Ram Navami 2024: Festival Details, Date, Puja Muhurat and Time

Ram Navami 2024: Festival Details, Date, Puja Muhurat and Time
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Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, took human form on the day of Rama Navami and resided in the kingdom of Ayodhya. Half as divine as Lord Vishnu, he is known as the ‘ardha ansh’ of Vishnu.

The festival is observed on the ninth day of the bright half of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra. Devotees offer special prayers and pujas to Lord Ram on this day and recite the Ramayana, the sacred Hindu epic that tells the story of Lord Ram.

There are also special processions and cultural programs held on Ram Navami. In some parts of India, the festival is also celebrated as the wedding anniversary of Lord Ram and his consort Sita. Ram Navami 2024 will be celebrated on April 17, 2024.

Ram Navami 2024 Date

Date Day Festival
17  April 2024 Wedensday Ram Navami

Ram Navami 2024 Muhurat

According to astrologers, the auspicious time for worship on Ram Navami Tithi is from 11:03 AM to 1:38 PM. The time of noon is 12:21 pm. In simple words, 12.21 pm is the birth time of Lord Shri Ram. Therefore, devotees can worship Lord Shri Ram during this time

Festival   Puja Muhurta (Time) Duration
Ram Navami 2024 11:03 am – 01:38 pm 02 hours 35 minutes

Why is Ram Navami Celebrated?

Ram Navami is a Hindu festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

The festival is celebrated on the ninth day of the Chaitra month, which falls in March or April according to the Gregorian calendar. It is a significant Hindu festival celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in all parts of India.

Ram Navami is celebrated as a mark of respect and reverence for Lord Ram, who is considered the epitome of virtue, strength and morality. He is also worshipped as the ideal ruler and an exemplar of dharma. The festival is also an occasion for devotees to remember and recite the Ramayana, the great Hindu epic that tells Lord Ram’s story.

How is Ram Navami Celebrated?

Ram Navami is a special occasion in the Hindu calendar, marking the birthday of Lord Ram. For followers of Lord Ram, this day is a time to celebrate his life and teachings. It is also a time to reflect on the significance of his birth and what it represents for humanity. Hindus offer special prayers and worship Lord Ram in temples and homes on this day.

For many, Ram Navami is also a day to remember the great epic Ramayana, which tells the story of Lord Ram’s life. The Ramayana is a powerful reminder of the importance of dharma, or righteousness, in human life.

The History Behind Ram Navami

The observance of Ram Navami is believed to date back to the ancient epic Ramayana. According to tradition, Lord Ram was born on the ninth day of the bright half of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra.

Rama is revered as a perfect human being and worshipped as a symbol of virtue, strength, and righteousness. The Ramayana tells the story of Rama’s triumph over evil and eventual return to his rightful place as king of Ayodhya. Ram Navami is celebrated with prayer, feasting, and the recitation of the Ramayana. Devotees also make offerings of fruit and flowers to Lord Rama.

Ram Navami Holidays 2024-2028

The table below showcases Ram Navami Holidays from 2024-2028

Year Date Day
2024 April 17, 2024, Wednesday
2025 April 6, 2025, Sunday
2026 March 27, 2026, Friday
2027 April 15, 2027, Thursday
2028 April 4, 2028, Tuesday

Best Destinations for Ram Navami Holidays 2024

Ram Navami is an auspicious occasion for Hindus all over the world. It is the day Lord Rama was born and celebrated with great pomp and show. If you are looking for the best places to celebrate Ram Navami 2024 festival, here are some of the most popular destinations:

  • Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India – This is the birthplace of Lord Rama and is, thus, the most popular destination to celebrate Ram Navami 2024 festival. Thousands of devotees throng to Ayodhya to take part in the festivities. Special pujas and other religious ceremonies are conducted on this day.
  • Pushkar, Rajasthan, India: Pushkar, a small town in Rajasthan, is home to one of the most revered temples of Lord Rama. Devotees from all over the country come here to take a dip in the holy Pushkar lake and offer prayers at the temple.
  • Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, India: Rameswaram is an important pilgrim centre for Hindus. It is located on an island and is considered one of India’s holiest places. On Ram Navami 2024, devotees flock to this place to take a holy dip in the sea. Special pujas and other religious ceremonies are also conducted at the temple here.

FAQs About Ram Navami 2024

Is Ram Navami 2024 is a government holiday?

Ram Navami is considered an optional holiday.

How many days do we celebrate Ram Navami?

As the name states, Ram Navami is observed for nine days.

When will Navami start in 2024?

Ram Navami 2024 will be celebrated on April 17.