Khushboo Priya

  A physicist and poet at heart and an engineer by profession, Khushboo engineered her writing skills to pen down excellent technical write-ups for various domains, including Finance, Real Estate, Law, IT, Lifestyles, and more. From putting her opinion upfront to writing flawless blogs, she got it all covered. When not writing, she can be found wandering around food stalls.


7 Stories by Author: Khushboo Priya

  • 10 Best Fuel Credit Cards in India 2023

    If there’s something that has increased every year, it is fuel prices in India. We can’t deny that automobiles are an integral fragment of modern day-to-day life, making fuel expenses inevitable. While using credit cards for fuel transactions may offer you a few rewards, they attract taxes too. But fuel credit cards, on the other hand, not only offer cashback…...
  • Personal Loan for NRI 2023

    Most people in the country consider relocating abroad for higher education, better economic opportunities, or the desire to start a new life. Adapting to an entirely new living environment in a new country has its own challenges and obtaining financial aid when in an unknown country can give you hard times. Indian Banks offer tailor-made financing solutions to NRIs. NRIs…...
  • Top Factors Contributing to a Low CIBIL Score

    When a borrower approaches a bank for a loan or credit card, the lender first runs a credit check to determine the applicant’s creditworthiness. If the borrower’s CIBIL (Credit Information Bureau India Limited) score is poor, the bank may refuse to offer a loan or credit card. Even if the lender somehow agrees to sanction the loan or credit card…...
  • How do Late Payments Affect Your Credit Score?

    If making a late payment and missing bill payments are your regular drills, it’s time to change your habit. Even a single missed payment can affect your credit score negatively, which will eventually be a problem when you wish to avail of a loan. Does paying minimum due affect CIBIL scores? Or how can late payments affect your CIBIL? Read…...
  • CIBIL Commercial Report

    Whenever somebody approaches a bank for a loan, the lender examines the CIBIL report first. The report renders crucial credit information about the borrower, such as the CIBIL score, credit history, loan-to-debt ratio, and more. Similarly, a CIBIL Commercial Report helps lenders to make an informed decision about lending loans to various business entities. CIBIL report differs for individuals and…...
  • Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA)

    Fraud, misguidance, and misrepresentation have become common traits in every sector and real estate is no exception. Several buyers have filed complaints against the developers in the past decade looting them and not delivering the projects on time. Various real estate fraud cases, money laundering, false promises, etc., came to light. Plus, the lack of transparency between the developer and…...
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