How to Check FASTag Balance?

How to Check FASTag Balance?

The NHAI manages the FASTag electronic toll collection system. FASTag is fastened to the windscreen of vehicles using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. FASTags are, in other words, prepaid rechargeable toll collection tags. FASTags can be utilised as long as they are unaltered and readable at toll booths because they have no expiration date. 

This blog will provide all relevant information on how to check Fastag balance online.

How to Check FASTag Balance Through the Official Website of Partnered Banks? 

One can apply for a FASTag, recharge it, and check the balance on the official websites of several banks. Here’s how to use the official website of a bank to check your FASTag balance:

STEP 1: Visit the official website of the issuer of your FASTag

STEP 2: Log in to your FASTag account with your credentials and select the option of ‘Check Fastag Balance’.

STEP 3: The balance statement of your Fastag account will open on the same window.

How to Check FASTag Balance Through Mobile application

One can now easily check the Fastag balance on their mobile phone by simply downloading the application from either the Play Store or App Store. This saves the trouble of visiting the website, logging in, checking the SMS or even opening a mail. Following are the steps to check your FASTag balance through an app:

STEP 1: Download the ‘MyFASTag app’ on your phone

STEP 2: Fill in all the details to sign in to your account

STEP 3: You can now see all the details of your FASTag balance

How to Check FASTag Balance by SMS

If you already have a FASTag account and have linked your mobile number with the same, then you can check your FASTag balance by SMS. This feature proves to be extremely helpful when there is no internet access. 

Through an SMS, you will receive all the necessary details like your balance in your FASTag account, the history of all the toll payments, payment confirmations and notifications regarding the low balance.

How to Check FASTag Balance via Email

If your email ID is linked with your official FASTag account, you will receive all the notifications and intimations by NHAI directly to your mail. Following are steps to check the emails regarding FASTag:

STEP 1: Open your mail inbox.

STEP 2: Search for the FASTag mail in the ‘Search Bar’

STEP 3: In the mail, you can find out the necessary information and notification

FASTag Customer Care Helpline.

If you have registered your mobile phone with the National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) prepaid wallet and have a prepaid FASTag card, you can check your balance by placing a missed call to the toll-free number 1300 or +91-8884333331. This helpline is available round the clock and on all seven days of the week.

How to Check Your FASTag balance with a Registered Vehicle Number?

The NHAI has released the MyFastag app, which enables you to carry out different Fastag-related operations like recharging your Fastag credit, checking your Fastag balance, and other related ones. There are numerous ways to check your FASTag balance using a vehicle number.

One can follow the steps given below to check the FASTag balance through the application with the vehicle number:

STEP 1:  Download the ‘MyFASTag app’ on your phone (from google Play Store or AppStore)

STEP 2: Fill in all your details and Log in to the application

STEP 3: Enter your vehicle number after logging in to the application

STEP 4: Now, you can check the FASTag balance

There is one more way to check your FASTag balance through any service provider’s website using the vehicle number. Following are the steps for the same:

STEP 1: Visit the FASTag bank providers’ official website

STEP 2: Fill in all the details and log in to your account

STEP 3: After logging in, fill in your vehicle number, and all the details about your FASTag balance will be there.

How Can You Check the Fastag Balance Through Paytm?

You can now check the FASTag balance through Paytm without any hassles, and the process is very straightforward. Follow the following steps to check the FASTag account balance.

STEP 1: Visit the ‘Manage FASTag’ option in your Paytm

STEP 2: The details of your FASTag attached with your Paytm phone number will be duly displayed

How Can You Check Fastag Balance on Phonepe? 

To check your FASTag balance on Phonepe, a user must follow the below steps.

STEP 1: Download the PhonePe application from either Google Playstore or App Store.

STEP 2: After downloading the application, fill in your details and log in to your Phone Pe account

STEP 3: On the homepage, you will see ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ wherein you need to click on the option of ‘See All’.

STEP 4: A new page will appear wherein you must choose the ‘Manage FASTag’ option and select the service provider from which you have purchased the FASTag.

STEP 5: Once you have selected your service provider, you must enter the vehicle details or the wallet ID.

STEP 6: Select ‘Confirm’, and all the details of your FASTag wallet will be displayed on your screen.

How Can You Check Your Fastag Balance on the ICICI Website?

Currently, thirteen banks provide all the services related to FASTag, like checking the .wallet balance, recharging, and even applying for a new FASTag. A user must follow the steps mentioned below to check their FASTag balance on the ICICI website:

STEP 1: Open the official website (ICICI bank)

STEP 2: Log in to your FASTag account by filling in all the required information

STEP 3: Once logged in, you can see all the details related to your FASTag account.

How Can You Check Your Fastag Balance On Google Pay?

You can now check your FASTag balance in Google Pay easily. Given below are the steps by which you can do the same:

STEP 1: Download Google Pay from either Google Play Store or Appstore

STEP 2: Select the option of ‘New Payment’ from the home screen of Google Pay

STEP 3: You will be redirected to a new page wherein you need to choose ‘Bill Payment’

STEP 4: A menu will appear on the next screen from which you need to choose the option of ‘FASTag recharge’. Select your service provider’s FASTag and then select ’Get Started’.

STEP 5: You must fill in your vehicle details on the next page.

STEP 6: Once you have entered the vehicle details, you will get two options to choose from, i.e. ‘Pay’ and ‘View Balance’.

STEP 7: Select the option of ‘View Balance’, and all the details will be produced on the next page.


With FASTag, one can avoid waiting in long queues at a toll booth. It is a reloadable tag that can be instantaneously used at toll booths; it allows for automatic deduction of toll money, lets you pass without having to wait for any cash transaction, and can make your life easier. 

And more importantly, you can keep tabs on your toll tax experiences with FASTag. You can send an SMS, email or call to get information on your FASTag balance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the minimum limit for recharging an HDFC Bank FASTag card?

The minimum limit for recharging an HDFC Bank FASTag card is Rs. 100.

Can I get direct credit to my linked bank account when I close my FASTag wallet?

The direct credit facility is not yet available, but one can raise a request by calling the helpline. 

What do I do if there is an incorrect deduction on my FASTag balance?

You can raise a complaint on the 24*7 toll-free helpline numbers, i.e.1300 or +91-8884333331.

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