Yes Bank Customer ID

Every bank assigns a specific identification number for its customers for various reasons, including monitoring activities, creating databases, improving customer service, and enabling more accuracy. This identification number, also known as a customer ID, entails a customer holding a savings or current account with the bank. Of various banks, Yes Bank also allows their customers with a customer ID. Yes Bank is an Indian-based financial institution headquartered in Mumbai that offers an array of financial services and products that suits various customer needs.Keep reading this blog if you are looking forward to knowing more about Yes Bank customer ID and how to get it from multiple sources.

How to Find Yes Bank Customer ID

There are several ways in which a user can find their Yes Bank Customer ID. This includes the following methods.

  • Welcome Kit - When opening an account in Yes Bank, the bank executives immediately send a welcome kit which includes a letter with all the crucial details of the account holder.Users can check their Yes Bank Customer ID from the welcome kit letter.
  • Net Banking / Online Banking - Customers can use the net banking services to find their Yes Bank Customer ID. All they need to do is to go to the official website of Yes Netbanking portal. Login with user ID and password. Under the profile section, they can find their Yes Bank Customer ID.
  • Mobile Application - With the advancement of technology, banks have started incorporating mobile banking applications. Users can download the mobile app, wherein they will be required to log in with their credentials. The app might request for MPIN or Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number for login.  From the dashboard, check out for the My Info option will give access to personal banking information, including the Yes Bank Customer ID.
  • Customer Service Center - Bank account holders can connect with the bank's customer care and raise a query. Customers can speak with an executive via the toll-free number 18001200. The executive will take a few details, such as name and account number, to narrow their search for the Yes Bank Customer ID.
  • Branch Visit - Finally, the traditional way of personally visiting the nearest Yes Bank Branch would always work. Account holders can get assistance from a banking official to get their Yes Bank Customer ID.

What is Customer ID in Yes Bank?

Like any bank, Yes Bank issues a 9-digit unique numerical sequence for each of its customers holding any accounts. This Yes Bank Customer ID is instrumental in the authentication of the account holder’s identity. The customer ID is required to initiate any net banking portal logins and transaction processing. Consequently, it becomes essential to keep the customer ID in mind. In case one forgets, there are many ways to find the Yes Bank Customer ID.

How to Know Yes Bank Customer ID?

Yes Bank Customer ID is issued to an account holder immediately as the bank officials authenticate their application process. This customer ID remains unique for the customer for all the transactions and other bank-related proceedings. One can know their Yes Bank customer ID via the following methods.

Using Your Yes Bank Welcome Kit Letter

The designated authority sends a welcome kit to the customers when they open a bank account. The welcome kit includes a letter with details pertaining to the customer’s bank particulars, a debit card, and a cheque book. Customers can use the letter to find their Yes Bank Customer ID printed on the document.

Using Passbook

Every bank issues a passbook to its customers for tracking transactions. Bank passbooks contain essential information associated with the customer’s bank account details such as name, address, bank account number, Yes Bank customer ID, bank IFSC code, etc. Any user who needs to access their Yes Bank Customer ID can go through the Passbook.

Using Chequebook

Every bank issues a cheque book to its customers to withdraw funds from their bank account or transfer funds to another account. A Bank cheque book contains information including the customer's bank account details such as name, account number, IFSC Code, bank branch, Customer ID, etc. Users who need to access their Yes Bank Customer ID can go through the bottom of the chequebook to find their Yes Bank Customer ID.

YES Bank Customer ID in Account Statement

Not only passbooks, but if a user goes through the online account statement, they can find their Yes Bank Customer ID provided within the document. Users will have to log in to their netbanking portal and navigate to the details, including the user name, account details, and Yes Bank customer ID.

Yes Bank Customer ID Through SMS

Users have the provision to send an SMS to +91-98409000 for queries related to their bank account details. It will also include the Yes Bank Customer ID. Other than that, the mobile application contains all the information about the customer’s bank account details.

Number via YES Net / Mobile Banking

One advantage of technological advancement is that users can advance their requirements online. With the Yes Bank Netbanking and mobile banking facilities, users can conveniently monitor all the information regarding their accounts. To find the Yes bank customer ID, simply login to the netbanking portal, and in the profile section, find all the relevant information required therein.

Visiting Branch

One of the traditional ways of visiting a bank branch personally can still get a job done. Although customers have to incur the hassle of investing their time and money by visiting a bank branch, they can still benefit from their visit. Go to the nearest bank branch and request the banking agent to retrieve the customer's details, including the Customer ID. The customer may be required to provide their basic banking details for the agent to retrieve the required information.

In case you have forgotten your password / Login ID

Users often forget their login details, such as their user ID or password. Such problems can be solved by following a few simple steps. Customers must go through the netbanking portal to log in using their credentials. Click on the forgot password link. One would require to keep their debit card details ready. Select the bank account option and proceed to create a new password option. Enter the customer ID, debit card details, and MPIN. This way, one can create a new password and will be able to access their Yes Bank Net banking account.

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