The exchange rate of INR to GBP determines the value of one Indian Rupee in terms of British Pounds. Fluctuations in the exchange rate impact the cost of imports and exports and the competitiveness of Indian goods and services in the UK market.

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Currency exchange value is subjected to market fluctuation. Exchange rate as on Feb 29, 2024.

INR to GBP Exchange Rate

The Indian Rupee and British Pound have a significant relationship due to historical and economic ties between India and the UK. Factors influencing the INR to pound exchange rate include interest rates, inflation, economic indicators, and geopolitical events.

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1 INR to GBP Exchange Rate Last 7 days



  • 0.009864

  • 0.009849

  • 0.009835

  • 0.009833

  • 0.00977

  • 0.009692

  • 0.009712

Indian Rupee to Sterling Pound Conversions



INR to GBP Currency Conversion - An Overview

The INR to GBP currency conversion rate is vital for international travel, foreign investments and money transfers between India and the United Kingdom. A currency converter evaluates the worth of one currency in terms of another currency. Using this exchange rate calculator, stakeholders can compute the value of 1 rupee in pounds. Governments, investors and business owners across the two countries actively use this exchange for their interests. The INR to Pound is a dynamic calculator. The exchange rate fluctuates due to numerous market forces and requires consistent monitoring.

Conversion rates determine the purchasing power of a currency in international markets. A strong Indian rupee against the British pound would cheapen the import of British goods and services for India. Similarly, a decline in the rupee’s value against the pound sterling would make British imports more expensive. 

How Does Urban Money’s INR to GBP Online Currency Converter Work?

Urban Money’s INR to GBP online currency converter is a one-stop exchange rate solution. Following these simple steps, one can instantly convert rupees to pounds through the converter.

  • Visit
  • Choose Currency Converter' From the menu bar next to the login button.
  • Find the INR to GBP converter and click ‘Convert Now’.
  • Enter the desired amount of rupees to be converted into British pounds.

Our currency converter provides accurate results in real-time at no extra cost.

Benefits of INR to GBP Online Currency Converter 

The INR to GBP currency converter brings numerous user advantages. Below are some of the prime benefits of online Indian rupees-to-pound conversion.


With an online converter, one does not need to check the complete history of the exchange rates. Urban Money offers a ‘Live Rate Conversion Calculator’ to obtain competent and precise conversions on any given date.

Accurate and Instant Results

The currency converter offers near-accurate results despite the dynamic nature of the market. Moreover, it provides real-time conversion from the Indian rupee to the pound with the click of a button.


The rupees to pounds is an online currency converter. Anyone with an active internet connection can access the tool in their home. 

Cost Saving

Urban Money’s currency converter is available free of cost on its website. With a cost-effective online converter, the days of rushing to currency exchange offices are gone. 

Easy to Use

Our INR to Pound converter has a user-friendly interface. The values of the Indian rupee can be easily entered to gain straightforward conversions with no extra effort. Moreover, there is no restriction; every user can use the converter multiple times. 


Several currency converters facilitate active comparisons through detailed breakdowns. This can help businesses and traders make wise and informed decisions.

Import-Export Facilitation

INR to Pound conversion is significant to importers and exporters in the two countries. Using the digital currency converter, they can evaluate profitability and risk associated with foreign trade opportunities in no time.

Factors Affecting the INR to GBP Conversion Rate

Various elements of international trade and global markets affect the rupees to pounds exchange rate. Some crucial determinants of the rupees to pounds conversion are detailed below:

Demand and Supply

A currency’s value is directly related to its demand. Any increase in the demand for the British pound in the Indian markets will result in a more expensive pound against the Indian Rupee. Other than domestic factors, the Indian rupee-to-pound conversion is also influenced by several international demand-supply factors.


Devalues a country’s currency. There is an inverse relation between the inflation rate in a country and its currency’s global value. For instance, low inflation levels in India will enable Indians to purchase more British pounds for lesser Indian rupees. High inflation levels will have a reverse impact.  

Interest Rates

Interest rates, too, directly impact Indian rupee to pound conversion rates. A higher interest rate attracts foreign investments in a country and raises the value of the domestic currency. Lower interest rates have the opposite impact. Governments and central banks actively manoeuvre interest rates to control their currency’s purchasing power in international markets. Moreover, interest rates and inflation are correlated factors and impact rupees to pounds conversions in multiple ways.

Balance of Trade

A country’s trade balance is the difference between its imports and exports. It has a substantial impact on the Indian rupee to pound conversion. The country's currency with a surplus trade balance will have a stronger value in international markets. A deficit in the balance of trade tends to decrease a currency’s value in the international markets.

Political Factors

The political climate and stability of the two countries hugely influence the INR to GBP conversion rate. A stable Indian market raises investor confidence and attracts higher investments from the UK, strengthening the rupee against the pound. The health of the economic and political relationship between the two countries substantially impacts their commercial transactions.


Buying and selling foreign currency when it's weak with an aim to sell it when it's stronger is referred to as speculation. Speculations from governments, investors and traders are believed to have stabilised and destabilised impacts on rupee to pound conversion.

INR to GBP Conversion Rate of the Last 10 Years

It is important to note that the following table covers the ‘Best Exchange Rates’ over the last ten years.


1 INR to GBP


0.0103 GBP


0.0115 GBP


0.0101 GBP


0.0116 GBP


0.0119 GBP


0.0117 GBP


0.0126 GBP


0.0123 GBP


0.011 GBP


0.0104 GBP


0.0124 GBP


0.013 GBP


0.0145 GBP


0.0153 GBP

How Is the Rupee to Pound Conversion Rate Determined?

Many domestic and international factors affect the INR to GBP conversion rates. These range from political factors like stability and government policies to economic factors like international demand-supply levels, interest rates, central bank policies and public debt. All these determinants can either strengthen or weaken the INR-to-pound conversion rate. 

As a result of the dynamic nature of its determinants, the rupees to pound conversion rate fluctuates regularly. Investors, traders and other stakeholders constantly monitor these factors before deciding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does the GBP stand for?

JGBP (£) is the abbreviation for the British Pound Sterling. It is the official currency of the United Kingdom and nine of its associated territories.

Was 1 GBP ever equal to 1 INR?

It is unlikely, as the British pound is stronger than the Indian rupee. However, this year’s lowest value of GBP in INR stood at ₹ 97.067 in March 2023.

What’s the highest ever INR recorded in pounds?

The British pound is a much stronger currency than the Indian rupee. Hence, the Indian rupee is mostly valued against the pound. In that context, 1 GBP reached its maximum value of ₹ 107.7 in July 2023. 

How is the INR to GBP exchange rate decided?

The INR to pound conversion rate is determined by many domestic and international factors. Factors like inflation, interest rates and balance of trade, among others, keep fluctuating the exchange rate.

What was 1 INR’s value in GBP in 1947?

At the time of Indian Independence, the Indian Rupee was pegged to the British Pound. In 1947, 1 British pound equalled 13.33 Indian Rupees.

What types of banknotes are circulated in the UK?

The British pound is available in four denominations – £5, £10, £20 and £50. The Bank of England issues currency notes in the UK. 

What denominations of coins are there in GBP currency?

British currency coins are available in eight denominations – 1,2,5,10,20, 50 pence and 1 and 2 pounds. The Royal Mint makes the coins in the UK.

What is the subunit of the British Pound?

Introduced in 1971, the British Pound’s subunit is Penny. It is denoted with the symbol ‘p’. 100 pence make up 1 pound. 

What is the smallest unit of GBP currency?

The 1 penny coin, the decimal penny, is the smallest denomination of the British currency.

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