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PAN Card Verification

PAN Card Verification

PAN, or Permanent Account Number is a mandatory identification document that all taxpayers must possess. Furthermore, with the PAN card, several benefits and uses are involved as well. Some of these include payment of taxes, claiming tax benefits and returns, making hefty transactions, investing in stocks and mutual funds, and so on. The PAN document should be held by anyone earning a taxable revenue in India, including businesses with a turnover of more than INR 5 lakhs. PAN cards are issued by the Income Tax Department under the regulation of the Central Board of Direct Taxes. 

Consequently, verifying every PAN is necessary to avoid misuse and map the transactions correctly. One can check their status from the Income Tax Department e-filing portal and other third parties entrusted with the PAN Verification process. 

Types of PAN Card Verification 

There are a few ways in which the authorities ensure a PAN is correctly verified. This goes for the cardholders as well as the agencies that have been assigned the task. Cardholders need to make sure that application documents are submitted to the authorities. 

For organisations that want to carry out PAN, the verification procedure can follow the steps given below. 

  • Create an account by registering your entity with the Protean eGov Technologies Limited official website. This can enable a PAN verification process for up to 1000 entries at a time. 
  • From the dashboard, find the option to upload the PAN verification entries and click on submit. 
  • There will be a minimum of 24 hours before the PAN is verified and shows the details of the particular cardholders. 
  • Verifying entity needs to be careful with the formatting, without which the entries can be subjected to rejection. 

Another alternative is the screen-based verification method in which users can simultaneously proceed with PAN verification of up to 5 entries. Below mentioned steps showcase how one can efficiently perform PAN verification with the screen-based method. 

  • Creating an account will be the foremost step. Get registered with the Income Tax Department e-filing portal. 
  • After you log in to your account, you can upload the details of five PAN Cards at once.
  • Post-submission, the verification process will begin, and you can simply track the progress therein. 
  • The verified PAN card details will be reflected on the screen. 

Lastly, one can also use the software API-based PAN card verification technology to get their PAN verification job done. This will involve the user downloading the API software from the NSDL website. The verification process will be commenced with the NSDL website with assistance from the API software. 

Verify PAN Number by Name and Date of Birth

In case one needs to know about their PAN card details; they can merely use information like their name and date of birth. This allows them to access their PAN card details with minimal information and maximum convenience. Here are the steps to Know your PAN card via your name and date of birth. 

  • Go to the official website of the e-filing Income Tax Department Home page
  • From the main menu, navigate to the ‘Verify your PAN’ section
  • You will be required to enter your PAN number, name, and date of birth there. 
  • Enter your mobile number to get an OTP verification. 
  • Post-verification, you'll get to know your PAN card activation status therein. 

PAN Card Number Verification with Aadhaar Number

Since the Aadhaar Card has been deemed mandatory to be linked with the PAN card; users can also know their PAN card application status through the Aadhaar number. For this, they must have a phone number registered with their Aadhaar card for authentication purposes. Here are the steps to check the status of a PAN card application through the Aadhaar Number. 

  • Go to the official website of the Income Tax efiling Department. 
  • Under the quick link menu options, select the instant e-PAN option
  • You can either get a new e-PAN request or proceed to check the status of your PAN card application therein. 
  • Click on the Check status/ download PAN option
  • Enter your Aadhaar number. 
  • An OTP will be prompted to your registered mobile number
  • Post-verification, you can get the status of your PAN card application online. 

How to Verify PAN Card With UTIITSL Services 

The Income Tax Department has entrusted a couple of third-party websites for PAN verification. These companies include UTIITSL and NSDL. 

UTIITSL or UTI Infrastructure Technology Services Limited, formerly known as UTI Technologies Services Limited, was initially incorporated as a limited company in 1993 and later was established as a government company under the companies act of 2013. UTIITSL has been a proven service provider in PAN issuance and printing. Consequently, users can use the UTIITSL platform to effectuate efficient PAN verification. Anyone who wants to track their PAN card verification status can use the UTIITSL portal by following the steps below. 

  • Go to the official website of UTIITSL. 
  • Navigate the main menu to find the PAN Card Services, under which you can find various queries related to the PAN. 
  • Click on the Track your PAN Card option. 
  • This will redirect you to a new window. Enter your Application Coupon number or PAN Card number. Furthermore, enter your details pertaining to the Date of Birth /Incorporation / Agreement / Partnership or Trust Deed / Formation of Body of Individuals / Association of Persons. 
  • Enter the Security Captcha and proceed to view the PAN status therein. 

Users who require a bulk verification procedure can do so by clicking on the ‘bulk verification option’ under the PAN Card services option. Users must create an account or log in using their credentials. There will be a few requirements before one can proceed. This service of bulk verification is only open to certain groups. Furthermore, those who fall within the eligible entities category must follow three particulars for registration purposes. 

  • The public key of a Class II (or Class III) Digital Signature Certificate 
  • Indent  Form, duly filled and signed with company seal by the prospective user with the Demand Draft.
  • Terms & Conditions Agreement on your company letterhead, duly filled and signed with company seal by the prospective user.

