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PAN Card Rejection: Common Reasons and How to Avoid It

PAN Card Rejection: Common Reasons and How to Avoid It

The PAN Card application process can be undertaken online or offline. The citizens of India are eligible to apply for a PAN card to facilitate various functions and operations. However, it has been identified that some applications conclude with a PAN card rejection. Incomplete and inaccurate submission of documents has often been attributed as one of the most common reasons for a PAN card rejection. Another reason identified for a PAN card rejection is that the information provided in the application does not align with the submitted documents. Both individuals and business entities have faced issues regarding the same.

Inconsistencies in the application can arise in both offline and online channels. Inconsistency can also arise due to other factors, and the applicant should be diligent while filling out the form and participating in the application process.

Reasons for PAN Card Rejection

The following reasons have been identified as the major factors that have led to a PAN card rejection: 

Inconsistencies in PAN Application Form 

Discrepancies may arise due to forms and documents furnished by the applicant. To conclude the application process, the applicant must fill out Form 49A and Form 49AA. These forms entail numerous fields that must be filled out accurately by the applicant. The applicant must fill in their name, age, date of birth, address etc. The applicant must meticulously fill in the fields and ensure they are free from inaccuracies. 

Inconsistencies in the Supporting Documents Submitted

Another reason for a PAN card rejection can be due to discrepancies in the documents. If the documents produced by the applicant for identification proof are misprinted or the information on the documents is not printed. The UTIITSL or NSDL generally rejects such applications, as the applicant must adhere to the guidelines set up by these portals.  

Factors to Consider to Avoid PAN Card Rejection

The applicant must consider the following factors while filling out the application form to avoid any PAN card rejections. 

Avoid using initials while filling out the "Name" column in the PAN Application Form: The applicant must ensure not to use their initials while filling out the name field on their application form. It has been a major hindrance in India, as many societies mention the initials of their middle name and surname. Now, if the applicants have written their name with their initials on documents such as their high school mark sheet but wrote their full name on the PAN card application form. The PAN card for the concerned individual would be rejected. On the other hand, the application for such applicants would be rejected if they mentioned their name with initials, as the PAN card and the online avenues do not cater to names entailing initials. It is advised that the applicant visit their nearest PAN card office to rectify this issue, as there are no means through which one can solve this issue online. 

Mention your PIN code in the application Form: The applicant must also mention their PIN code while citing an address. It is advisable that the applicant mention their PIN code accurately and diligently, as the PAN card is transferred via post. An absence of a valid or proper PIN code in the application form will lead to rejection. 

Phone Numbers Should Contain ISD and STD Codes: The applicants must mention their ISD and STD codes and phone numbers. The mobile number of the applicant must also include the country code. A piece of relevant information makes it easier for the authorities to contact the applicant at their discretion.

Produce Valid Supporting Documents: The applicant is required to produce the following documents to conclude their PAN Card application process: 

  • Proof of Identity of the applicant
  • Proof of Address (Used to Dispatch the PAN Card) 
  • Proof of Age

The applicant must employ the Protean eGov Technologies or UTTIISL website to conclude the PAN application process. The applicant must send copies of these documents within the selected time frame. It is to ensure that the applicant loses their application fee levied at the time of submitting the PAN Submission Form online. 

Accuracy of Signature: The applicant must write their accurate signature on the PAN card. The design of the signature mentioned should be consistent so that there are no discrepancies in the future. It is advised that the applicant practise before writing their signature on the application form to avoid any inconsistencies and confusion. The signature should be within the space provided.

Ink Colour: The applicant must also not fill out the application form with a blue ink pen. The guidelines for the PAN Card application clearly state that the applicant must fill out all the details in the form with a black ballpoint pen. The applicant can also fill out the form online to eliminate any such chances of a discrepancy. 

Scanned Photos: The applicant must also submit their scanned photos to conclude the PAN Card application process online. It is to be noted that the applicants do not submit the photographs on their Aadhaar cards. The applicant can submit a copy of their scanned photographs by using e-Sign (online). The applicant must upload their passport-size photographs in the dimensions and sizes mentioned in the fields. It is to be noted that if the applicant does not adhere to the mentioned guidelines, they wouldn't be able to complete this necessary step. It is also important that the applicant produce their latest Passport size photographs. 

What to Do If Your PAN Card Application is Rejected?

If, in any case, your PAN card application is rejected, you can always visit the PAN office physically. One just needs to  fill in a form and ask the officials what needs to be corrected and then submit that very form at the PAN office.

Final Word

The PAN Card is one of the most important forms of identification proof that every citizen should possess. The application procedure is straightforward, and the applicant can conveniently avail of various online and offline channels. But the applicants must adhere to guidelines set by the authorities and diligently fill out the application form. The applicant should avoid making mistakes while filling out the fields on the application form to avoid PAN Card rejection. The applicant should not apply for a PAN Card if they already possess one, or a heavy penalty would be imposed.

FAQ's About PAN Card Rejection

Reasons why my PAN Card was rejected?

The two major reasons identified for a PAN Card rejection are the discrepancies in the application form and documents submitted.

If the PAN application is rejected, do we get a refund?

In case the PAN application is rejected, the Income Tax department is not liable to pay any refund on the PAN application.

Can our PAN card get rejected?

If there are discrepancies in the application form or the documents submitted, the PAN Card application may face rejection.

How can I clear my PAN card objection?

The applicant can complete their PAN card correction form from the UTIISL website. And also reach out to the Income tax department to conclude the PAN application procedure.