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The exchange rate of SGD to INR is perhaps the most susceptible to fluctuation. The ‘dollar to rupee’ term reflects the purchasing power of rupees against the Singaporean dollar. There are a number of micro and macro-economic factors that affect the amount of INR required to procure 1 Singaporean Dollar.

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Currency exchange value is subjected to market fluctuation. Exchange rate as on Dec 08, 2023.

SGD to INR Exchange Rate

The economic and cultural ties between Singapore and India, the Singaporean Dollar and Indian Rupee, have a major relationship. The value of one Singaporean Dollar in terms of Indian Rupees depends on the exchange rate between SGD and INR. Changes in the currency rate affect bilateral trade, investment, and remittances. Interest rates, inflation, economic indicators, and market forces are some variables that affect how much one currency is worth in another.

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1 SGD to INR Exchange Rate Last 7 days



  • 60.766387

  • 60.753456

  • 60.797151

  • 60.791843

  • 60.80545

  • 60.993378

  • 61.005511

Singapore Dollar to Indian Rupee Conversions



SGD to INR Currency Conversion - An Overview

INR and SGD are the currencies of two of the world's most powerful nations, India and Singapore. Individuals must be aware of the exchange rate to convert Singaporean Dollars to Rupees to eliminate any defaults or fraud. The exchange rate of 1 SGD to INR in the 90s was much different from that of today; these kinds of changes are due to many economic and geopolitical factors.

Thus, creating the need for a guide to list the SGD to INR live rates.

This guide talks about the online currency converter tool that simplifies the task of currency conversion using the rate of SGD to INR today. Read on to understand the important facts about the two currencies and the factors that affect them.

Important Facts About SGD [in tabular and list format]

The official currency of Singapore, an island nation in Southeast Asia, is known as the Singapore dollar (SGD). The nation's central bank issues and manages the currency. To distinguish it from other currencies based on the dollar, the dollar is referred to by the abbreviation SGD and is represented by the symbol S$. The denominations of Singapore dollar banknotes range from S$2 to S$10,000. Coins are struck in denominations ranging from one cent to S$5, with one SGD being divided into 100 cents.

Here are five SGD-related facts that help clarify the currency's function in global money transfers and foreign exchange markets.

The SGD has one of the best sovereign credit ratings in the world

Singapore receives the highest possible grade for long-term financial stability, AAA, from the Fitch Ratings system, which it shares with just 10 other nations. Although Singapore has significant foreign reserves and 'exceptionally strong external and fiscal balance sheets,' it may experience some fiscal difficulties as its population ages.

The Singapore Dollar is entirely backed by commodities like silver and gold

In the past, gold reserves were used to ensure the stability of currencies like the US dollar and Swiss franc (CHF). This is no longer the case, and many fiat currencies have no connection whatsoever to actual reserves.

With $60.282 million in circulation as of 2021, the Singapore dollar is notable for being entirely backed by gold, silver, and other external assets.

The Singapore dollar once had a fixed exchange rate with the dollar

The Singapore dollar's value initially remained constant in relation to the pound because it was tied to the pound sterling.

Singapore tied its currency to the dollar after the 1967 devaluation of the pound, which dropped it from $2.80 to $2.40 SGD. Before Singapore again changed its monetary policy, $1 SGD was equivalent to $3.06 SGD for a number of years.

The SGD is now anchored to a hidden 'basket of currencies.'

Singapore tied the dollar to a variety of currencies rather than just one in the 1970s. Although the identity of this 'basket of currencies' is unknown, it is connected to the nations with which Singapore engages in extensive trade.

The Singapore Monetary Authority also uses a 'monitoring band' to track the value of the Singapore dollar. Only within this constrained bandwidth can it float freely; otherwise, the MAS will intervene to control supply and demand.

The Singapore dollar and the Brunei dollar are equivalent

Despite leaving the currency union it had with Malaysia and Brunei, Singapore didn't completely cut ties with its neighbours.

After Singapore gained its independence, the Singapore dollar and Malaysian ringgit were equal in value for a while.

Although Malaysia terminated the agreement, Singapore and Brunei did not; hence, the Singapore dollar continues to be accepted as legal money in both countries.

How Our SGD to INR Online Currency Converter Works?

Urban Money is a one-stop solution to all financial problems for an individual. The platform provides its customers with a currency converter to help them compute the exchange rate on different amounts. For instance, the online currency converter can convert as low as 1 Singaporean dollars in rupees and as high as 1 million Singaporean Dollars in Rupees.