CBDT will take up the authentication. The above-mentioned documents need to be produced in case of enquiry. Post-verification, the request status will be notified to the parties.

PAN Verification Response Status

There are some generic responses that customers receive from the PAN verification authorities for their various queries. These responses can be as listed down below. 

  • Status responses in case of a valid PAN with respect to a particular event will include full name, PAN status, event particulars, name printed on the card, and date of the last update. 
  • PAN verification responses status in case of a valid PAN will include PAN status, last update details, and full name. 
  • PAN verification responses status in case of a fake PAN will include a text saying ‘fake’ without further details. 
  • PAN verification response status in case a deleted or deactivated PAN card will include a text saying deactivated or deleted without further details. 
  • In case the PAN was not found, a message saying ‘Not present in the Income Tax Department Database’ will be displayed. 

Eligibility of PAN Verification

Not every agency can go through the process of PAN card verification. There are only limited entities that can undertake the procedure. This is mainly to ensure that the information is not misused. With properly registered organisations, the process can be tracked and monitored, and there is some accountability in case of any mishap. Here is a list of groups that are responsible for PAN card verification.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • RBI
  • Financial banks that are registered and approved with the RBI
  • Central Vigilance Commission 
  • Stamp and Registration Department
  • GST network
  • Insurance and Investment managing entities 
  • Depositories
  • Exchanges 
  • SEBI-approved Investment Advisor

Details Required to Register for the Online PAN Verification

It will be beneficial for the PAN cardholders and agencies to know about the details that are required to register for an online PAN card verification. For the payment, the required details include the mode of payment, payment amount, and instrument number. In the case of groups and companies, the details required include the entity's name, category, PAN number, details for communication, and miscellaneous personal details. Lastly, for the certificate details of the digital certificate, one will require the certifying authority, digital signature certificate class, and serial number. 

Documents Required for Online PAN Verification

Whether it be a new PAN card application or the online verification of an existing PAN verification, the users will be required to produce a few documents pertaining to the authentication of the identity and residence of the cardholder or applicant. These documents can be submitted online or offline, depending on the user. There are documents required for all applicants, be it a resident of India or a Non-resident Indian, be it a firm or a partnership. The primary documents required for PAN card verification are as follows. 

Identification Documents

Voter ID card
Aadhaar Card
Ration card 
Driving licence
Government issue photo identity card
Pensioner card

Residential Proofs

Voter ID card 
Aadhaar card
Electricity bill - last three months applicable
Driving licence
Landline telephone bill from final three months
Broadband connection bill from previous three months
Bank account statement
Credit card statement
Domicile certificate issued by government
Allotment letter

FAQ's About PAN Card Verification

Can an entity renew its PAN verification facility?

Entities have the provision to review and renew their PAN verification status online by logging in to the official website of the Income Tax Department e-filling portal by entering their login credentials along with the digital signature.

What is PAN card verification?

PAN verification is an essential process for the Income Tax department. They rely on third parties to authenticate the credibility of the information pertaining to an individual’s PAN card details. This includes the identification and the residential address of the cardholder.

How can we verify the PAN number?

PAN card holders have the provision to complete their PAN number verification from the official website of the Income Tax government portal by logging in to their accounts and selecting “verify your PAN details” from the quick link section.  

How can I check my PAN card details online?

PAN card details are available on the income tax portal. When a user registers for a PAN card, the data is prefilled and can be easily accessed by logging in to the IT department website and selecting “verify your PAN card details” from the quick link menu.

How can I check my PAN card status by name?

If you want to check the status of your PAN card via your name, you can head over to the official website of the Income Tax Government portal. Navigate through the Quick Links to verify your PAN card option, wherein you can enter your name and date of birth to check the status therein.

Is a PAN card linked with a mobile number?

For processing a new PAN card application, it is necessary to link a mobile number. If a user needs to link an updated mobile number, they can do so from the official income tax department government portal website.

Will I need to enter the full name for PAN verification?

Enter your complete name as per provided in the Aadhaar Card to complete the PAN card verification process.

Can I know my PAN by logging into the e-filing website of the Government of India?

Yes, you can know your complete PAN card details by simply logging into the e-filing income tax portal of the government of India. You can find the details under the profile section.

Will there be any Swachh Bharat Cess (SBC) for PAN verification?

A 0.5% Swachh Bharat Cess or SBC will be charged for all PAN verification. 

Will I need to pay any initial advance for PAN verification?

Once the PAN card verification process is completed, you can pay the applicable charges after. 

How do I avail this facility?

One can avail of the online PAN verification facility by logging into the official website of the Income Tax Department and fill an application form with the core details mentioned above. 

Is there a software/solution for bulk PAN verification?

The software will be involved if you opt for bulk PAN verification. This is majorly for government and non-government organisations where the software API provided by the NSDL portal will be used. Charges will be applicable for the services offered.

How to track the status of registration for online PAN verification?

The registration status for online PAN verification can be monitored from the Income tax e-filing portal under the verify your PAN status option in the quick links menu. You will be required to enter your personal details along with the PAN card and acknowledgement numbers.

What are the annual registration charges for availing of online PAN verification?

The annual registration charges for online PAN verification will be INR 12,000 plus the applicable GST charges.