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Bajaj Finserv offer home loan of Rs. 5 Crore*, or higher basis eligibility at an intrest rate starting from 7.2%*. A home loan with us comes with a number of added benefits, such as a flexible repayment tenor of up to 30 years, intrest subsidy through PMAY, and the option of a top-up loan when you transfer your existing house loan to us.

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Bajaj Finserv Home Loan Interest Rate

Bajaj Finserv

8.6% - 14%

Up to 2%


₹1L - ₹5Cr

Tenure(1 - 30 Years)


Features and Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Home Loan

Flexible Repayment

Bajaj Finserv provides flexible EMI repayment plans. You can plan your finances accordingly and repay your housing loan at your pace in 30 years.

Top-up on Existing Loan

A top-up is financial help provided by banks and NBFCs that allows you to borrow an additional amount on your existing loan. Bajaj Finserv provides their customers with top-up loans on balance transfers of existing loans. You can avail a top-up of up to INR 1 Crore with Bajaj Finserv.

Minimal Documentation

Bajaj Finserv offers home loans with simple processing and minimal documentation.

Quick Disbursal

Bajaj Finserv disburses approved loans within 48 hours of verification to provide an optimum experience to the customer.

Attractive Interest Rates

Bajaj Finserv offers flexible and affordable home loans. You can avail of a home loan up to INR 5 crores with interest rates ranging between 8.6% to 14% per annum.

Zero Prepayment Charges

A prepayment is an option provided by banks and NBFCs that allows customers to repay the loan before maturity. Usually, financial institutions charge a percentage of the loan amount if you opt for prepayment. But with Bajaj Finserv, you can prepay your loan and save up on your interest without paying any foreclosure charges.

Bajaj Finserv: Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Criteria For Salaried Individuals For Self- Employed Individuals
Nationality Indian Resident Indian Resident
Age 23 years - 62 years 25 years - 70 years
Work experience 3 years 5 years of vintage with current entreprise
Minimum Salary (Depends on the city of residence)  INR 30,000 to INR 50,000   INR 30,000 to INR 40,000
CIBIL score Above 750 Above 750

Bajaj Finserv Home Loan: Fees and Charges

Processing Fees Upto 6% of the loan amount
EMI bounce charges Upto INR 3000
Penal Interest Upto 2%
Secure Fee ( one time) Upto INR 4,999
Loan statement charges NIL
Principal and Interest statement charges NIL
Prepayment or foreclosure charges NIL

Bajaj Finserv: Types of Home Loans

Bajaj Finserv provides a wide range of home loans tailored according to the needs of their customers.

Home Loan Balance Transfer

Bajaj Finserv offers a balance transfer on home loans. It provides a facility to transfer an existing home loan to the NBFC hassle-free. With Bajaj Finserv balance transfer, you can avail of low-interest rates, long term loans and top up on the existing loan.

Top-up Loan

Bajaj Finserv provides a top-up in addition to the home loan. A top-up is a financial help offered by the banks and NBFCs that allows you to borrow an additional amount on the existing loan.

Joint Home Loans

You can share your finances by opting for a joint home loan with your spouse, parents or siblings. You can share the repayment responsibilities with your co-applicant.

Women's Home Loans

Bajaj Finserv provides home loans specially customized for women at competitive rates. This loan type supports women to become independent house owners.

Home Construction Loan

A home construction loan offers funds specifically for home construction. Bajaj Finserv also provides a top-up to cover home decor expenses after the construction of the house.

Plot for Purchase

Bajaj Finserv provides finances for purchasing a plot for the construction of your house.

Home Loan for Professionals

Bajaj Finserv provides ample finances at attractive interest rates for professionals like home loans for private employees, government employees, advocates and bank employees.

Documents required for Bajaj Finserv Home Loan

KYC Documents
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Passport
  • Driving License
  • Voter ID
Income Proof
  • Previous 3 months’ salary slips
  • Previous 6 months’ bank account statements
  • Employee ID card
Other Documents Property documents

Bajaj Finserv: Home Loan EMI Calculator

EMI means estimated monthly instalments. It refers to the amount payable every month towards the repayment of your home loan. A home loan EMI calculator is a tool provided by Bajaj Finserv on their website that helps you to compute the estimated monthly payments. Enter the desired loan amount, tenure and interest rate in the allocated boxes and get the estimated figures in seconds.


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

Does Bajaj Finserv provide home loans at the best rate?

Yes, Bajaj Finserv provides home loans at affordable interest rates, starting from 6.65%.

Does Bajaj Finserv check for a CIBIL score for a home loan?

Yes, Bajaj Finserv considers the CIBIL score of home loan applicants to determine the best possible home loan interest rate for the latter. The applicant should maintain a minimum score of 750 to avail best offers.

What is the maximum amount of home loan I can get from Bajaj Finserv?

Based on your CIBIL score, repayment history, financial stability and other considerations. You can get a home loan for a maximum of INR 5 crores at Bajaj Finserv.

Does Bajaj Finserv have a fixed rate of interest on a home loan?

Bajaj Finserv offers home loans at both fixed and floating interest rates.

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