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Shriram Urban Co Operative Bank Limited

Small firms and entrepreneurs can use business loans to aid them with their cash needs. There are numerous financial institutions across the nation that offer specialised business loans with low interest rates to meet your demands. Where Shriram Urban Co Operative Bank Limited offers Business loans with flexible terms and rates at 15 % p.a. for amounts up to Rs. 1 crore.

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Shriram Urban Co Operative Bank Limited Business Loan Interest Rate


Up to 2%

₹1L - ₹1Cr

Tenure(1 - 5 Years)


Features & Benefits of Shriram Urban Co Operative Business loan

  • Shriram Business loan helps the business owners’ entrepreneurs invest in their business and expand the services in order to fit in the need of the customer. Other than that, if an individual is first into the business, a business loan will help yield the capital. in land, capital, 
  • There is a fact that you will need to know that Shriram Business loan requires no such immediate collateral, hence getting loan from Shriram is indeed a viable option. Moreover, they can process the loan within 24 hours. 

You need to know that there are two types of Business Loan Discussed Below.

Small Scale Business Loan: small scale business loans are those which are given to the lenders on to expand the service of the business. These types of business loans are usually small in amount and are usually paid back within small tenure of time. 

Large Scale Business Loan: these types of business loans are usually designed for large scale business. and the amount is usually bigger compared to small scale business. These types of loans are made to cope with losses and discrepancies in a venture. These loans are designed in a manner that can help the business to gain the strength to its former glory.

Shriram Urban Co Operative Business Loan Overview

Considering you are into business; you must know a lot of details about the intricacies of business and its entire mechanism. In that case, you will need to  learn about the mechanism of a business that needs to rare and take care of. Moreover, if you are the one into some kind of business, you will need to update and upgrade it as per the need of the client. You will also need to enhance the performance and the size of the business as per the need of the client hence you will need to learn about ins and outs of business. well, be that as it may, in the likely event you are in need to enhance the business, and need cash there are various types of business loans avails which you can make use of. There are times when cash happens to hinder the growth of the business, and in any case, the business loses its ground. Now that you can Apply for a Shriram business loan, money is no longer an issue. 

In order to make an easy flow of cash, business bodies keep an ardent requirement of cash all the time. Much of time it is the business that takes care of it, however at times when the money falls short, relying in Shriram Business loan will be a wise idea.

Eligibility Criteria and Factors Affecting Shriram Urban Business Loan Eligibility

Suppose you are considering taking a loan from Shriram. In that case, you will need to know that Shriram business loan eligibility, and for that, you will need to require a simple dynamic of microanalysis. However, discussed below are the few eligibility criteria that you will need to know. 

  • One must be of 23-63 years of age when it comes to the matter of taking a Shriram business loan. 
  • The borrower must have an annual income of at least 10 lakh or more.
  • One will need to provide a document that is about the certification that proves whether the business is sole or a partnership deal. 
  • If you want a loan from Shriram, you need to know that your business must be at least their years.

Shriram Urban Co Operative Business Loan Interest Rates

There exists no shadow of doubt that business loan holds some intense gravitas, for which they are being widely used all across the country. However, you need to know about the Shriram business loan interest rate, which is perhaps one of the most important things to consider while considering a loan from Shriram. They are the ones providing loans for businesses on a small scale and large scale for 45 years. They offer business loans for the start-up business fees from 15% in view of the qualification of miniature, little, medium endeavors and expert Individuals. Regardless of whether you require finance for a brief span or for growing your business, our business advance is your solid partner. Additionally, as per the portfolio, there is a wide range, which empowers Shriram to address your issues from Rs. 1,00,000/to Rs. 1,00,00,000/.

Documents Required for Shriram Urban Co Operative Business loan

You will also have to know about the documents required for the Shriram business loan, which is the essential thing you might need to produce. 

  • You will have to provide certain identity proof of yourself such as passport, driving license, voter ID card, pan card, or anything that concedes that you are every person who needs that loan.]
  • You will also have to provide for a certain address proof that is driving license or gas bill book. 
  • There are a few other documents which you will need to produce that is a recent passport-sized photo of yours, details of your income proof, 
  • For a business loan, you will also have to provide a profit and loss account of at least three years; you need to know that is really important.


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

what is the interest rate of the Shriram Business loan?

The interest rate of Shriram business loans is comparatively cheaper than most in the market; It ranges from 15% -to 20% on the loan amount. 

what is the amount of fees when it comes to the matter of Shriram Business loan?

You need to know about the processing fee of any kind of loan; however, when it comes to the matter of Shriram Business loan, you need to know that the processing fee is less than 2%.

what is the period of tenure of the Shriram Business loan?

The time of tenure period of the Shriram Business loan varies from 60 months to 65 months.

what is the amount of closure charges?

The closure charges in the Shriram Business loan are 3% to 6% that is eligible for six months.

Is Shriram Business Loan Viable?

In the event you are considering to avail Shriram Business loan, you must visit their official page to know about the wide variety of client profile, that have been serving since years. Hence you will know that you will be in right hands.

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