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July 20, 2022


One milestone that everyone wishes to hit someday is buying a new home. Though it is a tiresome and financially exhausting process, you can do it with ease. All you have to do is apply for a home loan offered by various banks. Although a house loan might provide you with the necessary funds, you should never exceed your budget. While qualifying for a mortgage and buying a new house might be thrilling, it should also give you a sense of financial security and stability.

Prepare an Investment Plan Beforehand

It is vital to work out your financial conditions before applying for a home loan. You must create a worksheet with information about your monthly income and expenses for this. This helps you keep track of your finances, and you can fix your home loan EMIs using this method without affecting your spending plan or routine costs.

Home Loan Application Process

An individual must fulfill the home loan eligibility requirements in order to be approved for a home loan. The financial/lending institution reviews the application once the applicant completes the form and provides the required documentation. After carefully reviewing the documents, the bank decides whether to provide the applicant with the desired credit. Now, the majority of banks, developers, and builders offer the feature of determining home loan EMIs using the variable elements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Home Loan Application Process

The steps to complete the home loan process are as follows:

  • Fill out the home loan application form and include all relevant documentation.
  • Make payment for the processing charge.
  • Consult with the bank
  • Documents’ Evaluation
  • Processing of the Sanction/Approval 
  • Processing of the Offer Letters 
  • Property Paperwork Is processed, Followed By a Legal Check 
  • Processing A Technical check and a Site Estimation
  • Finalizing the loan deal
  • The Loan Agreement Is Signed 
  • The Loan Is sanctioned 

Comparing Home Loans

You should look for a housing loan with enticing interest rates. Before deciding on the best home loan, you must investigate your possibilities. To make things simpler, most banks and other financial institutions provide a house loan EMI calculator online that enables consumers to determine the most practical EMIs they can pay. Regarding interest rates, loan periods, and fees, including processing fees and foreclosure charges, different lending institutions may provide various home loan programs. Many websites let users compare two or more loans based on multiple factors. Depending on the borrower’s needs, lending institutions may permit customization to the loan plan. The comparison also helps the borrowers determine which scheme suits their requirements the best.

Property Verification

A pre-approved home loan could be the best solution for many people. Before making a purchase decision, it is crucial to confirm the property title, builder/developer, etc. You will be able to understand the project’s legitimacy and reduce the risk of fraud. Before making a purchasing decision, be sure you have confirmed the property title and other documentation, regardless of whether the property is finished or still under construction.

Property Cost

Since most lending organizations only grant up to 80% of the property cost, you must decide how much down payment you will make before you begin the loan application. Lending organizations also consider the borrower’s income. There is a greater likelihood of approval when applying for a mortgage with a co-owner, such as your wife or spouse, as the combined income could suggest a better earning potential. You will pay a specific amount of EMI toward the loan depending on the type, rate, and duration of the loan. 

Home Loan Interest Rate

It is up to the borrower to decide whether to accept a loan with fixed or floating interest rates. Unless a significant market movement prompts the lending institution to raise interest rates, home loans with fixed interest rates will require constant EMI to be paid each month. The name “floating interest rate” refers to the fact that it fluctuates regularly based on market conditions, which means that the borrower may be obliged to pay a reduced interest rate frequently throughout the loan’s term.

Credit Score

Credit agencies assign credit scores representing an individual’s capacity to repay credit/debt. Most people’s credit scores are calculated and assigned based on how they manage their credit through credit cards and other loan products over time. Lending institutions use credit scores to analyze loan applications, which help decide whether they are granted or denied. Before you begin purchasing a home with a loan, be sure you have a good credit score. There are several basic strategies you may use to build or enhance your credit score. A good credit score provides you with many great benefits, such as lower interest rates, higher loan amounts, a quicker loan approval process, and a more extended repayment period. Anything above 750 is considered a good credit score. 

Home Loan Tenure

Directly affecting the EMI is the loan period or tenure. A home loan with a shorter loan term could have a higher EMI requirement. The overall cost of interest will be higher if a longer-term is chosen with fewer EMIs. Pick the shortest loan term possible while considering your affordability. Additionally, make sure you read the pre-closure requirements so you can close a loan account before the tenure’s end. 

Charges and Penalties

Make sure you read the terms and conditions to understand the many kinds of fees and charges that could raise the cost of the loan. Processing fees, taxes, stamp duties, and foreclosure charges are significant aspects of the loan that can aid in your effective planning. 

Pre-approved Home Loans

Financing institutions typically provide a list of pre-approved housing projects. The lending institution has previously evaluated the projects on this list in light of many criteria, including the builder’s reputation and other elements. Additionally, a pre-approved loan will help you save time that you might be squandering looking for the ideal house only to find out that your application was turned down.

Home Loan Factors for Lending Institutions

Before granting or rejecting a house loan application, most banks and non-bank financial organizations consider a number of variables. Following is a list of some of the factors:

Application: The lending institutions verify the form after the applicant fills it out. To ascertain whether the applicant is eligible for the loan. Information like age, occupation, etc., is compared to the criteria.

Income: To determine the applicant’s ability to repay the loan, the lending institution will investigate their income. Only the disposable income is taken into account when computing the income. Incomes like transportation and medical allowances are not included in the computation.

Cosigners: There is a higher likelihood that the loan will be approved if it is submitted by co-owners, such as a husband and wife. Lending institutions favor applications with cosigners over those without one.

Property: To establish how much credit can be given, the lending institution will also evaluate the worth of the property. A property in a more suitable location that is well maintained with all essential amenities will add a greater value as compared to a house that is unkempt and not in a convenient location. 

Credit report: The credit rating or report is one of the key considerations a lending institution examines when deciding whether to approve or reject a home loan application. If the creditor has a good credit score, they will be able to extend credit more easily than they would if they had a negative credit score.

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