The converter asks the user to enter the amount of money and select the SGD and INR currencies. The tool will convert the SGD to INR today and display the requested result. It must be noted that the SGD to INR live rates fluctuate constantly, which can result in a difference in the result.

What are the Benefits of SGD to INR Online Currency Converter Tools?

Using online currency converter tools to convert SGD to INR offers several benefits, including:

  • Convenience: Online currency converters can access real-time exchange rates from the comfort of your own home or anywhere with an internet connection. You don't need to visit a physical exchange bureau or make phone calls to get the latest rates.
  • Time-Saving: These tools save you precious time. With just a few clicks, you can instantly convert SGD to INR without manually calculating or searching for exchange rates. It's a quick and efficient way to obtain accurate currency conversions.
  • Accuracy: Online currency converters rely on reliable sources to provide up-to-date exchange rates. They use real-time data from financial markets or trusted institutions, ensuring the rates displayed accurately reflect current market conditions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Most online currency converters have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. They typically offer intuitive drop-down menus and clear instructions, making it simple for users to input their desired currencies and obtain the converted results.
  • Accessibility: These tools are accessible 24/7, allowing you to convert currencies anytime, day or night. Whether you're planning a trip, making an online purchase, or managing international transactions, you can rely on online currency converters whenever you need them.
  • Comparative Advantage: Online currency converters enable you to compare rates from different providers, better understanding the market and helping you find the best possible conversion rate for your SGD to INR needs.
  • Cost Efficiency: By using online currency converters, you can avoid potential fees or unfavourable exchange rates that may be associated with physical exchange bureaus or other platforms. This can help you save money on your currency conversions.

Online currency converter tools provide the convenience of instant currency conversions, save time, and ensure accuracy. Their user-friendly interfaces and additional features empower users to make informed decisions and access the best possible exchange rates. So, the next time you need to convert SGD to INR, these tools can be your reliable companion for a smooth and efficient currency conversion experience.

List of Factors affecting the Value of SGD to INR Exchange Rate

Several factors can influence the value of the SGD to INR conversion, impacting the Singaporean Dollars (SGD) exchange rate and the Indian Rupee (INR). Let's explore these factors:

  • Economic Indicators: Economic indicators, such as interest rates, inflation rates, and GDP growth, play a crucial role in shaping the exchange rate. Higher interest rates in Singapore can attract foreign investors, increasing the demand for SGD and potentially strengthening its value against the INR.
  • Political and Geopolitical Factors: Political stability, government policies, and geopolitical events can have an impact on the SGD to INR conversion. Government regulations or international relations changes can create uncertainties that may affect investor confidence and, consequently, the exchange rate.
  • Balance of Trade: The balance of trade between Singapore and India, which includes exports and imports, can influence the exchange rate. Suppose Singapore has a higher demand for Indian goods and services than India has for Singaporean products. In that case, it can lead to an increased demand for INR, potentially affecting the exchange rate.
  • Market Speculation: Market speculations and investor sentiment can significantly impact currency values. Sentiments of optimism or pessimism about the economic outlook of either country can influence currency demand and, in turn, affect the SGD to INR conversion rate.
  • Macroeconomic Policies: The monetary and fiscal policies implemented by both countries' central banks and governments can influence their respective currencies. Decisions regarding interest rates, taxation, government spending, and regulatory measures can shape the exchange rate between SGD and INR.
  • Global Market Conditions: Global economic trends, such as changes in commodity prices, international trade dynamics, and overall market sentiment, can have a spill-over effect on the SGD to INR conversion rate. Events in major economies or shifts in investor preferences can impact currency flows and exchange rates worldwide.
  • Capital Flows: The flow of capital, including foreign direct investment and portfolio investments, can affect the exchange rate. Higher levels of foreign investment in Singapore or India can influence the demand for their respective currencies and impact the SGD to INR conversion rate.

It's important to note that these factors are interconnected and can vary in their influence over time. Monitoring these variables and staying informed about economic and geopolitical developments can help individuals and businesses better understand and navigate the SGD to INR exchange rate fluctuations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What was the lowest SGD to INR rate?

The lowest SGD to INR rate was INR 54.6236.

What was the highest SGD to INR rate?

The highest SGD to INR rate was INR 61.7429.

What is the full form of SGD?

The full form of SGD is Singaporean Dollars.

What is the subunit of SGD currency?

The subunit of SGD currency is Cent.

What types of bank notes are in SGD currency?

SGD currency currently has banknotes of S$2, S$5, S$10, S$50, S$100, S$500, and S$1000.

What types of bank coins are in SGD currency?

SGD currency currently has coins of 1 cent, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, and 1 dollar.