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L&T Finance is one of India's premier loan providers, offering LAP at lower interest rates, and processing fees, and a slew of other unrivalled benefits. This housing finance organisation not only lets you cash in on your property assets but also gives you a flexible payment schedule. Some of the advantages of a loan against property from L&T Finance are flexible documentation, instant approvals, interest rates and terms & circumstances that are competitive.

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L&T Finance LAP

  • Interest Rate


  • Loan Amount

    Up to ₹20Cr

  • EMI Per Lakh


  • Processing Fees

    Up to 2% of loan amount
  • Pre-Payment Charges


L&T Finance Loan Against Property Features and Benefits

The key features and perks offered on this loan product are what set it apart. The following are the product's advantages:

  • Higher loan amount from 3 lakhs to 7.5 crores.
  • Minimal documentation together with quick loan processing.
  • Affordable interest rates starting from 10.30 percent per annum.
  • Doorstep services for utmost customer convenience.
  • Hassle-Free Loan process
  • Flexible loan tenure upto 15 years
  • Transparent loan procedure

L&T Loan Against Property Overview

Everyone, at some point or another, requires financial assistance in the form of loans,  credit card or some other means. Through LAP, you get the opportunity to encash the value of your property, both commercial and residential, if the need arises.You can acquire funds at low interest rates and flexible terms with a loan against property from L&T Financial Services. The following are some of the advantages of a loan against property from L&T Finance are flexible documentation, instant approvals, interest rates and terms & circumstances that are competitive.

Specifics Details
Interest Rates 12.30 percent per annum onwards
Loan Amount INR 3 Lakhs to INR 7.5 Crores
Loan Repayment Tenure At Max Up to 15 Years
Processing Fee Up to 2 Percent of the approved loan amount in addition to GST and login fee
Foreclosure Charges/ Prepayment Charges 2 to 3 Percent
Partial Pre-Payment Charges 3 to 4 Percent 

L&T Loan Against Property Fees and Charges

Before availing an LAP from L&T Financial Services, get familiar with the associated fees and charges to avoid later stage hurdles. 

Processing Fee Up to 2 percent of the sanctioned loan amount in addition with  login fee and GST
Foreclosure Charges 2 to 3 percent of the outstanding loan amount
Partial Pre-Payment Charges 3 to 4 percent 
Charges levied on Bounced Checks INR 1000
List of Submitted Documents INR 300
Loan Cancellation Charges INR 5000 plus GST
Photocopy of Submitted Documents INR 500

L&T Loan Against Property Interest Rates

L&T Finance offers LAP at attractive interest rates based upon applicants’ credibility including their credit score, financial stability, borrowing history, among various other factors. All such factors reflect applicants’ financial capability. The starting L&T Loan Against Property interest rate is 10.30 percent per annum. 

Factors Affecting L&T Loan Against Property Interest Rates

A variety of factors determine the interest rate on an L&T Loan Against Property. The following are the primary elements that L&T considers when determining an applicant's interest rate on a home loan.

  • CIBIL/Credit Score: Any bank loan is built on a three-digit CIBIL/Credit Score. A high credit score can help you get a low-interest L&T Loan Against Property, whereas a low credit score can lead to you paying a high interest rate or having your loan application denied.
  • Loan Repayment Period: Because an LAP is a long-term loan, it's advisable to talk to the officials about the interest rate. The longer the payback period is, the higher the interest component, and lower the monthly instalments. Longer repayment terms result in smaller EMIs and higher interest component.
  • Loan-to-Value Ratio: The LTV ratio refers to the percentage of the loan offered on the property. The higher the percentage, the bigger the loan the bank is willing to provide the applicant. Because of the additional risk associated in lending, bank home loan interest rates will be higher. By making a high down payment, you can lower the loan amount and get the best home loan interest rate.
  • Location of the Property: The resale value of a property in a premium location with all of the necessary facilities is higher than that of a property on the outskirts of town. As a result, banks offer lower-interest loans for properties with higher resale value, while charging higher interest rates for properties with lower resale value.

Types of Loan Against Property Offered by L&T  Financial Services

L&T offers three types of LAP i.e. LAP on residential property, commercial property and for industrial property:

LAP on Residential Property

The best way to determine the worth of your property is to take out a loan against it. If you have a desire, L&T Housing Finance Ltd. will make certain that nothing stands in your way of realising it. With a Loan Against Property, you may live your dreams! This multi-purpose loan gives you the freedom to use the money anyway you want. Furthermore, this Loan is accessible at a competitive interest rate and may be repaid over a 15-year term with ease.

