The United States Dollar (USD) to Ruble (RUB) currency conversion rate is a foreign exchange statistic used to gauge the relative strength of the USD to RUB. The Dollar to Ruble exchange rate is popular among those who live in or frequently travel to both the US and Russia.

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Currency exchange value is subjected to market fluctuation. Exchange rate as on Feb 29, 2024.

USD to RUB Exchange Rate

The exchange rate between the US dollar (USD) and the Russian ruble (RUB) holds crucial significance for businesses and individuals engaged in trade between the United States and Russia. This exchange rate is not static and can experience significant fluctuations over time, necessitating close monitoring before engaging in any transactions. The exchange rate between these two currencies is influenced by a multitude of factors, including political and economic conditions in both countries. 

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1 USD to RUB Exchange Rate Last 7 days



  • 95.822396

  • 96.268696

  • 96.279764

  • 96.312766

  • 95.999899

  • 96.699061

  • 96.402743

US Dollar to Russian Rubel Conversions



USD to RUB Currency Conversion - An Overview

The United States Dollar (USD) is the official currency of the United States, while the Ruble (RUB) is the legal tender of Russia. The USD to Ruble today rate keeps fluctuating. This rate generally follows the global currency exchange rate trend, while variations may occur owing to a variety of economic and political factors.

To convert 1 USD to RUB, the most common method is to use a foreign exchange service offered by a bank, an online money transfer service, or a foreign exchange bureau. The USD to Russian Ruble exchange rate is influenced by a number of factors, including the Russian Ruble’s supply and demand, the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, and foreign trade and investment movements.

How Does Our USD to RUB Online Currency Converter Work?

Individuals who send or receive RUB payments should be aware of the USD to Russian currency exchange rate because it might have a significant impact on the final value. Urban Money serves as a one-stop shop for all of a person's financial requirements. Customers can calculate the conversion rate on various quantities by using the platform's USD to Russian Ruble currency converter. The online currency converter can convert anything from 1 Dollar to Ruble to millions of USD to RUB.

Users are prompted to enter a certain amount of Dollars before converting Dollar to Ruble. The tool will determine the appropriate outcome based on the current USD to Russian currency exchange rate. It should be noted that the US Dollar to Russian Ruble chart changes frequently, which may affect the outcome.

Benefits of USD to RUB Online Currency Converter Tools

Individuals strain to keep track of the daily swings in the USD to Russian currency conversion rate. This problem is solved by the online US Dollar to Ruble currency converter, which converts currencies in a matter of seconds. The converter offers the following benefits.

  • This online instrument can be used multiple times as necessary to achieve the desired result.
  • This free utility does not need the user to create an account or log in. 
  • The tool's interface is straightforward and easy to use.
  • The calculator can be accessed from anywhere in the globe, as long as the user's gadget has an internet connection.
  • The results are generated by the converter using the USD to Ruble today's exchange rate. 
  • This allows the user to make educated judgments about purchasing, selling, and collecting money.
  • The information provided by the converter is reliable because it is based on publically available data.
  • The chosen exchange rates are unprofitable. 
  • The currency converter can assist you in locating the exchange that has the lowest costs and markups.
  • The results are returned in seconds, allowing the user to confirm the conversion rate.

List of Factors Affecting the Value of USD to RUB Conversion

The following factors affect the value of the USD to RUB currency conversion:


Market inflation causes currency exchange rates to fluctuate. If one country's inflation rate is lower than another, the currency of that country will rise. When inflation is low, prices for goods and services rise at a lesser rate. A country with low inflation has a growing currency value, whereas a country with high inflation has a declining currency value, which is usually accompanied by higher interest rates.

Trade Balance

The balance of trade in goods and services between the two countries also influences the relative values of the US Dollar to Russian Ruble. If Russia sells more to the US than it imports, the demand for the RUB relative to the US rises, causing the RUB's value to climb.

Interest Rates

Interest rate changes have an impact on the euro-dollar exchange rate. Currency exchange rates, interest rates, and inflation rates are all linked. Increases in interest rates cause a country's currency to appreciate because they provide better returns to lenders, drawing more foreign money and driving the currency's value up.

Government Policies

The level of activity in the foreign currency market, for example, influences the value of the US Dollar to Ruble in both countries. If the government intervenes, for example, to keep the Rubles artificially weak, the USD could grow in value relative to the RUB.

Central Bank Intervention

Central bank intervention occurs when a country's central bank intervenes in foreign exchange markets to impact the exchange rate for its currency. The 1 USD to RUB exchange rate is likely to be altered if the Russian Government intervenes to weaken the currency.

How are Dollar-Ruble rates determined?

The exchange rate to convert 1 Dollar to Ruble is determined by the supply and demand dynamics in the foreign currency market. The supply of a currency is determined by the rate of inflation, but the demand for a currency is driven by trade and investment in the country that uses that currency.

The Dollar to Ruble today rate is determined by the demand for the US Dollar and Russian Ruble in their respective countries. The bigger the Russia’s US exports, the greater demand for Russian Ruble, and vice versa. Similarly, when US companies invest in Russia, demand for RUB increases, and vice versa. In addition, the rate of inflation in each country will affect the exchange rate between the USD to Russian currency.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the highest-ever USD to RUB?

The highest value of USD to RUB was 95.875 on August 5, 2023.

What does the RUB stand for?

The RUB stands for the Russian Ruble.

Who decides the USD to the RUB exchange rate?

The demand and supply of the specific currency determine the USD to the RUB exchange rate.

What is the subunit of RUB currency?

The subunit of RUB currency is kopeyka.

What is the smallest unit of RUB currency?

The smallest unit of RUB currency is the kopeyka. It is one-hundredth of the Ruble.

What types of banknotes are in RUB currency?

The types of banknotes are in RUB currency available are 5 ₽, 10 ₽, 50 ₽, 100 ₽, 200 ₽, 500 ₽, 1,000 ₽, 2,000 ₽, and 5,000 ₽.

What types of bank coins are in RUB currency?

The types of bank coins available in RUB currency available are 1 ₽, 2 ₽, 5 ₽, and 10 ₽.

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