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IOB Bank Statement

IOB Bank Statement

The IOB statement of an account holder reflects their financial standing concerning a set tenure. The bank statement showcases the transactions performed through their account during a selected period. The account holder can review their IOB Bank statement via various online and offline channels established by the bank.

IOB Statement Format

The IOB Bank statement can be segmented into two parts. The first part of the IOB Bank statement entails information regarding the account holder and its details. The account details will contain information such as account number, account type, total account balance and IOB fixed deposit linked.

The second part of the IOB statement will include information such as transaction date, description and amount of transaction. 

How to get an IOB Bank statement?

An account holder can obtain the IOB bank statement through the following channels established by the IOB Bank:

  • Online 
  • Offline 

How to get an IOB Bank Statement Online?

The account holder can avail of their IOB Bank statements online by employing the following avenues: 

IOB Bank Statement Via Netbanking 

The IOB netbanking services enable customers to avail of a diverse set of facilities at their convenience. The account holders can obtain their IOB Statements through the netbanking account via the official portal. The user must mention their credentials on the netbanking portal to facilitate downloading their respective IOB statement in PDF format. 

IOB Statement Via Mobile Banking 

IOB Bank statement offers cutting-edge mobile applications to its customers. The mobile application designed by the bank enables them to perform transactions from their mobile phones. The IOB m-passbook allows users to update their passbooks through their phones. They can obtain their account details without ever physically visiting the branch. 

IOB Statement Via E-Statements 

An E-statement from the bank reflects the digital statement that can be sent directly to the registered e-mail ID. The customer can access the account information at their discretion.  

How to get IOB Account Statement Offline?

Customers can obtain their IOB Bank account statement by visiting the nearest branch of the IOB Bank and requesting the help desk for their IOB Statement for the selected period. The 

bank will cater to the request and provide the statement. 

IOB Bank Statement Charges

The Indian Overseas Bank levies the following charges from the customers to issue the IOB Bank Statement. 

First or Original Monthly Statement  Free of Cost 
Duplicate Statement  Rs 100 per 40 entries

Methods to Get the Indian Overseas Bank Mini Statement

The Indian Overseas Bank has set various online and offline avenues for the account holders to obtain their IOB Mini Statement from the bank. 

Benefits of an IOB Account Statement

The account holder can avail of the following benefits when they obtain their IOB Bank Mini Statement.

  1. The account holder can review the statement to assess their spending habits.
  2. The account holders can also evaluate their cash flow to make adjustments. 
  3. The statement also helps the account holders to plan their taxes. 

IOB Mini Statement Number Via Missed Call 

The IOB Mini Statement can be obtained through a toll-free number established to cater to the requests and inquiries of customers. The account holder with Indian Overseas Bank is required to call the following toll-free number 8424022122 from their registered mobile number. The account holder will receive an SMS on their number from the Bank containing details on the last five transactions. 

IOB Bank Mini Statement Via SMS


The IOB Bank Mini Statement can be obtained by the account holder via SMS without an internet connection. Account holders can implement the following steps to receive their IOB Bank Mini statement on their mobile phones without hassle. 

STEP 1: The account holder is required to frame the text message in the following syntax. MINIspace>LAST FOUR DIGITS OF ACCOUNT NUMBER STEP 2: The formatted message shall be sent to the toll-free number 8424022122 from the registered mobile number of the account holder. 

STEP 3: The account holder will receive the Mini statement of their account on their phone.

IOB Mini Statement Via ATM  

The account holder with the Indian Overseas Bank can also obtain their IOB mini statement via ATM. They must implement the following steps to obtain the same. 

STEP 1: Visit the nearest ATM. 

STEP 2:  The visitor must swipe in or enter their Debit Card number. 

STEP 3:  Select the preferred language on the dashboard. 

STEP 4: Enter the four-digit ATM Pin on the slot. 

STEP 5: The user must select the small statement option on the dashboard after successfully entering the details. They must select their Bank Type (Current or Savings). 

STEP 6: The ATM Machine will print the mini statement.

IOB Mini Statement Through Mobile Banking 

The account holder with the Indian Overseas Bank can obtain their Mini Statement through a wide range of mobile applications. IOB m-Passbook app, IOB Mobile App, IOB Nabhan App. It is to be noted that an internet connection is a must to facilitate the services from these applications. 

IOB Mini Statement Via Internet Banking 

The Account holder with the bank can avail of the netbanking services established by the bank to review their mini statement. The account holder must log into their netbanking account and navigate towards the account statement tab featured on the dashboard. After selecting the same, the account holder can review their bank statement instantly. 

About Indian Overseas Bank

Indian Overseas Bank has been India's major public sector bank since 1937. The Bank has branches spread across the country and footed in 5 other countries. The Bank offers a diverse range of financial and investment products to its customer base to cater to their requirements without hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the benefits of m-Passbook?

The M-Passbook lets the account holders review their transactions from the bank account. 

IOB mPassbook comes with the following benefits?

The passbook lets the account holder review their transactions from the bank account.

Is it necessary to register the cellphone number used to obtain a mini statement with IOB?

In case the account holder wants to avail of their mini statement through missed call or SMS service. They are required to facilitate the service from their registered mobile number.

On my phone - How do I check my IOB balance?

The account holder can check their IOB Balance from the mobile application established by the Indian Overseas Bank.

What is the process for obtaining an Indian Overseas bank statement?

The account holder can avail of various online and offline avenues to obtain the Bank statement from the Indian Overseas Bank.

How many times per month may you inquire about your IOB transactions?

The customer can inquire about their IOB Statement 24*7, 365 days a year, through netbanking services.