Key Features

  • Loan repayment tenure at max up to 20 years
  • Loan amount from INR 10 lacs to INR 10 crores is available
  • Loan will be sanctioned against a self-occupied property, rented or vacant residential property 
  • Quick and efficient loan processing
  • Competitive interest rates starting from10.30 to 10.90 percent (Floating Rate Loans)

LAP For Commercial Property Purchase

The purpose of this facility is to give financial help for the purchase of a completed commercial property. You can avail a minimum loan amount of INR 25 lacs. The loan term ranges from three to ten years. Individual properties may be considered if finishing work is pending owing to a customer's unique request.

Key Features

  • Against the mortgage of commercial assets, financial aid for personal and corporate requirements is available. 
  • Loans with a term of up to ten years are available.
  • Interest rates are reasonable and appealing, ranging from 10.30 to 10.90 percent (Floating Rate Loans)
  • Commercial Self-Occupied, Commercial Vacant and Commercial Rented are the three types of commercial properties on which LAP is available. 
  • Self-occupied commercial properties have a 60 percent loan-to-value ratio, while rented business properties have a 50 percent loan-to-value ratio. 
  • The amount of the loan ranges from INR 10 lakhs to INR 20 crores.

LAP on Industrial Property

All self-employed non-professional clients who run a manufacturing unit in India's major industrial zones and offer industrial property as security are eligible for a loan on industrial property. 

This service is available in 24 locations. Interest rates are reasonable and appealing, ranging from 10.30 percent to 10.90 percent. This product has a good market in major industrial zones like NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Ahmedabad, and Pune.

Documents Required for L&T Loan Against Property

Amongst certain other crucial L&T Loan Against Property requirements, one is documentation. Following is the list of documents required for L&T Loan Against Property:

Salaried Individuals

Age Proof
PAN Card Aadhaar Card
Residence Proof
Passport Registered Rent Agreement
Driving Licence Utility Bill
Election ID Card Aadhar Card
Photo ID Proof
PAN Card Aadhar Card
Income Proof
Bank statement of one year of the salary account Salary slips of last three months

Self-Employed Professionals

Rest of the documents are the same apart from the income proof.

Income Proof
Latest ITRs of last two financial years (personal as well as business) Advance tax challans (in case available)
Latest Profit and Loss accounts of last two years together with B/S duly certified by the CA Bank Account Statement (last one year)

How does the EMI Calculation Work for L&T Loan Against Property?

The online LAP EMI calculator from L&T financial services makes it simple to figure out your monthly payments. This easy-to-use calculator can help you arrange your loan repayments while you're on the go. Enter the loan amount, interest rate and loan tenure to calculate your EMI. Within seconds, the results will appear on your screen.

Or you can compute the monthly instalment manually, using the depicted formula:

EMI = [P*R (1+R) *N] / [(1+R) N-1]


P denotes Principal Amount R denotes Interest Rate N denotes Repayment Tenure

L&T Loan Against Property Customer Care Number

To get your queries solved outright from home comfort, make a call to the customer care executive or drop a mail.

Contact Number 9158004777
Email ID Customerservice@ltfs.com


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

What is the maximum loan amount that i can avail against the property?

The maximum loan amount that you can avail against a property from L&T Financial Services is 7.5 crores.

Can I get a loan against the plot?

Yes, you can get a loan against a plot by submitting required documents such as property registry documents on the borrower's name, financial proof, identity proof, age proof, and other essential documents.

What is the maximum term for which I can avail a Loan Against Property (LAP)?

L&T offers a loan against property for a maximum of 15 years.

Does L&T Finance provide a loan against property at the best rate?

Yes, L&T Finance provides  a loan against property at the best interest rate starting from 10.30 percent per annum.

What is the interest rate of a loan against property in L&T?

L&T offers a loan against property at a floating interest rate of 10.30 to 10.50 percent.

What are the benefits L&T Finance provides on a loan against property?

When you avail a loan against property from L&T finance you unlock an array of benefits including, minimal documentation, flexible repayment tenure upto 15 years, best interest rate,and  transparent processing.

Does L&T Finance have a fixed rate of interest on a loan against property?

L&T Finance offers a loan against property at floating interest rates.

What are the documents required in L&T Finance for a loan against property?

You have to maintain a minimal set of documents consisting of age proof, residence proof, ID proof and income proof.,

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