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karur Vysya Bank

karur Vysya Bank

KVB offers services such corporate, personal, agricultural banking, as well as support for NRIs and MSME. In terms of personal banking, the bank offers, among other things, fixed deposits, insurance, and personal loans. KVB offers a variety of services under corporate banking, including general insurance, corporate loans, demat accounts, and multicity current accounts.

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Loans offered by karur Vysya Bank

karur Vysya Bank LoansInterest RateProcessing FeeLoan Amount/Tenure
karur Vysya Bank Personal Loan

9.4% - 19%

Up to 1.5%

Up to ₹75L

Tenure(Up to 6 Years)

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Features and Benefits of Karur Vysya Bank

Established in 1916, Karur Vysya Bank is a renowned financial institution in India that has been serving the needs of its customers for over a century. The bank started as a small cooperative credit society and has now grown into a full-fledged commercial bank. Today, it has over 750 branches across India and serves over 2 million customers.

KVB has always been at the forefront of technology adoption to offer its customers the best products and services. It was one of the first banks to have a fully networked branch system under Core Banking Solutions, implementing ATMs, Bunch Note Recycler Machines, and fully automated passbook printers, as well as deploying Cheque Deposit Kiosks for self-service banking. The bank was also one of the pioneers of providing Internet Banking and Mobile Banking services to customers - setting a blazing trail for others to follow.

  • 24*7 Customer Care: The customer support team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can help you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are also available to help you with any technical issues. If you need help, they will be there for you.
  • A wide range of products and services: The bank offers a wide range of products and services to its customers, including savings and Demat accounts, loans, credit cards, and more.
  • A robust digital presence: The bank has a mobile app and an online banking platform.  Customers can use the website and mobile app to check their account balances, transfer funds, pay bills, and more. The bank also offers a range of digital products and services, including online banking, mobile banking, and contactless payments.

Products and Services Offered by Karur Vysya Bank

Karur Vysya Bank offers an array of products and services to meet the needs of its customers. Everyone has something, from loans to deposits, insurance to investments, digital products to social security schemes. 

Savings Account

The Karur Vysya savings account allows its customers to choose a savings account scheme in accordance with their needs. A savings account is a bank account where customers can deposit money to earn interest. The interest rate is usually higher than a checking account, but the balance must remain above a certain minimum to avoid fees. 

Current Account 

A current account is a bank account where customers can deposit and withdraw money as needed. These accounts typically offer lower interest rates than savings accounts but more flexibility in accessing funds. Karur Vysya offers three current account variants to cater to business needs.


Help an individual to ensure a regular flow of income. Karur Vysya Bank offers a wide range of deposit products to suit the needs of its customers. Customers can choose to deposit their money for a short or longer period. The interest rates offered by the bank are very competitive. The bank also offers several other benefits, such as a Flexible Deposit Scheme, which allows customers to withdraw their deposits at any time without penalty.


Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) offers a variety of loan products to assist the financial needs of its customers. KVB provides personal, home, vehicle, business, and education loans. KVB offers competitive interest rates and terms on its loans, making it an attractive option for borrowers. KVB offers several value-added services to its loan customers, such as loan protection insurance and 24-hour customer service. With minimal processing charges and extended tenures, KVB offers competitive rates.

Debit and Credit Card

Karur Vysya Bank offers three categories of debit cards: a regular savings debit card, a prestige debit card, and a pride platinum debit card. These debit cards cater to savings accounts as well as high-net-worth individuals.

On the other hand, the credit cards offered by the bank include KVB and co-branded cards. With an array of variants to choose from, you can pick up the one that suits your requirements.

Prepaid Instruments

Prepaid instruments are a type of financial instrument that allows an individual to prepay for goods or services. Karur Vysya Bank offers gift cards, forex cards, and re-loadable cards. When choosing a prepaid instrument, it is important to compare the fees and features to find the best option for your needs.


The bank has partnered with several insurance companies to provide their customers with various options. Some companies include Aditya Birla, Bajaj Allianz, Go Digit, and Star Health.


The bank has a team of experienced investment professionals who can provide guidance and advice on the best investment options available. The bank offers investment products such as fixed deposits, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and more. The bank also offers online investment services, which make it easy and convenient for customers to invest.

Digital Products

The digital products offered by the bank include the mobile banking system, Bharat QR code, KVB- NETC FASTag, and KVB UPI. The mobile banking app allows customers to check their account balances, transfer funds, and pay bills. Online banking provides customers with a convenient way to manage their finances from anywhere.

Government Schemes

The bank offers the National Pension Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Scheme, and Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme to cater for the need of a large number of people. 

NRI Accounts

Karur Vysya Bank allows NRIs to open an account in their bank. NRIs can open an NRE/ NRO or RFC account while residing abroad. Additionally, they can avail of loans and invest in deposits and mutual funds. Furthermore, the bank offers channels for their remittance needs: SWIFT remittance, Remit2India, Correspondent Bank, and Western Union.

Agricultural Banking

Karur Vysya Bank understands that people in the agricultural sector have various needs. They offer a range of products and services to meet those needs. KVB provides loans for various businesses, from production loans to daily expenditure loans. Whatever your need, Karur Vysya Bank has you covered.

Karur Vysya Bank Customer Care 

Toll-Free Number 1860 258 1916 
Email ID customersupport@kvbmail.com 
Outside India 1410 581 79 31


From refinancing to reducing your interest, we have the answers right here.

Is Karur Vysya Bank government or private?

Karur Vysya Bank is a private bank.

Who is the owner of KVB bank?

Karur Vysya Bank was founded by Mr Athi Krishna Chettiar and Mr M A Venkatramana Chettiar.

What is the minimum balance in Karur Vysya Bank?

The minimum balance differs from city to city. Please contact the bank for detailed information.

How can I check my KVB account online?

You can log in to your internet banking account to check your balance and other account details.

Where is the headquarter of Karur Vysya Bank?

The headquarter of Karur Vysya Bank is in Karur, Tamilnadu.

How can I activate KVB mobile banking?

You can activate your KVB mobile banking account by registering using your account details.

What is the swift code of Karur Vysya Bank?

The swift code of Karur Vysya Bank is KVBLINBBIND.

How can I know my KVB IFSC code?

Your KVB IFSC code will be mentioned on the front page of your chequebook and passbook.

What is the MICR code of Karur Vysya Bank?

The MICR code of KVB bank will be mentioned in your chequebook.

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