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Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator

Punjab & Sind Bank PPF Calculator - An Overview

The Public Provident Fund (PPF) from Punjab and Sind Bank is a fantastic investment strategy that offers tax advantages as well as a sizable return. A financial year's worth of investments ranges from Rs. 500 least to Rs. 1,50,000 maximum. With a 15-year lock-in term, this Scheme is active in every Punjab and Sind Bank branch. To determine the maturity value on our PPF scheme, you may always use this PPF calculator.

How Does Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator Work?

The Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator is an online tool that helps you calculate the maturity value of your PPF account. Here's how it works:

  • Scroll to this page's topmost section, i.e., the PPF Calculator. 
  • Enter the amount you wish to invest in the PPF account annually. It can range from a minimum of Rs. 500 to a maximum of Rs. 1.5 lakh per annum.
  • Enter the tenure you wish to hold the PPF account for. The PPF account has a fixed tenure of 15 years, which can be extended in blocks of 5 years thereafter.
  • Enter the expected interest rate offered by the bank. It is the rate at which your investment will earn interest and is decided by the government of India.
  • Next, the calculator gives you an estimated investment maturity value and a year-wise investment schedule.
  • The calculator uses a predefined formula based on your inputs to calculate the maturity value. The formula used is F=P[(1+i)^n-1]/i, where F is the maturity value, P is the annual investment, i is the interest rate, and n is the tenure.
  • You can use the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator to experiment with different investment amounts, tenures and interest rates to arrive at your ideal investment plan.
  • Note that the calculator provides only an estimated maturity value, and the actual value may vary based on changes in interest rates or other factors.

What are the Key Benefits of the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator?

Using the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF calculator has several advantages, such as:

  • Accuracy: The calculator uses the current interest rate and investment tenure to estimate your PPF account's maturity value.
  • Time-Saving: With the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF calculator, you can estimate your savings within seconds, saving you time and effort.
  • Easy Planning: The calculator helps you plan your investments more efficiently by providing an estimate of your savings and interest earned.

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Interest Rates

Punjab and Sind Bank offers competitive interest rates on their PPF accounts, which are set by the Ministry of Finance and subject to change on a quarterly basis. As of April 2023, the interest rate offered by the Punjab and Sind Bank on their PPF accounts is 7.1% per annum. It is important to note that the interest on PPF accounts is compounded annually, which means that the interest earned in the previous years is added to the principal amount, and interest is calculated on the total amount. It results in higher returns over the long term. It is advisable to regularly check the interest rates offered by the bank and make informed decisions about investing in PPF accounts.

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Maturity Value Calculation

The Punjab and Sind Bank PPF maturity value calculation refers to the process of determining the final amount an investor will receive at the end of the investment period. The maturity value is calculated based on the total amount invested, the applicable interest rate, and the investment tenure.

It is important to note that the interest on your PPF is calculated monthly, following the interest rates set by the Reserve Bank of India. The current ongoing interest rate is 7.1%.

Alternatively, you can manually calculate the maturity value using the following formula: 

F= P[({(1+i)^n}-1)/i]


  • F refers to the maturity value of the PPF
  • P refers to the annual instalments
  • I refers to the interest rate on the PPF
  • n refers to the tenure of the PPF

How Does The Punjab And Sind Bank PPF Calculator Help You?

The Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator helps investors in the following manner:

  • Helps in calculating the interest earned and maturity amount of their PPF investment.
  • The calculator enables investors to make informed decisions about the amount to invest, investment tenure, and expected returns.
  • By using the calculator, investors can plan their finances better and maximise the tax benefits offered by the PPF scheme.
  • The Punjab and Sind Bank PPF calculator is a convenient and efficient way to assess potential returns on investment in the PPF scheme.

What are the Steps to Open an PPF Account in Punjab and Sind Bank?

Opening a PPF account with the Punja and Sind Bank is hassle-free. Interested individuals can download the application form online and submit it at eligible branches, which can be accessed through the bank's website. The account can be opened at 125 branches across India and can be opened with either cash or cheque. The account opening date is the date of cheque realisation. All Indian citizens, regardless of domicile or place of work, can open a PPF account in their name or on behalf of a minor by the minor's parents. However, NRIs are not eligible to open a PPF account under the revised scheme.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is PPF account available at Punjab and Sind Bank?

Yes, one can open a PPF account at Punjab and Sind Bank.

What is the interest rate on PPF at Punjab and Sind Bank?

The interest rate on PPF at Punjab and Sind Bank is 7.1%.

Can I open a PPF account online at Punjab and Sind Bank?

Yes, one can download the PPF form online from the official website of the Punjab and Sind Bank and submit it at the branch.

Is Punjab and Sind Bank safe for PPF Accounts?

Yes, the Punjab and Sind Bank is a safe and trusted bank for PPF accounts. It is a government-owned bank regulated by the Reserve Bank of India.

How much will I get if I invest 1000 monthly in PPF for 15 years?

Assuming a constant interest rate of 7.1%, you will get a maturity value of approximately Rs. 3,25,000 if you invest Rs. 1,000 every month for 15 years in a PPF account. However, the actual amount may vary depending on changes in the interest rate and other factors. It is advisable to use a PPF calculator to get an accurate estimate of your maturity value.

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