Best Fd Interest Rates With 4 Year Tenure

The FDs can be of tenure ranging from 7 Days to 20 Yr . The ROI for different schemes starts from 7.75% for the general public and 8.25% for senior citizens. The min amount required to open a Fixed Deposit in such scheme is Rs.1,000

FD Rates for 4-Year Tenure

The Indian banks and financial institutions recognise the significance of the best FD interest rates for 4-year. Numerous banks provide relatively attractive interest rates on 4-year fixed deposits. In actuality, the interest produced on 4-year deposits is significantly more significant compared to accounts with 1, 2 or 3-year durations.

On this page, readers can find information about the highest interest rate on FD for 4-years.

4-year Fixed Deposit Highlights

The highlights of the FD for three years are as follows:

  • Investment can begin from an initial deposit of INR 1,000
  • The highest FD rates for 4 years are offered by PNB Housing Finance Domestic Term Deposit FD
  • Citizens aged 60 or above can enjoy an additional 0.75% on interest rates.
  • For a 4-year fixed deposit, most banks and financial institutions offer interest rates between 5.30% and 7.59% annually for regular people.

Advantages of Four-year Fixed Deposit

Advantages of a fixed deposit for 4-year are:

  • It is a hassle-free process and does not require long queues or hectic paperwork.
  • It helps meet short-term financial goals.
  • It offers the best FD rates in India for four years
  • When starting a fixed deposit, an investor can nominate a beneficiary.
  • The Government protects the fixed deposit for four years

How to Calculate your 4-Year Fixed Deposit Interest Rates?

One can calculate the 4-year FD rates with the help of an online calculator. The investor will be required to enter the principal amount, interest rate and the tenure of the fixed deposit.

However, if one is determined to manually calculate the 4-year fixed deposit FD interest rates, they will have to use the following formulas.

Simple Interest Formula

The formula for simple interest is:

SI = P x R x T/100

In this case,

P stands for the principal sum,

R for the interest rate,


T for the tenure.

Compound Interest Formula

The formula for compound interest is

A = P (1+r/n) ^ (n * t)


P stands for the principal,

A stands for the maturity amount,

R stands for the interest rate,

n for the compounding years,


T for the tenure.

How to Choose the best 4-year fixed deposit for you?

To choose the best FD for four years, you must be aware of the following:

  • The type of FD you want. Each fixed deposit is uniquely designed to fulfil the specific financial needs of an investor. Therefore, each type must be thoroughly understood.
  • The interest rate offered by the bank or a financial institution must be evaluated. The result of a higher interest rate will be a greater maturity amount.
  • There is a choice that an investor must make before making their investment. Opting between Cumulative FD and Non-Cumulative FD helps determine the frequency of the interest payouts.
  • The institution charges a penalty if a withdrawal is made before the maturity date. You must collect the knowledge of the fee and choose a type that charges a nominal interest rate.

What Makes Urban Money Ideal for Opening a Fixed Deposit Investment?

One must choose Urban Money when investing in fixed deposits. The reasons are:

  • Urban Money offers its customers hassle-free banking and financial services thanks to cutting-edge digital technologies.
  • This platform intends to guarantee that investors have a great experience when they begin their investment adventure.
  • With the help of its services, it certifies that investors receive the highest interest rates on their fixed deposit investments, enabling them to meet their financial goals quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which bank is best for FD for four years?

According to Urban Money, PNB Housing Finance offers the highest FD rate.

What are the factors that affect FD interest rates?

FD type, FD tenure, and demand affect the FD interest rates.

What types of Fixed Deposits are available for 4 Years?

A few fixed deposit schemes available for four years are KTDFC, Shriram City Union Finance, Nainital Bank, IDFC, LVB, etc.

What happens to my Fixed Deposit if the interest rate goes up or down?

.The fluctuations in interest rates will not affect your fixed deposit. However, it depends upon the type of fixed deposit you’ve opted for.

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