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PAN Card Cancellation - Online and Offline

Carrying multiple PAN cards is legally punitive. Any individual with two or more PAN cards is liable to pay penalty charges and is in threat of jail time. It is prudent to avoid this situation as soon as possible or simply avoid them. Fortunately, authorities have the provision for PAN card holders to apply for PAN cancellation via various methods and means. This guide is about how one can easily apply for a PAN Card cancellation procedure from online and offline modes. 

Reasons for PAN Card Cancellation

The Government of India has made it mandatory for residents to link their respective PAN cards with their unique identification card, known as Aadhaar Card. Moreover, the name mentioned on the PAN card should also match the name given on the Aadhaar card. This initially created a lot of hassle and confusion for PAN card holders as the document incorporates complete names instead of using initials or alphabetical nomenclature. As per laws, an individual can only possess a single PAN card. In case of more than one, authorities have the right to impose INR 10,000 on the individual and jail time for potentially fraudulent activities. Although the penalising part is the ultimate reason for one to apply for a PAN Card Cancellation, there could be many reasons to surrender a PAN card. 

  • Section 139A of the Income Tax Act 1961 allows an individual to carry only one PAN card.
  • Section 272B of the Income Tax Act allows the tax department to levy penalties on individuals possessing multiple PAN Cards.
  • Possessing numerous PAN cards is seen as an act of crime and directly disobeying the law. 
  • Instead of applying for PAN card corrections, people tend to apply for the instant PAN card option, which creates a duplicate PAN in that person’s name. 
  • Women apply for a new PAN card after marriage instead of updating their existing one. 
  • When an individual applies for a PAN card twice or multiple times without waiting for any confirmation from authorities.  
  • Possibly, someone may have received an individual’s PAN information and decided to create a fake PAN for fraudulent activities.  

How to Cancel a PAN Card?

Cancelling a PAN Card is an easy process. One has the provision to do so in online and offline modes. Here is a detailed guide on how to cancel a PAN Card. 

Cancel Your Pan Card Online Mode

One can resort to cancelling their duplicate PAN card online if they have their Aadhaar card linked with their PAN card and the same registered mobile number. PAN Card holders have the provision to apply through the NSDL website as well as the UTI website. With the NSDL website, users can simply follow the steps below for PAN Card cancellation online

  • Head over to the NSDL official website
  • Users will be redirected to the online PAN application page 
  • Select the Changes and Correction in existing PAN data under the ‘Application Type’ section. 
  • Select the category and enter the relevant information correctly. 
  • Ensure to enter the PAN card number that needs to be cancelled or surrendered. 
  • Once the information is submitted, a token number is generated. This token number will be the reference point for the application until the process is complete.

Users will now be given three options to upload their PAN card application documents. They submit digitally through e-KYC and e-sign, they can submit scanned documents through e-sign, or they can forward the application document physically. It is advised to go with the first option for the convenience factor. 

  • From here on, users will have to update information about Aadhaar card details, PAN card correction requirements, etc. 
  • Fill in the declaration form. 
  • Once you proceed, you will be redirected to the payment portal. Select your payment mode option. 
  • An application format will be displayed, which is to be used to cross-check the details provided. 
  • There will be an OTP verification barrier that you need to authenticate. 
  • The NSDL electronic signature service box will appear, which again would require you to verify with a one-time password. 
  • The portal will display an acknowledgement message. Users can download their applications for reference purposes as well. 

These steps will prompt the authorities to look into the PAN card of the individual, where they will be able to block the duplicate PAN card. 

Furthermore, any changes requested in the application form will also be updated. 

Cancel Your Pan Card Through Offline

Alternatively, one can simply visit the nearest UTI or NSDL-authorised PAN card centre to get their duplicate PAN Card blocked. Here is the detailed process for PAN Card Cancellation offline

  • Go to the official website of NSDL. 
  • Head over to the ‘Facilitation centre’ from the main menu
  • Here you will be able to narrow down the centres that are nearest to you. 
  • Simply enter the State/Union Territory and the location. 
  • The portal will display all the authorised PAN centres in the area. 
  • You will be required to fill out a form and take a printout. 
  • The information that needs to be filled in is similar to the NSDL online application form explained earlier. 
  • Applicants will be required to paste two passport-size photographs in their forms. 
  • The correctly filled form needs to be submitted to the NSDL PAN centre. 
  • The agent will hand over an acknowledgement slip which can be used for further PAN Card cancellation status checks.   

How to Check the PAN Card Cancellation Status?

Customers who have opted for a PAN card cancellation procedure can check the same status by simply logging in to their NSDL profile and entering their login credentials. Once the application is sent, NSDL sends an acknowledgement message and token number. The website displays the applicant’s NSDL PAN Card status by entering the token number. Alternatively, one can also simply check their PAN Card Cancellation status from the official website of a  Here is the detailed procedure for tracking the same. 

  • Go to the official website of the Income Tax efiling website
  • Click on Verify your PAN option under the Quick Links
  • Provide details such as PAN number, name, date of birth, mobile number, etc. and proceed
  • This will prompt an OTP in your registered mobile number. 
  • Upon verification, the portal will display the prevailing status of your PAN card therein.

FAQ's About PAN Card Cancellation

Can one cancel their existing PAN Card?

An individual must possess one PAN card. However, carrying more than one PAN card is also against the law. In the latter case, the cardholder must apply for PAN Card cancellation.

In what circumstances can one cancel their PAN Card?

There can be cases where an individual might possess more than one PAN card, which, per law, is a punishable offence. When an individual has more than one PAN card, it is imperative to apply for PAN card cancellation as soon as possible.

How to apply for PAN Cancellation?

There are a few ways to apply for PAN cancellation. One may do so from the official website of UTI or NSDL, which are authorised PAN Card moderation entities. Cardholders can also head to the nearest PAN centre and apply for PAN Cancellation.

What is an Assessing Officer Code and how to find it?

AO Code combines Area Code, AO Type, Range Code and AO Number. Applicants for PAN are required to provide the AO code in their application. This information can be obtained from the Income Tax Office. Applicants may search their AO Codes based on the description wherever provided.

What is the payment process for PAN Card cancellation?

Applicants applying for a PAN card cancellation procedure will have to make a payment to avail of the service.

Can one cancel their PAN Card application and reapply for a new one?

One cannot cancel their PAN Card application to apply for a new one. However, one can make the necessary changes in their existing PAN card via NSDL or UTI website or from authorised offline PAN centres. 

Do citizens have to cancel their PAN Cards and apply for a new one if they move to different cities within India?

No need to cancel an existing PAN Card in case of relocation. Rather, they should apply for a PAN Card address update via NSDL, the UTI website, or from authorised offline PAN centres.

What happens if the Income Tax Department allows two PAN Cards to the same individual by mistake?

If the Income Tax Department allows two PAN Cards to the same individual by mistake, they can simply block the duplicate PAN card by applying for a PAN Card cancellation procedure via NSDL or UTI website or from authorised offline PAN centres.

Should an Indian working abroad cancel their PAN?

There is no requirement for an Indian working abroad to cancel their PAN card. This applies to the case where the person is employed on a work visa and may resettle back in India. 

Is it mandatory for NRIs to hold PAN cards?

Non-resident Indians don’t need to hold PAN cards.