Vimal Vijayan

  Vimal Vijayan is a major in Philosophy with a background in Music, Artistry, Research, and Teaching. More often than not, he is as confused as a cow on an astroturf but oddly that's just his strategy for staying lazy. Also, he likes to play Chess. Fin.


19 Stories by Author: Vimal Vijayan

  • Credit Appraisal: Unraveling the Economic Enigma!

    Have you ever found yourself lost in the labyrinth of financial terms and credit jargon, with 'credit appraisal' adding to your baffling list? Well, consider this your lifeboat in the tempestuous ocean of banking terminologies. What is credit appraisal, you ask? It's nothing short of an economic detective story where the protagonist, the lender, embarks on an analytical journey to…...
  • Small Loans : Get Instant Cash Loans

    In India, small loans have become a crucial financial tool for individuals seeking immediate funds to address their urgent financial needs. These short-term loans, typically ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand rupees, offer a convenient and accessible solution for those facing unexpected expenses, emergency situations, or temporary cash shortages. With the rise of online lending platforms, applying…...
  • No Credit Check Loans: The Savior of Low Credit Score Borrowers

    As the name suggests, no credit check loans are ideal for those with a poor credit history. When it comes to loans without credit check, the lender can perform the same thing without retrieving the borrower's CIBIL score or history. However, given the borrower's overall risk profile, which normally improves with a low credit score or absence thereof, they are…...
  • HDFC Bank Merger: Changes for HDFC FD Customers; Annual Results and Dividend Awaited

    In a significant development in the financial sector, HDFC Ltd and HDFC Bank have recently announced their long-awaited merger. The merger between these leading entities, HDFC and HDFC Bank, will bring about several changes and opportunities for customers and shareholders. HDFC, the leading housing finance company, and HDFC Bank, one of India's largest private sector banks, have been planning this…...
  • Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate (TNREGINET)

    When considering buying or selling a property, it will be imperative to check whether the property has an encumbrance certificate available. This is essential as one will have access to information about the property's current owner as per government records, the transactions the property went through, and whether the property holds any third-party claim, mortgage, or charges. For the state…...
  • Credit Rating Agencies In India

    It will be intriguing to know that there are agencies that solely involve themselves with the analysis and grading of investment instruments and credit risk. These deem useful for many banks and lending institutions in determining how much capital they can deploy on an individual or entity on a credit basis. These credit ratings and credit scores have an invisibly…...
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