India has made the login process easy by keeping the same login credentials for internet banking and mobile banking. The account holder will be required to use the login credentials. You may access several other services like investments, funds transfer, mini statements, etc., with the website.

Check Balance of Bank of India via Mobile Banking

The Bank of India offers cleverly designed mobile banking that is accessible to both domestic and international customers. Given below are some of the key features of Bank of India balance check via mobile banking:

  • Customers can use their mobile applications to receive account balance updates via SMS
  • The 3 main mobile banking applications are BOI StarGlobal, BOI StarToken, and BOI BTM
  • Checking the bank account balance through Bank of India mobile banking is convenient and free of cost
  • Since ATM transactions are chargeable after a certain limit, it is imperative to use those transactions to carry out cash withdrawals

Check Balance of Bank of India via SMS

Bank of India offers account holders the option to check their savings account balance using the SMS banking service. To avail of this service, the customer needs to register for the service to check the account balance. Given below are the steps a account holder needs to follow to register:

Step 1: Visit the official Bank of India website.

Step 2: Select the mobile banking link.

Step 3: Click on the Star Connect Mobile Banking Link.

Step 4: Login using your net banking or mobile banking credential.

Step 5: Enter the mobile number registered with the bank.

Step 6: Select the “Set/Change SMS Password” option.

Step 7: Set or Change the 4-digit password.

Once you have completed the above-given process, follow the steps mentioned below to fetch your account balance via SMS.

Use the format “BAL XXXX”, in which XXXX is the 4-digit password you set to send an SMS to + 919810558585 from your registered mobile number. The customer will receive the account balance information via SMS on the registered phone number. 

Check Balance of Bank of India via Passbook

Bank of India provides its account holders with an electronic passbook that can be used to generate account statements. The customer can use it to generate and download a PDF version of the statement on their mobile phone. Further, they can also acquire bank of India mini statement in the form of an email sent to their registered email address. Please note that to avail of this facility, the customer will need to register for the mobile banking service. 

Check Balance of Bank of India via ATM

Interested customers can also perform their Bank of India balance check by visiting any Bank of India ATM. Given below is the step-by-step process to do so:

Step 1: Visit your nearest Bank of India ATM branch.

Step 2: Swipe the ATM card in the machine.

Step 3: Enter the 4-digit ATM PIN.

Step 4: Click on the ‘Balance Enquiry’ option on the main menu.

Step 5: The Bank of India account balance information will be displayed on the screen.

Check Balance of Bank of India via UPI

Bank of India customers can also use any UPI app on their phone to check their savings account balance. Given below are the step-by-step instructions to do so:

Step 1: Open any UPI banking application on your smartphone.

Step 2: Log in to the app using the code you have set.

Step 3: Select the account number for which you want to check your balance.

Step 4: Click the ‘Check Balance’ option.

Step 5: Enter your UPI PIN.

Step 6: The bank account balance will be displayed on the screen.

Importance of Account Balance Enquiry

If you are looking to change your financial standing, it is imperative to track your expenses and account balance regularly. While it may seem tedious at first, it can help you identify problems in your account and aid in avoiding overdrawing. Given below are some of the other reasons it is important to make account balance enquiries:

  • Helps you spot any mistakes made while recording transactions in your account
  • Allows you to track your spending and plan your budget accordingly
  • It can help you recognise any potential mistakes the bank has made in your account
  • It helps you catch and avoid any potential fraudulent charges
  • It enables the individual to be more aware of their financial situation
  • It can help you discover any missed automatic payments

Regularly checking your bank balance can help you bring about a favourable change in your financial standing. Bank of India provides the customers various ways to check their bank balance. Hopefully this piece will come in handy the next time you want to conveniently check your Bank of India account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Bank of India balance check number?

Account holders can check their account balance by sending an SMS on 09015135135 or 09266135135 from the registered mobile number.

How can I check my last 3 transactions in the Bank of India?

You can check your last 3 transactions in the Bank of India on the official net banking portal. You can also obtain the mini statement by sending an SMS or giving a missed call on 09015135135 from the registered mobile number.

How to get the Bank of India balance check number?

Customers can obtain their bank balance from the Bank of India by giving a missed call on 09015135135/09266135135 from the mobile number registered with the bank.

Which mobile app is for Bank of India?

Bank of India provides two banking apps for its domestic as well as international customers; BOI BTM and BOI StarToken.